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Are you interested in making and becoming the change that the world sees? If yes, applying for the Vital Voices internships will be your best kick.

The Vital Voices internships tend to give experiences to young and passionate youths interested in women’s investment and giving voices to the female gender.

To learn more about the internship, the benefits of interning in the organization, the responsibilities of interns at Vital Voices, and how to apply for a position, you must read this prose to the end.

About Vital Voices

The Vital Voices global partnership is an NGO that invests in women leaders to solve the world’s most significant challenges. Their mission is to support, identify and bring visibility to extraordinary women around the globe by helping them utilize their leadership potential to accelerate peace, transform lives, and bring prosperity to the community.

The organization is at the forefront of international coalitions to end human trafficking and violence against girls and women. Also, they advocate for social justice, support democracy and the rule of law and enable women to become change agents in their communities. In addition, they equip women with business development, management, communications, and marketing skills to expand their enterprises, create jobs in the community, and provide for their families.

Overview of Vital Voices Internships

The Vital Voices Internships are available for motivated individuals keen to support the organization’s Leadership and Social Impact department. The department develops and manages leadership programs to expand and advance the social impact of women’s leadership.

During the internship, you will receive tailored and innovative leadership orientation to support girls and women. You will also contribute to women’s evolvement and empowerment by helping their voices be heard.

Benefits of Vital Voices Internships

As an intern at Vital Voices, you will likely enjoy the following essential experiences and benefits in the organization.

On-the-job training for a variety of skills

  • You will gain hands-on experience and organizational skills to sharpen your existing skills and develop other skills needed to thrive in an organization.

Professional development opportunities

  • As an intern in the organization, you will grow professionally and develop your career prospects. You can attend seminars and sessions (lunch and learn” sessions) that will enhance your understanding and knowledge of women in leadership and all areas of gender inequalities.

A chance to learn about international development and advocacy

  • The organization is quite vast and popularly known across the world. Hence, you will enjoy learning opportunities across global advocacy and growth and what empowering and placing women as leaders mean.

Network with professional advocates in the non-profit sphere

  • The Vital Voices Internships will help you meet like-minded interns and professionals worldwide. And you’ll be able to build your body of network that will prove essential in your future career pursuit.

Letter of recommendation

  • Upon completing the internship, you may request a letter of recommendation from the organization for future employment in any other organization. You may also include the internship experience on your resume.

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Internship positions at Vital Voices

The following is the list of internship positions available for interns at Vital Voices:

  • The Global Ambassadors Program, Fortune-U.S.
  • Department of State Global Women’s Mentoring Partnership
  • Voices that Inspire
  • VV GROW Fellowship
  • WE Empower Global UN SDG Challenge
  • The Vital Voices Leadership Journey
  • The VV Visionaries in Partnership with the Estée Lauder.

Interns’ responsibilities at the Vital Voices

The following is a list of the tasks and responsibilities you will likely complete as an intern at Vital Voices.

  • Support ongoing initiatives, including training, curriculum development efforts, and programmatic support with corporate partners.
  • You will be assigned a portfolio of projects based on your skills and interests.
  • Work alongside and learn from cross-functional teams with leaders and peers of various backgrounds, education, and experiences.
  • Assist with administration and logistics for international and domestic programs.
  • Prepare and edit program content and materials.
  • Draft reports, articles, newsletters, and blog posts
  • Support programs such as social media activities, recruitment, and selection
  • Support ongoing partnership development priorities and new business development.
  • Contribute to database management, data entry, and monitoring and evaluation.
  • Research resources and funding opportunities for women-owned organizations and businesses.
  • Report materials and review grant applications as necessary
  • Carry out administrative tasks.

Interns are accepted on either a part-time or full-time basis. Note that the full-time internship requires at least 40 hours per week. However, part-time interns must be available for 20 hours a week. The internship position is not paid, but students will be given $500 monthly for part-time interns and a stipend of $1000 monthly for full-time interns. In addition, interns may be eligible to obtain academic credit for their experience.

Eligibility criteria for the Vital Voices Internship

Here we have the list of requirements and eligibility criteria to be satisfied to qualify for the Vital Voices Internships:

  • Interest in international development, knowledge of global women’s issues, and women’s leadership
  • Currently enrolled in a graduate or undergraduate program or a recent university graduate
  • Possess excellent editing and writing skills
  • Have remarkable digital media and also communications skills
  • Experience coordinating logistics for events and programs
  • Quality experience with data management and research for quantitative and qualitative projects
  • Experience developing social media campaigns and using contact management platforms and content.
  • Intense research and analytical skills
  • Computer literacy (Online portal management, Excel, and document formatting skills preferred)
  • Self-starter with the ability to work independently
  • Meticulous attention to detail
  • Administrative solid capabilities and also organizational skills
  • Spanish and Portuguese proficiency is a plus
  • Remote working ability

How to apply for the Vital Voices Internships

The following is a stepwise guide to applying for the Vital Voices Internships:

Step one: Visit the official webpage of Vital Voices

The first step to applying for the Vital Voices Internships is to visit the official website of the organization to access the application form.

Step two: Prepare application documents

Your application for the Vital Voices internship must include the following documents to be considered for review.


  • Provide an updated resume on your qualifications, experiences, and other skills and interests that will prove advantageous for your internship application. Make sure to include a personal statement and other essential things.

Cover letter

  • Write a sound and comprehensive cover letter with information on your interest in the internship opportunity, including how you aim to perform your activities flawlessly and how the organization will help you achieve your career goals and assist you in your career pursuit.
  • You must indicate if you will be available for the full-time internship program or if you would only want to be a part-time intern. If you’re going for the part-time internship, you must include the times and dates when you can work.


  • Get about three recommendation letters from authorities, including their contact information for your application.

Step three: Submit your application

Submit the internship application form alongside the attached document before the deadline. Note that the application will be reviewed on merit until all positions are filled. Only candidates that are qualified for the jobs will be contacted via mail and messages.

Step four: Begin your program

If you are lucky to be a shortlisted candidate for the Vital Voices internship program, the date you will start the internship will be communicated to you.

Frequently asked questions

Where is Vital Voices located?

The Vital Voices global headquarters for women’s leadership is in downtown Washington d.c., at 1509 16th Street, NW.

Are Vital Voices Legit?

Vital Voices global partnership is a non-profit and non-governmental organization. It is an American international company that works with women leaders in women’s political participation, economic empowerment, and human rights.

What are voices of solidarity and Vital Voices?

The Vital Voices solidarity council is a strategic endeavor to bring men who are allies and are interested in fighting and raising global awareness on behalf of girls and women worldwide.

What are the 5 points of empowerment?

The five points of women’s empowerment include women’s rights to have and determine their choices, a shared sense of self-worth, women’s rights to have the power to control their own lives both within and outside their homes, women’s rights to have access to resources and opportunities, and women rights to influence the direction of social justice.

What is the power of voice?

The voice is powerful to give your opinion a platform. It provides you the freedom and opportunity to have knowledge and perspective on things that matter. And in our world today, where we need to represent democracy and freedom, a voice is a powerful tool. 


With the information in this article, you can gain knowledge and experience in women’s empowerment and leadership and network with professionals in the organization. Take advantage of this opportunity; apply today.