Osteopathic Internships

Osteopathic Internships: How to apply

Participating in osteopathic internships is your sure way of gaining experience treating patients to restore their normal function and joint stability.

The internship lets you gain first-hand experience with patients using different holistic techniques. To successfully practice your profession in any organization, here is the information to help you thrive.

Let’s get started!

About Osteopathy                                        

Osteopathy is an alternative medicine that uses physical manipulation of the body’s tissues, muscles, and bones to aid the treatment of lesions. Osteopaths are practitioners of Osteopathy, and the techniques used in Osteopathy are called osteopathic manipulation.

The ideology of Osteopathy was made by Andrew Taylor Still, who envisioned myofascial continuity, a tissue layer linking every body part with other components. The ideology has been helpful in the treatment of back pain and other musculoskeletal issues. Patients may be treated with a mixture of forceful and gentle techniques depending on the individual patient and the symptoms that they report.

Overview of Osteopathic Internships

Osteopathic internship programs are open to osteopathic medical students who want to become osteopathic doctors. The program is often an 8-week program (or as specified by your institution or organization you intern).

You will be able to get first-hand knowledge of handling patients and treating illnesses. You will also be able to help patients improve their lifestyles and contribute to their general well-being. Internship positions are often available in osteopathic clinics, hospitals, or private establishments.

Additional titles for osteopaths

Osteopaths may have some other titles by the National classification of occupations. These titles include:

  • Doctor/doctor in podiatric medicine (D.P.M.)
  • A naturopathic doctor (D.N.)
  • Doctor of Osteopathy
  • Osteopathic doctor
  • Naturopath
  • Orthoptist
  • Naturopath

Duties and responsibilities of an osteopathic intern

Below is a list of the day-to-day tasks and responsibilities you must oversee as an osteopathic intern in any organization.

  • Monitor the health of clients.
  • Ask clients about their welfare and medical history.
  • Study their posture and how they move. You have to pay attention to their bones, joints, and muscles.
  • Operate X-rays to assist with diagnosis and plan a course of treatment for clients.
  • Utilize gentle techniques like movement, stretching, and massage.
  • Tender advice to clients. Advise on exercises to do at home, including lifestyle and diet.

Skills requirements for Osteopathic Internship

To succeed as an osteopathic intern, you need the following skills to thrive.

  • Adequate knowledge of medicine, how the body works, and the mechanism by which medicine exacts its effect on the different body parts.
  • Physical skills like coordination, movement, and agility
  • The ability to use your hands for the job.
  • Good sensitivity, empathy, and understanding.
  • Enjoy working alone and with other people.
  • Impressive customer service skills.
  • Quality patience and the ability to be calm in stressful situations.
  • Quality analytical thinking skills.
  • To adequately use a computer and the major software packages needed to function competently as an osteopath.

Other Requirements

  • Posses an insurance
  • Complete enhanced background checks
  • Give adequate health and personal character references.

Application document for the osteopathic internship program

You must provide the following documents to support your osteopathic internship application in any organization. The documents are as follows

Cover letter

  • Provide a well-written cover letter that stresses your ability, why you should be accepted into the organization, what you aim to contribute to the objectives of the establishment, and what you look forward to learning.

Recommendation letter

  • To apply for an osteopathic internship in any medical establishment, you must provide at least three recommendation letters from your professors or any other professionals that can attest to your abilities to thrive in the organization.

Curriculum vitae

  • Provide a resume with updated information on your academic qualifications, experience, achievements, etc.

How to apply for the osteopathic internship

Below are the steps you need to take to apply for an osteopathic internship at any medical center or clinic of your choice

Step one: Look for available internship opportunities in your vicinity

First and foremost, you must check out a list of functional Osteopathic clinics in your area. You may check for options online or ask at local station centers. Once you see an opportunity that is of interest, go to step two

Step two: Check the eligibility criteria for that internship

You must review the eligibility criteria, requirements, and qualifications needed to apply for the internship position successfully. Ensure that you meet all of the internship prerequisites before sending an application.

Step three: Prepare your application document

You should prepare all the documents necessary for the internship position. The records you prepare must include the public documents stated in this prose and some specific documents as required by the firm you are applying to.

Step four: Obtain the internship application form

You may visit the official website of the organization or check their offices for specific guidelines needed to complete your application.

Step five: Complete your application

Complete all internship applications before the specified deadline. After the conclusion of your application, you may receive an invitation for an interview before you can proceed to intern in the organization.

Step six: Prepare for an interview

Once you get an invite for an osteopathic internship interview, you must practice for the interview well enough. Note that this interview is your chance to show off your skill as an osteopath. Therefore, give it all you have.

Step seven: Congratulations

After your interview, if selected, you can practice your profession and gain valuable experience treating people.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is an osteopathic doctor?

A doctor of osteopathic medicine or osteopathic doctor practices a deeper approach to treatment by treating patients rather than just their symptoms. Osteopathic doctors focus on preventive health care to help patients develop lifestyles and attitudes that fight diseases and help prevent them.

Are osteopathic doctors as good as medical doctors?

Osteopathic doctors often have a DO behind their names instead of an MD. The DO is an acronym for doctor of osteopathic medicine, which, just like the MD (Medical doctor), is fully certified and trained to provide health care to their patients uniquely.

What is the difference between DO and MD?

Generally, medical doctors (MDs) focus on giving specific treatment to conditions using medication. However, osteopathic doctors (DO) concentrate on healing the entire body with or without traditional prescription. They use a flexible approach to treating patients and have been rigorously trained with techniques to provide care for their patients.

Is a DO less prestigious than an MD?

Medical doctors in the United States are much more respected than osteopathic doctors. However, that does not imply that a physician with either degree is better or worse than the other. Generally, there are more medical doctors than osteopathic doctors. Because of the worldwide acceptance of medical doctors, there are considered more reputable.

Is a DO more educated than an MD?

Medical and osteopathic doctors receive the same medical training and possess the same responsibilities and rights regarding healthcare. Just like a medical doctor, an osteopathic doctor must also complete four years of medical school and residency, after which they can go for a fellowship.


Osteopathic internships are the ideal way to have first-hand contact with patients and learn what it takes to practicalize what you have spent years learning in the institution. Give the internship a try; apply today! With the guide provided in this prose, the sky is your limit.

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