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Are you passionate about digital things? Do you want to become part of a team that wants your career development? You can join the Vodafone Summer Internship to kick-start your career with a Vodafone Summer Internship. At the company, you will embrace a world that will help you grow your career.

Get all the information you need about this internship here. Plus, the benefits, open jobs, departments, tips, and how to apply. 

Overview of Vodafone Summer Internship

The Vodafone Summer Internship is a summer program for students and recent graduates worldwide. It allows them to get practical experience in the digital world, working in a calm and conducive environment. It is a three-month paid internship where interns can apply classroom learning to real-life situations. In addition, they will network with professionals, gain valuable experience, and have fun during this training.

The Vodafone internship allows students to change with the dynamic world. Thus, it will enable over 50 million people to connect and make things happen worldwide on a daily basis. Former interns have recounted their success stories alongside some of life’s most epic moments. It is your turn to improve the world and the company’s customers’ lives.

During the program, interns will work in a conducive environment where they can look forward to coming to work and are empowered to be at their best.

In addition, the internship offers interns flexibility in how they work. Thus, it helps them do their job in a way that suits them. It is an opportunity to help interns grow and progress throughout their careers. And choose benefits to suit their lifestyles.

Vodafone Internship Departments

Applicants for the Vodafone Summer Internship can apply for positions in any of the company’s seven business units. During that time, they will get placements matched to roles within these different departments based on their passion, talent, and prior experience. The departments include the following:


Eligible interns can apply for the HR Department at Vodafone. It consists of various teams covering a multitude of employee needs. They include: 

  • Learning and Development
  • Internal Communications
  • HR Services
  • Employer Branding
  • Talent and Development
  • Recruitment
  • Diversity and Inclusion
  • Health and Safety
  • Property and Facilities
  • Reward and Payroll


The Finance business department protects the company’s financial integrity while driving optimum business performance. Interns join this team to ensure that all the company’s financial obligations, including proper financial analysis, tax compliance, audit, billing, and regulatory principles, are complied with.

Commercial Operations

The Company’s Commercial Operations Department ensures that customers receive exceptional support concerning any queries about their Vodafone products & services. Interns help experts in this department to attend to clients’ needs in customer service.¬†

Vodafone Business

Vodafone Business is responsible for marketing, selling, building, and delivering customer solutions. Interns attend to the company’s customers, which range from Small, Medium Businesses to Large Enterprises customers and the Public Sector.¬†


The Strategy & External Affairs Business Department maintains Vodafone’s reputation by promoting Vodafone’s work. They act as guardians of Vodafone’s reputation and commercial interests by putting the customer at the core of everything. The aim is to shape the direction of a purpose-led Vodafone. Interns join this team to maintain its reputation by shaping policy, embedding risk management, privacy, security, and compliance frameworks, managing corporate affairs, legal and regulatory requirements, and driving foundation and sustainability activities.


The Consumer Business Unit is in charge of Vodafone’s customers worldwide. The team delivers 570m in revenue. In addition, the department team is responsible for; driving a deep understanding of customers’ current and future connectivity needs and building products and services which help customers get the most out of their digital lives. Interns will assist professionals using the channels they buy from the company. Plus, they must ensure customers have a great experience once they join the company’s network and build an emotional connection with consumers through our brand.


The Technology department is responsible for the network, IT infrastructure, and services that support the company’s mobile and fixed services. It comprises different teams, including networks, IT, performance governance, and demand and Technology operations.

