Western Sydney University scholarships: Application Guide

Do you want to study and get a degree in Australia as an International student? Western Sydney University scholarships are available for you. The university is positioned as one of the top 2% of Universities around the world. Since they trust in a universe of limitless opportunities where the potential for progress is limitless for those with ability, drive, and desire.

At Western, you’ll be upheld by their accomplished, awarded staff, their innovative and high-level offices, and their broad scope of learning, social, and government assistance support administrations. The University offers merit-based scholarships to outstanding candidates who have shown great leadership skills and community involvement.

Western Sydney University offers scholarships to postgraduates, undergraduates, and external candidates. It also assists students in reaching their various academic pursuits and personal ambitions. This page contains all meaningful guidelines and information about the Western Sydney University scholarships.

About the Western Sydney University (WSU)scholarships

Western Sydney University offers $25 million in scholarships each year, which incorporates a liberal scope of University and contributor-financed opportunities. Western Sydney University offers a scope of global student grants for undergraduates and postgraduate projects. Global candidates will consequently be surveyed for a Scholarship during the period of applying to learn at Western Sydney University.

Types of Western Sydney University scholarships

1. Indigenous Scholarship

This scholarship is awarded to indigenous Australians.

2. High Potential scholarship

This scholarship is awarded to candidates who have been recognized for excellence, engaging leadership ability, and Western Programs Participants.

3. Equity Scholarship

This scholarship is for candidates who have prominent disadvantages.

4. Humanitarian Scholarship

This scholarship is granted to refugees and those in an asylum.

5. Vice-chancellor’s Leadership Scholarship
6. Sustainable development goals International Scholarship
7. Australia Awards Scholarship

Scholarship Benefits

  1. The Sydney Campus is offering $6,000 and $3,000 long-term scholarships to new beginning global candidates signing up for undergraduate degree programs.
  2. The sustainable development scholarship and the Vice-chancellor’s Leadership Scholarship for Post Graduate and Undergraduates sponsor 50% of the tuition cost alongside living expenses, health insurance, accommodation, and transportation for three years.
  3. Full tuition fees of the Australian Awards Scholarship candidates are taken care of by the Australian Government.


Applicable Courses

All registered courses offered by Western Sydney University are eligible to apply for this scholarship.

Eligibility Criteria

To be eligible for the Western Sydney University scholarships, all applicants should;

  1. Be Australian residents or permanent durable occupants
  2. Get a proposal to study in an undergraduate program at the University or on account of current candidates, be at current enrollment for a University degree
  3. Exhibit financial or other difficulties, given Equity criteria(opens in new window)Opens in another window and including students who are the first privileged person in their family to school in a University
  4. Preferences might be given to candidates living in Western Sydney as characterized by the University.


Fees & Funding

Are worldwide candidates qualified for a scholarship?

Indeed, worldwide candidates are qualified to apply for research grants. You ought to audit the qualification models and present your online application as per the directions given.

Could I at any point present extra documentation after the end date?

No. Research scholarships are granted to candidates on a competitive model. To guarantee equal value for all candidates, late documentation or supporting data won’t be acknowledged after the important closing date. This applies to online confirmation and scholarship applications, proof of distribution, proof of administrative help, and any remaining supporting documentation.

May I work while on a scholarship?

Indeed, scholarship holders are allowed to attempt as long as 10 hours of paid business every week given that the work doesn’t obstruct their study program. Normally, at least 35 hours every week will be given to your study program throughout the year. Scholarship holders are qualified for four a month of yearly leave each year of the scholarship.

Scholarship holders are not committed to embracing coaching or other scholarly work at Western Sydney University.

What kind of documents may be needed for the application?

After applying for a scholarship, you will be required of you to give a scope of records on the side of your application. For instance, this might incorporate uploading a duplicate of your letter of reference, birth certificate, humanitarian visa, and others.

Could I apply for a part-time scholarship?

Scholarships are granted for full-time study. Part-Time scholarships are accessible in the event that you have a sickness or disability which keeps you from taking a full-time study program or you have critical, really committed responsibilities on a relative. You may not need to apply for a part-time scholarship to empower you to work over 10 hours each week. Part-Time scholarships are taxable.

Do worldwide candidates get extra funding to take their families with them to Australia?

No. Sadly, Western Sydney College can’t give extra funding to take care of the expenses of taking your family with you to Australia, incorporating costs related to insurance contracts, migration costs, or extra living costs.



The Western Sydney University scholarship is an esteemed global scholarship supported by the Australian Government that plans to add to the drawn-out improvement requirements of Australia’s accomplice nations, following reciprocal and provincial arrangements. The scholarship gives candidates the chance to study in Australia to construct the abilities and information to advance improvement in their nation of origin/district.

The Western Sydney University scholarship was laid out to offer continuous help to capable, ambitious, and dedicated candidates who could not in any case get the opportunity to learn at a university because of financial difficulty or different conditions beyond their control.

Some of these scholarships are partially funded while some of them are fully sponsored, but upon that, these scholarships go a long way to bettering the lives of ambitious students who wish to acquire a degree at the University.


Application Procedure

How to apply for the Western Sydney University scholarships

  1. There are no extra applications needed for the University of Sydney scholarships but qualified candidates will be chosen in light of their composing application, scholastic potential, their capacity to meet the standards, and, where proper, execution in a meeting before a determination board.
  2. Make use of the application link on every scholarship webpage for your scholarship application. You might be ushered to the WSU Application portal or the UAC Equity Scholarship portal.
  3. Tender your application before the closing date for the scholarship as successfully submitted applicants will receive a confirmation email from the University.

N/B: For most scholarships, your personal information has to be attached to your application.