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Learn about us – is an emerging free website for international and domestic scholarship search. We make it easy for students to find and apply for scholarships, internships, externships, study grants, student loans, and other financial aids from all over the world. With our comprehensive database of over 2000 universities that offer financial aids worth more than $1billion, is the best place to start your scholarship search.

Our mission is to make education accessible for everyone, regardless of financial status or location. We believe that every student should have a chance to pursue their dreams and we are committed to helping them achieve this goal. aim to become a world’s most comprehensive scholarship listing site, with over 195 countries represented. Our team of expert writers, researchers and editors curate scholarship listings, funding announcements and application tips from across the globe, so you can find the scholarships you need—and deserve—for free. We publish new scholarships everyday, with a guarantee to provide reliable and up-to-date funding information for both local and foreign students.

At scholarships world, we publish offers from world’s top benefactors – such as WHO, world bank, universities, research institutes, firms and individuals – to provide access to scholarships for students from all corners of the globe. Whether you’re an undergraduate looking for funding for your studies, a master’s student searching for scholarships or a PhD candidate seeking financial assistance, we have something to offer you. With tens of hundreds to thousands of scholarships worth billions of dollars available on our website; is your one-stop shop for educational funding.

So whether you’re looking for a scholarship to study in your home country or want to explore opportunities abroad, has got you covered. Join us in our mission and help us change the world one scholarship at a time. Feel free to contact us.