Open positions at Vodafone

Eligible students and graduates can apply for the following positions at Vodafione. They include:

  • Vodafone Greece Internship Program
  • Vodafone Portugal Youth Summer Internship
  • Vodafone Portugal Youth Internship Corporate Functions
  • Vodafone Portugal Youth Internship Digital
  • Vodafone Portugal Youth Internship Data Analytics
  • Vodafone Portugal Youth Internship Marketing & Commercial
  • Vodafone Portugal Youth Internship Technology
  • Vodafone Luxembourg Internship – Supply Chain Management/HR/Finance
  • Reporting Intern
  • German Speaking HR Intern – Front Office
  • Tax Accountant Intern
  • HR Services Intern
  • P2P Query Intern (Italian, Greek, Portuguese, Dutch, or Romanian Speaking)
  • HR Advisor Intern (Greek-speaking)
  • Legal Intern
  • Sales Reporting Specialist Intern
  • Purchasing Specialist Intern (Spanish/Romanian/Albanian speaking)
  • Controlling Support Associate Intern
  • Demand & Capacity Reporting Intern
  • Praktikant im Bereich Externe Kommunikation (Social Media) (m/w/d) in D√ľsseldorf
  • Creative Designer Intern
  • Italian Speaking Contract Specialist Intern
  • Financial Operations Real Estate Intern – Italian Speaking
  • HR Operations Intern – Czech Speaking
  • HR Operations Intern – Italian Speaking
  • P2P Query Intern – Italian Speaking
  • HR Services WPA Intern

Benefits of Vodafone Summer Internship

The Vodafone Summer Internship is a fun job with profound benefits for interns. The company provides these benefits to encourage interns to bring their entire selves to work. That is why we are serious about benefits. During the internship program, you will enjoy a competitive salary and experience the Vodafone lifestyle, among other benefits. 

Moreover, the benefits of being a Vodafone worker go beyond working for a global tech company. The company will cover everything you need during this robust program, from mental well-being to physical fitness. Plus, everything in between. Other benefits include:

  1. Hybrid working
  2. Onsite wellness center and gym
  3. Graduate opportunities upon completion
  4. Free phone bill
  5. Exclusive discounts for you, your friends, and your family
  6. One charity day
  7. Real-world experience
  8. Networking opportunity
  9. Career development events

How to Apply for Vodafone Summer Internship 

Interested students and graduates who meet the requirements for this program must fill out an application form when they apply for the Vodafone Summer Internship Program. The company will use this to determine the eligibility of each applicant. Plus, it allows it to know you and your background of experience. In addition, applicants must attach their CVs to the application.

Eligible candidates will participate in an online video interview. During the interview, you can read more about yourself. Successful candidates for this round will prepare for the last competition, which is Virtual Experience Day. In this round, you will be invited to an online assessment center to conduct your final round of interviews and teamwork exercises. During this exercise, you will meet with Vodafone employees who will tell you about life at the company. Use our internship guide to learn how to apply for internships in big firms, even without experience. 

Tips to increase your chances of getting a Vodafone Summer Internship

It would be best to do certain things to increase your chances of landing the Vodafone Summer Internship. These are the same tips that present and former interns at the company consider when applying for the program. Thus, they are tested and trusted. Some of these tips include:

#1.¬†Research the company, job, and industry¬†by visiting Vodafone’s website and social media pages. You will get relevant information about this internship there. The details include internship description, roles, required skills, and qualifications. In addition, you will get the keywords to use in your application.¬†

#2. Tailor your application to suit the position you want at the company. Thus, you must highlight your skills, strengths, and abilities related to the job. 

#3. Learn new skills to perform your duties well. The required skills include communication, Microsoft, and problem-solving skills. 

#4. Network with former and president interns at the company. You will get relevant information from them, including what you need when preparing for your interview. Plus, what life at Vodafoibe looks like. 

$5. Write a good cover letter and resume that contains your skills, qualifications, strengths, abilities, and experience. However, avoid repeating any information in your resume or cover letter. 


The Vodafone Summer Internship offers an excellent opportunity for students to transition classroom knowledge to real-life experience. They do this by engaging in practical projects that enable them to practice what they have learned in the classroom. In other words, it helped students build the skills they need to excel in their careers upon completing their university education. Students also use this opportunity to develop their professional networks.