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Participating in the World Bank internship is a dream come true for students and individuals who are interested in making waves in the financial industry.

The World Bank internship offers many benefits for motivated students and young graduates willing to contribute to the organization’s goals and mission while gaining work experience. This article will enlighten you on all you need to know about the opportunity.

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About World Bank

World Bank is an international organization that provides financing, research, and advice to developing nations to help advance their economies. They are geared towards promoting long-term economic development by providing financial and technical support to help countries implement projects or reforms. Some of the support they offer include providing water and electricity, building schools, protecting the environment, and fighting diseases.

The World Bank has experienced expansion over the years, becoming a World Bank Group with about five cooperative organizations, sometimes called the World Bank. They provide financial assistance solutions and products for international government, including research-based thought leadership for the global economy. 

The following are the extended families of the World Bank:

  • International Bank for Reconstruction and Development (IBRD)
  • International Development Association (IDA)
  • International Finance Corporation (IFC)
  • Multilateral Investment Guarantee Agency (MIGA)
  • International Centre for Settlement of Investment Disputes (ICSID)

Overview of World Bank Internship

The World Bank is offering a once-in-a-lifetime internship opportunity for highly motivated individuals interested in and understanding the work and mission of the organization. The internship will allow you to bring innovative ideas, new perspectives, and research experience to the Bank. At the same time, you will get to improve your skills in a diverse environment.

In addition, interning at the World Bank is a great way to enhance your curriculum vitae with practical work experience. The themes the Bank addresses include Climate change, Disaster Management, Education, Financial crisis, Food crisis, Fragile and conflict states, Growth and renewable energy, Health systems, Land reform, Public-private partnerships, Public sector, and Water resources.

Internship teams and work programs

There are several internship teams in the World Bank. Below are some groups and work programs you will likely join at the World Bank:

  • Asset Management
  • Client Advisory
  • Compliance & Risk Management
  • Financial Infrastructure & Banking Operations
  • Fintech & Innovation
  • Financial Solutions
  • Funding
  • Products, Knowledge & Research
  • Sustainable Finance & Investor Relations
  • Structured Finance & Quantitative Modeling
  • Pension Investments
  • Pension Middle Office

List of World Bank internships

There are different types of internships available for students at the World Bank. Below are some of the internships you can apply for:

African and African Diaspora

The African and African diaspora internships are offered to outstanding candidates who are citizens of sub-Saharan African countries. Candidates who hold citizenship of another country but have a background and ancestry to sub-Saharan Africa (such as Afro-Latin-Americans, African-Americans, Afro-Caribbean, and others) can also apply.

The MNA Fellows Program

These internships are available for citizens of MMA countries at the World Bank in its headquarters in Washington or any of the offices in other countries.

Japan recruitment program

The World Bank Group launches the Japan recruitment internship program to recruit Japanese Nationals. This program offers a unique opportunity for talented individuals who have a passion for International Development to contribute to solving some of the pressing needs and problems of the World.


The EAP internship program aims to introduce an inclusive and diverse group of qualified professionals to the World Bank by offering hands-on opportunities to contribute to the overall development work in the EAP region.

The Junior Professional Associate (JPA) program

The Junior Professional Associate (JPA) program provided by the World Bank is a unique opportunity to gain professional experience at the entry-level and also get exposure to the rewards and challenges of working in an international development organization.

LCR Inclusive Internship Program

This internship program is designed to introduce an inclusive and diverse group of qualified graduates to the World Bank by offering them the necessary opportunity to contribute to development work in the Caribbean and Latin American regions. This internship program targets highly qualified and motivated individuals from the LAC region, focusing on indigenous people, afro-descendant and other minorities.

Bank Internship Program

The Bank internship program is available at the World Bank for individuals interested in contributing to the organization’s mission and work while also gaining practical work experience. Internship positions are open in development operations and other business units, such as human resources, accounting, etc. The duration of the Bank internship program is between 1 to 4 months during summer or winter.

Legal Internship Program

The World Bank legal vice presidency offers a legal internship program to highly motivated and currently enrolled law students in an accredited institution. The Internship program aims to expose students to the work and mission of the World Bank. 

As an intern, you will be provided with first-hand experience in the daily operation of the World Bank by working closely with the staff members of the legal vice presidency. 

TRE Summer Internship for College Students

The World Bank Treasury summer internship program is a unique junior professional training program that seeks to help professionals and juniors develop essential skills to have an exciting and rewarding career in the financial industry.

The internship aims to bring college students interested in the financial industry to support the development mandate of the organization. To qualify, you must be in your second to last year in a college degree program and show exceptional academic brilliance.

World Bank Internship Requirements

To be eligible for the World Bank internship, you must satisfy the following eligibility criteria for selection.

  • Be enrolled in a graduate degree program (either a Master’s or Ph.D.)
  • Fluent in English. However, Spanish, French, Russian, Portuguese, Arabic, and Chinese knowledge may also benefit you in the selection process.
  • Applicants must be about 18 years old at the time of enrollment.
  • Must be a citizen of a World Bank member country. World Bank often receives applications from different regions and countries Worldwide, such as Australia (Oceania), Chennai in India, Ghana (Africa), Brussels (Europe), Malaysia (Asia), Bangladesh (South Asia), Azerbaijan, Beijing (China), Bangkok (Thailand), Dhaka, Canada (North America), also New Delhi (India), and much more.
  • For investment positions, you must have work experience in international finance, including investment Banking, corporate finance, private equity, financial consulting, commercial Banking, or credit analysis.

Documents requirements for the World Bank Internship

The following is the list of documents you must prepare to apply for the World Bank Internship:

  • Curriculum Vitae (CV);
  • World Bank Internship Statement of Interest;
  • Proof of Enrollment in a graduate degree.

The application period for the World Bank internship

There are majorly two application periods for the World Bank internship. They include:

Summer Internship

The World Bank summer internship application opens from December 1st to January 31st of the following year. The Summer internship offers its interns a more comprehensive range of opportunities, regardless of so much competition. It is often the most sought-after internship, with about 5,000 applications.

Winter Internship

The World Bank winter internship application opens from October 1st to October 31st. During this time, the Bank receives about 2000 and 3000 applications every year.

Application for the World Bank internship

The application for the World Bank internship can be completed online. Ensure that your document is intact (in pdf format), and provide all necessary information about yourself to complete your application.

Frequently asked questions

What is the purpose of the Summer/Winter Internship

The World Bank summer or winter internship has existed since the 1970s during summer, and the winter session was implemented in 2001. The purpose of the internship is to allow students to gain exposure to the World Bank Group with hopes that some will return to the Bank for a career after completion of studies.

Do you have set quotas for nationalities, gender, etc.?

There are no sets quotas for interns at World Bank. Interns can be selected from any country member of the World Bank Group. Hence, the composition of genders and nationalities varies from year to year.

What is the advantage for the World Bank in hiring interns?

World Bank gets temporary assistance from interns and students typically knowledgeable in a particular field. Also, interns bring a sense of diversity from different universities worldwide to the organization.

What do interns do at the Bank?

The job description for each intern varies according to their field of study and department. Some interns may be involved in research projects, others design projects, while others will participate in the Bank’s mission.

How can I find out about the status of my application?

To find out your World Bank internship application status, you must hear from the Internship office yourself. So, you may have to contact them via email.


You can apply for the World Bank internship with the information in this prose. Note that the position is quite competitive; give it your best shot.