Vlerick business school scholarships

Vlerick Business school Scholarships: Funding and Benefits

If you are in need of a scholarship for business school, the Vlerick Business scholarships are available to you. These are likewise called monetary aid and commonly the monetary aid office of the Vlerick Business University manages it.

The University is a well-standard, facilitated institution that impacts a lot of good influence on the lives of students who graduated from the University as they become useful with their accredited certificates, logical reasoning, and responsible individuals.

Vlerick Business School opens the eyes of people to a world of opportunities for possible career paths. It helps candidates to pursue and meet their goals and dreams.

This article is well documented about the information needed to be known about University of Vlerick Business School scholarships, its application processes, the benefits and value of the Scholarships, its applicable courses, and more.

About Vlerick Business School scholarships

Vlerick Business scholarships are sponsored by Vlerick Business University to research or study there. There are different Vlerick Business University scholarships and temporary jobs for worldwide candidates.

Aside from the college-based scholarship, there are numerous different associations including establishments, trusts, corporates, and so forth, Who offer scholarships for global students to help them experience a good education. The University is Situated in Ghent in Belgium.

Types of Vlerick Business school scholarships

The following are the types of scholarships and their sub-scholarships granted by Vlerick Business school;

1. Academic Excellence Scholarship
  • GRE/GMAT Excellence Scholarship

This is an automatic 50% (partial) scholarship awarded to candidates with a minimum GMAT score of 700 or a minimum verbal and quantitative score of 163 and 164. It is available for all Master’s degree programs.

  • Academic Merit Scholarship

This scholarship is awarded to candidates with great Belgian degrees at the Bachelor’s level that is amongst the top 20% of the class for non-Belgian degrees. It is available for all Master’s programs.

2. Outstanding Achievements Scholarships

Vlerick Outstanding Achievement Scholarship is awarded to candidates with outstanding records in extracurricular activities e.g student competitions winners. It is also available for all Master’s programs.

3. Diversity and Equality Scholarships

Under this category are the following scholarships;

  • Women in Finance Scholarship
  • Women in Science(Engineering, Science, and Technology).
  • OnE Vlerick Equality and Opportunity Scholarship

This is a partial scholarship that offers up to 50% to 70% funded scholarships.

4. Need-based Scholarship
  • Financial Need Scholarship

This scholarship is awarded to candidates with proof of an authentic financial plan. This scholarship can be combined with other Scholarships.

Scholarship Benefits

The following benefits are attached to Vlerick Business School Scholarships.

  1. A 50% discount is granted to Academic Excellence Scholarship candidates.
  2. A 70% discount is awarded to Diversity and Equality Scholarships candidates.

Applicable Courses

All accredited courses offered by the Vlerick Business School are eligible to apply for this scholarship.

Eligibility Criteria

  • Candidates should have stellar GMAT or GRE scores or stellar academic records.
  • Vlerick Candidates for the scholarship should have the following qualities: an entrepreneurial perspective

1. an international mindset

2. leadership experience

3. AIESEC/Best Scholarship.

  • Applicants from one of our partner student organizations, AIESEC or BEST, who are not Belgian
  • Students whose first language is not English must produce sufficient Test of English as a Foreign Language results to prove their proficiency in the language (TOEFL).

Fees & Funding

How many categories of scholarships are granted by Vlerick Business School?

Vlerick Business School offers different types of scholarships and sub-scholarships under them. Some of these are:

  1. Outstanding Achievement Scholarship
  2. Diversity and Equality Scholarships
  3. Academic Excellence Scholarship
  4. Need-based scholarships and many others.

Does Vlerick Business School offer scholarships and awards to International candidates?

Vlerick Business School is not an ethnic-limited school, it offers scholarships to students from other countries as well as students within.

Are Vlerick Business School scholarships fully funded?

Vlerick Business School offers different types of scholarships, some of which are partially funded and some of which are fully funded. It is the choice of the interested candidate to go for what suits best

Is studying at Vlerick Business School worth it?

Vlerick Business School is globally known for its reputable quality in areas of discipline, qualification, rankings, well-facilitated learning materials and equipment, and many other features.

What should be the substantial motivation to apply for scholarships?

Having a grant allows the candidate to ponder a more specific program, diminishes the thought of stopping, and regularly offers likely opportunities to expand their insightful experience through brief positions or concentrate abroad ventures. Various Universities and Institutions offer scholarships to abroad candidates.

What are merit-based awards?

A merit-based award is a financial guide that applicants get due to their educational advancement in an optional school. Merit-based awards are not just confined to candidates’ grades, other considered factors are places of authority, ACT or possible SAT scores, extracurricular activities, and school or neighborhood participation.



Vlerick Business University has been driving development in business very well for over 50 years(since 1953). As the administration school of Belgium’s two biggest Universities- Ghent University and KU Leuven – the School has fabricated a strong, overall standing reputation as a main, independent establishment with a solid global concentration and close connections to both the intellectual and corporate universes.

The University doesn’t stop at training candidates and bringing out their full potential, but also, makes them meaningful, responsible, and influential in their country/community. It is also recognized as one of the best universities worldwide. The University is a strong academic institution with an accepted character for diverse traditions of innovative research.


Application Procedure

How to apply for the Vlerick Business School scholarships

To Successfully apply for these scholarships, Candidates must;

  1. Fill up the online scholarship application form and motivation essay that is available on the application tool.
  2. Tender your Application with the Scholarship essay online.
  3. Take the Vlerick Business Admission Test(VBAT).