Structural Engineering Internships

Structural Engineering Internships: Tips and Guidelines

Students need internships to gain experience and the required skills to become exceptional in their fields. These jobs help them meet experts and industry leaders who will become mentors. In addition, it allows them to explore professional opportunities in their career. This article will give you all the information you need to obtain Structural Engineering Internships in big firms. You will also learn the benefits and tips to apply.

Description of Structural Engineering Internships

Structural engineering internship allows students to gain experience and knowledge to excel in their profession. It is a career development opportunity for students who want to build a great career in structural engineering. As a structural engineering intern, you will assist experts with various duties, such as inspecting equipment, performing repairs, and mapping out structural layouts and details. As a result, you can intern in any company related to structural engineering.

However, structural engineering internship applicants must work towards a bachelor’s degree in civil engineering or a related engineering field. In addition, applicants must be able to pay attention to detail and possess very good problem-solving and organizational skills. Interns in structural engineering make $56,665 on average a year or $29 an hour.

Responsibilities of structural engineering interns

Examples of responsibilities from real structural engineering internship resumes represent typical tasks they will likely perform.

  1. Perform detailed design calculations, including load calculations following IBC, UBC, ACI 318, and ASCE 7.
  2. Perform drafting and design work using Autodesk programs.
  3. Design double-row piles to reinforce the structural system using SAP2000.
  4. Simulate different load conditions on the stadium roof using SAP2000.
  5. Assist structural engineers in analyzing slabs using ANSYS.
  6. Calculate loads on structures using multiple building codes and ASCE 7-05.
  7. Perform analysis on girder frames for the hull using ANSYS workbench.
  8. Participate in ASCE concrete canoe and AIAS design-build projects in college.
  9. Introduce basic BIM process and provide Revit training to new employees of JPADRI.
  10. Worked in a team to design and draft Revit drawings for various projects.
  11. Involve demolition drawings, structural assessment of existing facilities, and anchorage design.
  12. Perform load calculations and design concrete foundations and slabs based on ACI code requirements.
  13. Work performed included modeling and designing the building using ETABS and mat foundation using STAAD programs.
  14. Design and fabricate a hydraulic test rig (using SolidWorks) to measure the torsion properties of laminate bars.

Requirements for structural engineering internship

You must meet the eligibility criteria below to apply for a structural engineering internship. They include:

  1. Most companies require a structural engineering internship for a bachelor’s degree in a related field, such as civil or mechanical engineering.
  2. It’s essential to have relevant work experience, with typical job requirements ranging from more than ten years in related fields.
  3. Before becoming a structural engineering intern, standard job titles include engineering internship, internship, and research assistant.
  4. Hiring managers expect a structural engineering internship to have soft leadership, organizational, and speaking skills.
  5. Once you have all the required skills and experience, it takes an average of 4-10 years of job training to become a structural engineering intern.
  6. The national average salary for structural engineering interns is $47,072. Still, with the proper certifications and experience, they can make up to $67,000.
  7. An Engineer In Training (EIT) certification will help you earn more as a structural engineering intern.

Top Countries for Structural Internships

The following countries are the best for structural engineering internships. They are:

  • Canada
  • New Zealand
  • India
  • France
  • China
  • England
  • Japan
  • Germany

Top Companies for Structural Engineering Internships

The following are the best companies where students can apply for a structural engineering internship. They include:


Boeing’s history is woven together from thousands of individual stories of engineers and technicians who form part of the firm. In addition, it imbibes the philosophy of equity, diversity, and inclusion to employ its workers, stakeholders, and communities. These foundational principles help to create the world’s most innovative aerospace products and services. The company offers equal opportunity to all. Employment decisions are not based on race, color, religion, nationality, gender status, sexual orientation, gender identity, age, physical or mental capability, genets, military or veteran status, or other characteristics protected by law.

Northrop Grumman

As an engineering firm, Northrop Grumman solves the most challenging problems in space, aeronautics, defense, and cyberspace. It aims to meet the ever-evolving needs of its customers worldwide. The company employs over 90,000 employees who use science, technology, and engineering daily to create and deliver advanced systems, products, and services to its clients.

In addition, it provides careers and internships to students with varied interests. The programs allow students with the potential to work together with experts and professionals from different backgrounds, personal passions, and disciplines. In other words, it provides equal opportunities to individuals, regardless of race, color, religion, creed, sex, sexual orientation, gender, marital status, national origin, age, veteran status, disability, or any other protected class. However, citizens of the US are preferred for most jobs. 


AECOM is the world’s leading trusted infrastructure consulting firm that delivers professional services throughout the project lifecycle. Its services include planning, design, engineering, program, and construction management.¬†


As a leading construction company, Jacobs delivers impactful global solutions to create a more connected, sustainable world. Its services range from intelligence to infrastructure, cybersecurity to space exploration. It employs over 52,000 employees across 50 countries who work daily, challenging today’s expectations to reinvent how people live tomorrow.


With about 36,000 employees in 500 offices in 40 countries around the world, WSP is a leading company in the construction company. The company employs technical experts and strategic advisors, including engineers, technicians, scientists, architects, planners, surveyors, environmental specialists, and other design, program, and construction management professionals. These experts create future-proof projects for the communities where the firm works and lives. Questioning the status quo is part of WSP’s identity. Engineering is about asking questions, looking at problems from different angles, and finding solutions that often break paradigms.

Kiewit Corporation

Kiewit Corporation exists to make a difference and offer opportunities for you to create one. Its construction and engineering professionals work on some of the industry’s most complex, challenging, and rewarding projects ‚Äď boring tunnels through mountains, turning rivers into energy, or building bridges connecting communities. Kiewit people tackle important projects of every size in any market. Start your Kiewit adventure today at¬†

Burns & McDonnell

Burns & McDonnell is a civil engineering organization that employs engineers, construction professionals, architects, planners, technologists, and scientists who do more than planning, designing, and constructing. 


Arup is an independent firm that employs designers, planners, engineers, architects, consultants, and technical specialists who work across every aspect of today’s built environment. The company helps its clients solve their most complex challenges by turning exciting ideas into tangible reality to shape a better world.

Benefits of Structural Engineering Internships

The benefits of this internship include the following:

  1. Gain experience working in the field with experts
  2. Get exposed to various aspects of the industry.
  3. On-set learning
  4. Career development opportunity
  5. Learn new skills
  6. Employment Opportunity 
  7. Receive a competitive salary.

How to apply for Structural Engineering Internships

Applicants who meet the requirements above can apply for internships by looking for open positions. They can look for vacancies at the company’s website or job search sites like¬†¬†¬†Applicants who find it difficult can use our internship¬†cover letter guide. It will also help you to¬†get internships in big companies.

Steps to Obtain a Structural Engineering Internship

Eligible candidates for structural engineering internships must use the steps below to apply for them. They include:

  1. Explore structural engineering internship education
  2. Develop structural engineering internship skills
  3. Complete relevant training/internship
  4. Research structural engineering internship duties
  5. Prepare your resume
  6. Apply for a structural engineering internship job

Tips for Applying for a Structural Engineering Internship

The following insights will boost your chances of getting training in the. They include:

#1. Research the industry properly 

#2. Be specific in your application by highlighting the skills, abilities, and strengths 

#3. Learn new skills to excel in the publishing sector.

#4. Write a good resume and cover letter 

#5. Network with former and present interns and workers at the company 


Looking for a structural engineering internship is a good step toward building a promising career in civil engineering. It provides students and graduates with the skills and experience needed for their job. In addition, it allows students to explore the best options available in their careers. 

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