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Are you thinking about how to advance your career in the oil and gas industry? If so, you can apply for Vivo Energy Internship Program as a student or young graduate.

This article will walk you through the requirements and application procedures for intern roles at Vivo Energy PLC. You’ll also realize the benefits of this internship program and the best ways to maximize your chances of getting an intern position with the company.

Let’s get rolling.

Overview of the Vivo Energy Internship Program

Vivo Energy Plc offers an internship program to temporarily hire students and graduates to impart the skills and characteristics required for success. The company has hired over 1,500 young graduates as interns since it launched its Internship Program in 2012.

The company provides a conducive work environment to aid its interns’ career advancement. Besides, Vivo Energy’s internship program is part of the company’s strategy to attract new talent and recruit workers.

Objectives of the Vivo Energy Internship Program

The main priorities of the internship program hosted by Vivo Energy’s offices are as follows.

  • To provide students and graduates with an opportunity to develop their careers at Vivo Energy PLC
  • To facilitate the career success of young graduates and enhance their chances of attaining maximum success
  • To retain talent so they may become managers at various levels at Vivo Energy

About Vivo Energy PLC

Vivo Energy is a downstream petroleum company established in 2011. It has its headquarters in London, UK. The company operates and has sister companies across 23 African countries.

Besides, Vivo Energy is a renowned supplier, distributor, and retailer of various petroleum products. It has a workforce of approximately 2,700 employees.

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Why Intern with Vivo Energy PLC?

The following are the benefits of participating in Vivo Energy’s internship program.

  • Interning with Vivo Energy PLC will allow you to acquire up to one year of hands-on experience.
  • You’ll receive developmental support, as the company will often evaluate your performance and give feedback.
  • This internship program will facilitate your career progress in any field.
  • Internships at Vivo Energy are remunerative. For instance, the average monthly salary of Vivo Energy interns in Gaborone, Botswana, is BWP 4,000.
  • You’ll also enjoy access to coaching and mentoring.
  • The program will enable you to build valuable relationships with industry experts.

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Are you now ready to participate in this internship program to drive your career advancement goals? Then you must satisfy the following requirements.

Eligibility Criteria for Vivo Energy Internship Program

To qualify for an intern position at Vivo Energy PLC, you must;

  • Be a young graduate or current student with enrollment in an engineering or business program at a recognized university
  • Have top-notch interpersonal, problem-solving, and customer relation skills
  • Ability to work in a team

Upon satisfying these requirements, feel free to undertake the application process below.

How to Apply for the Vivo Energy Internship Program

You can find adverts for Vivo Energy’s intern positions on the company’s website or in local newspapers. The company accepts internship applications yearly from many students and young graduates.

The application procedures for Vivo Energy Internship Program require the submission of CVs, undergoing screening, and attending a formal interview.

Tips to Improve your Chances of Landing Vivo Energy’s Internship

Here are some things to consider as you prepare for your intern job interview at Vivo Energy PLC.

Practice your response to repeated internship interview questions

One of the ideal ways to increase your probability of winning an intern role at Vivo Energy is to understand how to answer the interview questions. Expect the interview to ask about yourself, your experience, strength, weakness, and many situational-based questions.

Query the interviewer

Another way to ensure a successful internship application is to ask questions during your formal interview for an intern role. We recommend asking at most three of these questions.

Ensure you ask the interviewer reasonable and well-researched questions.

Dress politely

You may wear a neatly ironed shirt and pants as a male student or graduate. Ensure your belt’s color matches that of your pair of shoes.

On the other hand, female students and graduates who want to attend an internship interview at Vivo Energy PLC should wear a skirt sized at their knees. In addition, they should complement their dressing with subtle makeup, a pair of shoes, and a blazer.

Create a sophisticated CV.

It would help to consider this tip before applying for Vivo Energy’s Internship Program. If you are inexperienced in writing a strong CV, you may hire a professional to help you.

Research about Vivo Energy and its operations

Above all, ensure you know much about Vivo Energy PLC and its operations before attending your internship interview.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How long does the Vivo Energy Internship Program last?

The internship program offered by Vivo Energy PLC runs for three months to one year. They are non-extendable after 12 months.

Who can intern with Vivo Energy?

Vivo Energy’s internship programs are open to university students pursuing a business or engineering degree. No matter the location of your university, you can apply for Vivo Energy Internship Program, provided you meet the requirements.

What documents are required to apply for the Vivo Energy Internship Program?

The only document needed when applying for an intern role at Vivo Energy PLC is your latest Curriculum Vitae (CV). Be sure it features your educational background, career objective, relevant work experience, skills, and contact information.

Can foreigners apply for the Vivo Energy Internship Program?

Yes, degree-seeking international students and foreign graduates can assume all intern roles available at Vivo Energy PLC. Hence, you only need to meet specific academic qualifications and skills requirements.

Are interviews conducted for intern roles at Vivo Energy?

Yes, prospective interns of Vivo Energy PLC will have to attend a formal interview with the company’s top-level managers.


Participating in Vivo Energy Internship Program in any country offers a life-changing experience you shouldn’t miss. Having explored our guide on landing this internship program, do not hesitate to give a trial.

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