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As a student or fresh graduate aspiring to make a living in public health, you should participate in WHO Internship Program on your next school break. The World Health Organization (WHO) offers this career development opportunity to support students and degree holders from its Member States.

This article will provide an overview of WHO’s Global Internship Program and how it can enhance your qualifications.

Let’s get down to business.

Overview of the WHO Internship Program

The World Health Organization offers a Global Internship Program to allow students and fresh graduates from its Member States to gain extensive knowledge of its administrative and technical programs. The organization has intern positions across its offices and in various areas of its operations.

WHO Global Internship Program imparts the skills, knowledge, and experience required to start a career in public health. They require interns to work full-time for the organization for 6 to 24 weeks, varying depending on the technical unit’s needs.

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Objectives of the WHO Internship Program

The World Health Organization created its internship programs for the following reasons.

  • To improve students’ learning experience through capacity building
  • To enable students and graduates to have active involvement in various fields related to technical and administrative works

About WHO

WHO is a United Nations specialized agency created in 1948. It has its headquarters in Geneva, Switzerland. The organization has six regional offices and 150 field offices in different parts of the world.

Besides, WHO serves as a discussion forum for health issues. It sets global health standards, avails technical assistance to countries, and gathers data on health problems worldwide.

Benefits of Participating in the WHO Internship Program

Here are some reasons you should consider interning with the World Health Organization.

  • The internship program will enable you to gain work experience relevant to international public health.
  • It will also offer a costless opportunity to enhance your skill set and acquire more knowledge.
  • You will get a free accident or medical insurance coverage from the organization.
  • WHO may support you financially by giving you a monthly allowance until you complete your internship. Moreover, you could get lunch vouchers depending on your duty station.
  • The World Health Organization’s global internship program will also give you a golden opportunity to develop valuable relationships with professionals.

As a student or fresh graduate who wants to reap these benefits, ensure you fulfill the specific requirements for your preferred intern role.

Eligibility Criteria for WHO Internship Program

Academic requirements

Note that you must satisfy only one of these two requirements.

  • Presently be enrolled in an undergraduate or postgraduate program at an accredited higher education institution. However, your discipline must relate to public health, medical science, management, administration, communications, external relations, social science, or one of the technical works of WHO.
  • Have already earned an academic degree within the last six months for studying full-time at a recognized college or university

Other criteria

  • Be at least 20 years old as of the day you want to submit your online application.
  • Hold a valid passport from a WHO Member Country
  • Not be related to any staff member of the organization
  • Be fluent in communicating in at least one of the working languages of your internship office (Be aware that WHO’s official languages include English, Arabic, French, Spanish, Chinese, and Russian)
  • Must not have interned with the World Health Organization any time before now

Before applying for an internship at the World Health Organization, check the intern position’s application deadline. With that settled, follow the instructions in the next section to express your interest.

How to Apply for WHO Internship Program 2023

Internships at the World Health Organization have an online application process. However, no matter the intern role you want to assume, you must apply through WHO’s careers website.

Then Click the Apply button next to the intern position to access the portal. Also, click the New User button to register as a new user using an accessible email address.

WHO Internship Interview Questions

As one of the ways to prepare for your intern job interview, we suggest you practice well before answering the questions asked. The World Health Organization’s interview for prospective interns often comes up two weeks after submitting internship applications.

Here are some questions to expect from your interviewer for an intern role at WHO, as they are recurrent.

  • Why do you want this intern job?
  • Are you willing to move to Switzerland for your internship?
  • What makes you a perfect fit based on your experiences?
  • Do you have any experience in your subject area?
  • What technical skills do you possess?
  • Talk about your ability to work on your own without supervision.
  • What project do you wish to work on?
  • How can you contribute to the World Health Organization?
  • What would you bring to this intern position?
  • Are you experienced in resource mobilization?
  • How would you promote balancing gender roles in the workplace?
  • What do you expect from an internship with the World Health Organization?

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Frequently Asked Questions

Is the WHO Internship Program paid?

Yes, the World Health Organization provides financial support to interns in the form of a monthly stipend. The amount receivable by each WHO intern varies depending on the position held and the internship location. However, the average monthly salary of WHO interns in Switzerland is approximately CHF 990.

Can students enrolled for online degrees apply for WHO Internship?

Yes, students pursuing academic degrees online can express interest in the internship program offered by the World Health Organization, depending on their workload and whether their enrollment is in an accredited school.

Does WHO help interns to cover their travel costs?

Yes, the World Health Organization helps interns from middle-income and less-developed countries with their travel expenses.

Can graduate students apply for WHO Internship Program?

Yes, master’s and doctoral students are eligible to assume intern roles at the World Health Organization only if they fulfill all requirements.

Are interns entitled to get sick leave at WHO?

Yes, the World Health Organization allows interns to go on sick leave whenever they feel unwell. However, they must inform the office of their absence in advance.


Interning with the World Health Organization will be of the greatest impact on your professional development. Participating in the program will let you develop new skills, gain firsthand experience, and build a professional network. With this blog post as your ultimate guide, you should face no challenge to win an intern position at WHO.

So better apply now to grab this opportunity to advance your career.