Virtual Internships Law

Virtual Internships Law: All you need to know!

In our fast and rapidly changing world, the Law profession has also implemented a way to keep evolving and stay ahead. Therefore, Virtual internships in law are widely available for undergraduate and graduate students in different organizations.

To learn more about the internship, the benefits of virtual internships in law, the major firms that offer virtual internships, etc., you must keep reading this prose to the end.

Working in the law industry

Being a law student or working in a law firm is rewarding and has many advantages and benefits. Not only will you live your best life as a seeker of justice, but you will also develop some essential traits that will be useful for the rest of your career. This trait includes

  • Professional Resilience
  • An understanding of how best to work in teams
  • Impressive communication skills
  • The ability to lead and communicate with others
  • A fantastic collection of intelligent wear

About Virtual Internships Law 

Virtual law internships are available across many outstanding organizations. It provides several advantages, including flexibility, convenience, and the chance to get valuable experience anywhere in the world.

Unlike traditional internships, virtual internships could call for more self-discipline and motivation. It can be easy to get sidetracked or lose concentration when there isn’t the structure of a physical office and face-to-face interaction with coworkers. But you can overcome these difficulties with effective time-management techniques and a dedicated workplace at the corner of your room.

Types of Legal Experience

The legal experiences through virtual internships vary. Internships may be either seminar-based, where employers host insights and presentations about the working environment of the law firm. On the other hand, the internship may be task-based, where sample tasks will be provided and assigned to interns. After completing each assignment successfully and getting a practical evaluation, the internship will be completed.

Benefits of Virtual Internship Law

The following is the list of benefits and advantages of being a virtual law intern 

#1. An insight into the fieldwork

Firms provide internships that give insight into the basic activities that an entry-level lawyer will undertake. Some internships set basic specific tasks that are mandatory for the successful completion of the program. Some of these activities cut across writing client counseling notes, fast-checking documents, researching, drafting reports, and providing legal advice on facts presented. Small law firms that do not have enough funds to run a full-time internship will value virtual internships, making it easier for them to hire students remotely.

#2. Skill development

An outstanding number of virtual internships are designed and structured to enhance the skills needed for interns to flourish in their law careers. Full-time students enter the firm without knowing the importance and need of skillsets apart from their legal knowledge. So, the virtual internship will tend to introduce the skills to interns, including due diligence, legal research and writing, firm administration, client counseling, legal proofreading, and drafting.

#3. Flexibility

A virtual internship is designed to accommodate the busy life of a law student. This is because opportunities available for interns during business hours may clash with the hours of college students. However, virtual internships can be completed in a self-paced manner with guidance. Therefore, it is easy to balance the demands of academic life and training as a law student.

#4. CV

Virtual internships in law are the best way to boost your resume, as they will show your potential employer that you are keen to learn and gain experience in whatever way possible. Also, it will communicate to your employers that you have had a taste of what the Law practice entails.

#5. Larger intakes

As with the virtual law internship, there’s no restriction on the number of interns employed. This is because the issue with accommodating everyone in the physical office is overruled. Also, law firms are receptive to virtual internship applications as they may not have to provide a stipend.

There are often no challenging assessments for interviews. Likewise, the eligibility requirements and criteria to secure a virtual Internship are lower than those seeking a physical internship. So, with many intakes, getting a virtual internship in a law firm is much easier.

#6. Efficient

Virtual internships open doors for international and local applicants who do not have the money and time to invest in traveling and relocating for the internship. Also, law students who live on a limited budget will find virtual law internships more beneficial and accessible.

Careers in law

There are different unique careers you can opt for in law. The following are the primary and most common careers you can go for.

  • Solicitors
  • Legal & Paralegal Executives
  • Criminal law professionals
  • Commercial and corporate lawyers
  • Barristers

Major firms that offer Virtual law internships opportunities

About seven United States law firms offer virtual internships through an online platform called Forage. Forage provides stimulated work experience where employers can connect with interns to evaluate potential future hires.

The following is a list of major law firms in the United States that offers virtual Internships to law students.

  • Latham & Watkins
  • Clifford Chance
  • Wilson Sonsini Goodrich & Rosati
  • Hogan Lovells
  • Baker McKenzie
  • Kilpatrick Townsend & Stockton and Orrick
  • Herrington & Sutcliffe

To apply for any of the organizations, you will undergo an online training program to complete real-world legal tasks in different practice areas and receive feedback for your work. While you carry out the activities, you will also learn and gain ideas from the day-in and day-out of the life of a law employee.

Note that the program is self-paced and will generally take between 3 and 7 weeks to complete.

Frequently asked questions

How can graduates find jobs in law firms?

Graduates can find jobs in law firms by checking online. Interestingly, this advertisement is done yearly, so you can apply for it once you are through with University. This is because many law firms promote their contracts jobs online. But to be clear on the company to which you want to apply and work, you must research and list the ones that appeal to you.

What are the entry requirements for law careers?

The essential entry requirement for law careers is knowing the standard path and meeting the entry requirements. For instance, the need for legal firms in the United Kingdom include

  • Have or be on track for a 2:1 degree in law or a related subject
  • Have good A levels and GCSEs
  • Have done a Legal Practice Course (LPC) before working as a trainee solicitor on a training contract
  • Have completed a Professional Skills Course (PSC)

Salaries in careers in law

Lawyers are often paid handsomely. The average law intern salary is about £22,218 (pro rata), but a placement student can earn an average of £19,275. However, the salary can increase significantly when you graduate. The average starting salary for a law graduate is a sum of £50,000.

Why do an internship in law?

Doing an internship in law has many benefits. Some of these include

  • Get a first-hand appreciation of what is needed for a legal career.
  • Great experience to include on your CV. Many law firms will use virtual or onsite internships to screen potential recruits for graduate training and roles.

What do legal internships involve?

The exact activities of Law internships vary from company to company. However, everyday tasks may include:

  • Helping to proofread and draft legal documents
  • Copying and filing
  • Attending meetings and sending communications
  • General office administration
  • Attending mediations and court hearings.
  • Pulling critical information from transcripts
  • Conducting research using law libraries
  • Reviewing medical records and police reports, and other essential documentation
  • Drafting memos that help lawyers to make their arguments


Many organizations offer virtual internships for law students. With virtual law internships, you can gain invaluable work experience while interning in the comfort of your house. Therefore, explore your options and apply as soon as possible.

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