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Scholarships by Beneficiary Country | 2024

In every scholarship listing on our website are a list of eligibility criteria and pre-qualifications for applying. The recipient students’ country of origin is often a key consideration for eligibility. Our scholarships by beneficiary country page provide a directory of countries from all around the world, along with details of the financial aid funding that students from each country are eligible for.

How to find Scholarships by beneficiary country on

If you’re looking for financial aid funding to support your international education – domestic or international, follow these steps:

#1. Choose Your Country

Start by selecting your country from the list on our scholarships by beneficiary country lists below. This will take you to a page with a list of the study abroad scholarship opportunities that you are eligible for.

#2. Research Your Financial Aid Options

Once you’ve identified potential financial aid funding opportunities, research them thoroughly. Look for fully funded scholarships, study awards, grants, and loans that match your program of interests and academic goals. Check the eligibility criteria, deadlines, and application requirements for each funding opportunity. If you’re interested in a particular type of sponsorship, do visit our scholarship by funding type page.

#3. Contact Financial Aid Offices

In each scholarship listing on our website are details to contact the scholarship sponsor, AKA – Scholarship Benefactors. Some of these benefactors are government agencies and academic institutions with both physical, virtual offices, websites and phone number(s). Contact the financial aid offices of the schools you’re interested in attending to see if they offer any scholarships or other financial aid funding opportunities for international students from your country. Assuming we have not listed the offer you’re interested in our our website.

#4. Use Scholarship Databases

The team at have published nearly 2000 fresh scholarship opportunities in the last 3 months alone. To further expand your search, use scholarship databases like our website, which have comprehensive listings of financial aid funding opportunities available to international students from all over the world.

#5. Apply for Multiple Financial Aid Opportunities

When it comes to applying for free money for your schooling, more is always better. Apply for multiple financial aid funding opportunities to increase your chances of receiving funding. Be sure to carefully read the requirements and follow all instructions when submitting your application each time.



We’re committed to helping you succeed

At, we are committed to helping you find the right financial aid funding, whether fully funded or partial scholarships to support your international or domestic education. This scholarships by beneficiary country page provides a useful directory of countries and the financial aid funding opportunities that are available to students from each country. Start your search today and take the first step towards your study abroad dreams!