How to Apply for Walmart Summer Internships

How to Apply for Walmart Summer Internships

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New grads and college students who are passionate about their work and are excited about joining a world-renowned retail corporation that provides interns with exposure to various working environments are advised to submit their applications for the latest Walmart Internship. To apply for a summer internship at Walmart, you need to read through this article to get the complete steps to apply.

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About Walmart

Walmart is a multinational retail company with stores and an e-commerce presence in over 24 countries. Founded in 1962 as Wal-Mart Discount City by Sam Walton and James “Bud” Walton, it is one of America’s most visible and prominent businesses, running over 10,500 locations and offering diverse products ranging from groceries to electronics. Its business approach mainly focuses on maintaining low pricing that draws customers to its stores while earning profits through high-volume sales. It is also well-known for employing thousands of people who frequently give exceptional customer service at the shop level. Mr. Doug McMillon is the corporation’s President and CEO, headquartered in Bentonville, Arkansas.

Overview of Walmart Summer Internships

As an intern at this American multinational company, you will learn about the company’s culture and create critical connections. Whether you live in Texas, California, or elsewhere in the United States, you can apply for many accessible programs in your subject of interest, such as supply chain, data science, pharmacy, HR, management, finance, marketing, and many more.

Walmart is now hiring for internship positions such as Software Engineer, Data Analyst, SWE, and SDE Intern and is looking for those who can benefit from structured mentorship and leadership development programs. The entire process is detailed in this post, so get started right away. But before we get into the application process, let’s look at the benefits of participating in this internship opportunity.

Benefits of Walmart Summer Internships

  • Competitive Pay. The company pays summer interns quite well.
  • Relocation & Housing. To ensure you’re set up for success, the company also helps with relocation and summer housing.
  • A project all your own.
  • You have access to professionals, executives, and industry leaders.
  • Summer is always full of fun.
  • A place to launch your career.

Salaries of interns at Walmart

The average weekly salary for a Walmart Intern in the United States is roughly $626, 21% higher than the national average. The organization also understands the need to provide competitive wages to attract top talents and ensure a great internship experience. Interns can also access various privileges, such as housing allowances, discounts on items and services, and networking events.

Eligibility Criteria

Walmart provides excellent internship opportunities for students to gain work experience and professional skills. Applicants must be actively enrolled in an accredited university program and have completed at least two academic years to be eligible for the 10-week Walmart Internships. Applicants must also be a student with a GPA of at least 3.0.

Available Programs:

Walmart is now offering a wide range of internship opportunities. For your convenience, we have included a few of them below.

  • Analyst Ii, Transportation.
  • Walmart Connect Product Manager.
  • 2023 Ft Walmart Connect Strategy Manager.
  • Manager, Merchandising Operations MBA.
  • Full-Time Afdp Program, Analyst Ii, Finance.
  • Ft Manager Ii, Product Management, E Mfc.
  • Ft SR. Manager, Last Mile Delivery.
  • 2023 Intern Conversion: 2024 Ft Global Staff Auditor, Us Audit, Internal Audit – Finance.
  • Ft SR. Manager, E3 Finance Strategy MBA.
  • Ft Global Staff Auditor, Us Audit, Internal Audit – Finance.
  • 2023 Full-Time: Sam’s Club Supply Chain Operations.
  • Pharmacy Pre-grad Intern – WM.
  • (USA) Development Technician, Skilled Facilities Maintenance.
  • 2023 Full Time: Software Engineer Ii.
  • 2023 Summer Intern: International Support – MBA.
  • Partner Manager, Walmart Connect.
  • Summer Intern: Last Mile Delivery MBA Intern – Spark.
  • Full-Time Campus: Product Specialist.
  • Team Lead, Walmart Connect.
  • Summer Intern: Last Mile Delivery MBA Intern – Golocal.
  • Team Lead, Walmart Connect.
  • Software Engineer Intern.
  • Data Science Intern.
  • Intern Conversion: 2023 Ft Site Business Operations Manager.

Duties And Tasks of Interns at Walmart

Your duties and responsibilities as a Grad Intern are as follows:

  • You will work on various domains, ranging from multichannel supply chains to complicated POS, finance, logistics, and transportation retail systems.
  • You will use cutting-edge technology to develop game-changing solutions/applications and innovate to streamline operations.
  • They are continually changing how they save customers money in their retail stores, online, and via mobile devices, and they’re doing it in surprising ways.
  • Whether you’re analyzing data, simplifying the supply chain, or developing solutions to make the world more sustainable, you’ll reinvent the consumer experience and improve people’s lives.
  • You will work on various technologies and platforms, including Java, Hadoop, Cassandra, ERP, Middleware tools, low-latency messaging systems, machine learning, and open-source frameworks.

How to Apply for the Walmart Summer Internships

Following a few essential steps below is critical to increasing your chances of landing a Walmart internship:

The first step is to research the different internship opportunities available at Walmart. Next, check out Walmart’s career website or speak with career counselors at your school. Once you have identified the internships that best fit your interests and qualifications, you can begin the application process.

Next, prepare your resume and cover letter. Ensure they highlight any relevant work experience or skills that make you stand out as a candidate for the internship program. Read on for more on writing an effective cover letter.

You may also need to include transcripts, letters of recommendation, or writing samples, depending on the requirements of each program. Be sure to review all submission requirements carefully before submitting your application materials.

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Walmart Summer Internship Interview Questions

When preparing for an interview at Walmart, remember that you should be ready to answer internship interview questions about retail operations and customer service.

Internships at Walmart are very competitive, and candidates must be thoroughly aware of the company’s goals and objectives. Consider the quality of your responses and how you might deliver unique and intelligent answers to inquiries.

An interviewer would frequently ask questions like, “What makes you uniquely qualified for this position?” or “How much experience do you have in customer service?” Due to these questions, you can provide essential solutions based on your prior expertise.

Application Deadline

The internship program has various application dates. We recommend that you go to the official website link to find out when your deadlines are.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the stipend for Walmart Intern?

 As stated above, the average weekly salary for a Walmart Intern in the United States is roughly $626. The company also offers competitive wages to attract top talents to ensure a great internship experience. Interns can also access various privileges, such as housing allowances, discounts on items and services, and networking events.

How many months is a Walmart Summer Internship?

The internship program usually only lasts 3 to 12 months, but the company wants your experience to continue. In most cases, the majority of the interns are offered a full-time position at the end of the summer. So, if you are considering something more than a summer job, this is that place.

How old does one have to be to work at Walmart in California?

You must be at least Sixteen (16) years old to work at Walmart. Certain positions, however, require a minimum age of Eighteen (18). Therefore, as you prepare to complete your application process, have your prior work history available.

How to get a job at Walmart?

To apply, go to the Walmart website. Allow approximately one hour to complete your application for the first time. After that, you can reapply every 60 days, and part of your information will be saved.


Walmart, one of the world’s largest companies, offers college students several summer internships. Each internship is designed to provide students with hands-on experience in their field of interest. Interns will work on projects that directly influence the company’s bottom line and will have the opportunity to make a genuine difference in the organization. Walmart internships are highly competitive, and students interested in pursuing one should start the application process as soon as possible.