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How to Land a Psychometrist Internship

What’s all about Psychometrist Internship Programs? This article has it all if you seek answers to this question and how to participate.

Hundreds and thousands of Psychometrist Internships are available to graduates in different countries. Most of these programs are open to graduates, regardless of their nationalities, allowing them to gain relevant experience, expand their skill set, and create professional networks.

Let’s get rolling.

What are Psychometrist Internship Programs?

Psychometrist Internships are programs ideal for persons pursuing a career in psychology-related fields. These programs typically run for three months, facilitating the career advancement of degree-seeking students.

Roles of Psychometrist Interns

If you wish to participate in a Psychometrist Internship Program, you should also know the duties and responsibilities expected of you.

  • Assisting psychologists in administering psychological tests and scoring them
  • Support in gathering supplemental information to help clarify patients’ diagnostic images
  • Acquiring and synthesizing information into more resourceful and elaborate reports
  • Ensuring the preciseness of test administration practices and scoring acts in line with guidelines

Reasons to Participate in a Psychometrist Internship Program

The following are the benefits of these internship programs.

  • Working as a psychometrist intern will enable you to acquire relevant work experience.
  • You will also be able to learn more skills and increase your knowledge.
  • These internship programs will help you to get career-related guidance and advice.
  • Being part of this program will allow you to earn income while you advance your career at the same time.
  • Psychometrist Internship Programs will also help you to build relationships with professionals and other health experts.

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To take on responsibilities as a psychometrist intern, you must satisfy some criteria, as noted below.

Eligibility Criteria for Psychometrist Internship Programs

Here are the requirements for most psychometrist internships.

  • Must hold a Bachelor’s, Master’s, or Doctoral degree in psychology, counseling, educational psychology, or a related field
  • Completion of at least one year in a clinical training environment (if applicable)
  • Must possess superb organizational skills and be able to work within a structure
  • Completion of a coursework in clinical assessment/appraisal
  • Ability to meet deadlines
  • Have exceptional attention to detail, initiative, communication, and arithmetic skills
  • Must have excellent computer literacy skills, including proficiency with Microsoft Office programs

Top Five (5) Psychometrist Internship Programs

The following are some of the most recommended psychometrist internships in the United States.

#1. Pearson Internship Program

As one of the top providers of psychometrist internships in the US, interning with Pearson offers a monthly financial reward of about $28 per hour. Its full-time internship program lasts eight weeks. However, it is open only to doctoral students.

Pearson’s Psychometrist Internship Program does not regard your nationality, ethnicity, age, or religion as a criterion to become its intern.

#2. Peakminds Internship Program

Another recommended provider of Psychometrist Internships in the United States is Peakminds Psychology Services, based in Alabama. This full-time internship requires interested persons to hold a bachelor’s degree in psychology.

Moreover, you must have a valid driver’s license and exceptional attention to detail. The online application process for Peakminds Internships requires your degree certificates, official transcripts, a letter of interest, an up-to-date curriculum vitae, and reference letters.

#3. The College Board Internship Program

The United States College Board offers a Psychometrics Doctoral Internship Program to enable Ph.D. students to work up to eight weeks part-time or full-time. Besides, the board supports over 7 million students yearly through various programs and services.

The average salary of psychometrics interns on the College Board’s internship program is $32 per hour.

#4. ACT Summer Internship

ACT hires a number of research psychometrics interns every year. Being part of this internship program will allow you to work with operational psychometricians within the organization’s research group.

Besides, ACT’s Psychometrist Internship Program can be remote or in person. To qualify for it, you must hold a BA degree in psychology, educational psychology, or any related field. In addition, you have to be pursuing a doctoral degree in psychometrics, educational psychology, educational measurement, or a related field.

#5. IQVIA Internship Program

IQVIA offers hybrid and office-based Psychometrist Internship Programs to facilitate the career progression of aspiring psychometrists. Of course, the program will enable you to join IQVIA’s PCS Statistics and Psychometrics team to make meaningful impacts.

During your internship, you’ll also be opportune to receive support from your assigned mentor and other senior members of the team.

Psychometrist Internship Interview Questions

After applying for a psychometry intern job, you should be preparing for your internship interview by now.

To assist you with the preparations, see below for recurrent interview questions to ask your hiring manager.

  • Why do you want to have your Psychometrist Internship with us?
  • Are you comfortable administering tests to people?
  • What is an essential skill a psychometric should possess?
  • How good are you at working under pressure?
  • What qualifies you to perform psychometric tests?
  • Talk about a moment when you had to collect data on a subject without directly interacting with them.
  • What personality assessments do you know?
  • How would you react when a test subject gets annoyed during a test?
  • What would you do if you administered an erroneous test?
  • Do you have experience working with chunks of data sets?
  • Describe your preferred method of data analysis.
  • What questions would you consider adding if you need to design a new intelligence test?
  • Which personality assessments do you prefer to use and why?
  • How would you cope with a situation where a test subject is unwilling to comply?
  • How would you administer a test to a group of people simultaneously?

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Frequently Asked Questions about Psychometrist Internship Programs

What is the duration of Psychometrist Internships?

Psychometrist Internship Programs vary in duration depending on who is employing the intern. However, they usually last for 8 to 12 weeks.

How much do psychometrist interns make?

The average monthly salary of psychometrist interns in the US ranges from $2,600 to $4,960, depending on the internship program provider.

Where can psychometrist interns work?

Psychometrist interns can work for different kinds of establishments. These include nonprofit organizations, government agencies, healthcare facilities, and academic institutions.

Can graduates apply for a Psychometrist Internship Program?

Yes. In fact, most psychometrist internships are open to graduates with a relevant degree from a recognized university.

Is work experience required for Psychometrist Internship?

It depends, as you need little work experience to qualify for a psychometrist intern job.


Participating in a Psychometrist Internship Program will help you get a head start in the healthcare sector of any country. Moreover, you’ll be opportune to develop your skills at no cost and establish relationships with top psychometrists.

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