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Top 5 Venture Capital Internships In the USA

Are you an ambitious student eager to gain hands-on experience in the venture capital world? If so, Venture Capital Internships are your best bet in ensuring your career success.

As hundreds and thousands of VC Internship Programs are available to students in different countries, deciding which firm or country to intern in can be challenging. On the other hand, these internships are essential to degree-seeking students who want to earn a living in the Venture Capital industry.

Read on to discover what to expect and how to apply for Venture Capital Internships.

Let’s get started with the basics of these internship programs.

What are Venture Capital Internships?

Venture Capital Internships are professional development opportunities for degree-seekers across various levels. These programs help students to jumpstart a career in the Venture Capital industry.

Roles of Venture Capital Interns

The following are the main duties and responsibilities of students working as Venture Capital interns.

  • Handling due-diligence process
  • Conducting financial and valuation analysis
  • Helping to source deals
  • Generating reports on portfolio performance
  • Assisting in evaluating investment opportunities
  • Monitoring and analyzing investment data and benchmarks
  • Carrying out research on markets, venture capital, and technology

Benefits of Venture Capital Internships

Here are reasons to consider a Venture Capital Internship Program.

  • These internship programs will help you gain relevant work experience and explore working in a Venture Capital firm.
  • You’ll also have the chance to grow valuable relationships with professionals in the Venture Capital industry.
  • VC Internships offer a golden opportunity to sharpen your skill set at no cost.
  • You will also earn a monthly income, as most VC internship programs are financially rewarding.
  • They will enable you to access Venture Capital-related advice and guidance.

Before applying for a VC intern role to reap these benefits, you must satisfy the specific requirements of a Venture Capital internship program.

Eligibility Criteria for Venture Capital Internships

The following are the typical requirements for Venture Capital intern jobs.

  • Must possess enrollment in a degree program at an accredited institution of higher learning. Besides, your field of study must be accounting, information systems, finance, computer science, or a related field.
  • Passion for the Venture Capital industry, as well as for innovation and entrepreneurship
  • Have outstanding oral and written communication skills, especially in English
  • Possess good analytical, customer service, and networking skills.
  • Have superb product, process, and project management skills.
  • Be results-oriented and demonstrate strong attention to detail.
  • Ability to work independently and within a team context
  • Proficiency in Microsoft Office programs

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Top Five (5) Providers of Venture Capital Internships in the US

See below for some of the best providers of VC internship programs in the United States.

#1. Alumni Ventures

According to Pitchbook 2022, Alumni Ventures (AV) is the United States’ most active Venture Capital firm. The company has invested in over 1,000 portfolio companies and is renowned as one of the most innovative personal investment companies.

While working as a VC intern with Alumni Ventures, you can request for your internship conversion to part-time, depending on your performance.

#2. U First Capital

If you are pursuing a four-year degree in a recognized higher education institution, you can apply for a VC intern role at U First Capital. The company’s Venture Capital internship program requires interns to possess vast personal, academic, and professional achievements.

VC internships at U First Capital run for 3 to 12 months.

#3. Alpha Partners

You can also apply for Venture Capital summer intern roles at Alpha Partners. To qualify for this internship program, you must have a good command of English and at least two years of work experience.

#4. VC Lab

Another recommendable Venture Capital internship program in the US is VC Lab Internship. This remote internship is open to students with top-notch verbal and written communication skills.

Other requirements for the internship include being an analytical and detail-oriented individual. In addition, you must be an exceptional videoconferencing and phone persona.

#5. Suffolk Construction

If you are pursuing a top-tier MBA degree, you can apply for a Venture Capital intern role at Suffolk Construction. However, you must possess superb presentation, interpersonal, and analytical skills.

This internship program also requires you to be a team collaborator.

Venture Capital Internship Interview Questions

Here are some questions to practice as you prepare for your intern job interview at a Venture Capital firm.

  • What are the latest developments in the Venture Capital industry?
  • What should you consider when assessing a startup?
  • How would you source new startups?
  • How is Private Equity different from Venture Capital?
  • What is the most vital aspect of Venture Capital?
  • Who are our VCs competitors?
  • What are the crucial KPIs for a Venture Capital firm?
  • What do you know about the trends in technology startups?
  • What is your greatest weakness in this role?
  • Why are you interested in Venture Capital?
  • Talk about the projects you completed in college.
  • What process do you use to evaluate a company?
  • What metric would you use to ascertain if a company is ideal for growth equity investment?
  • Which company do you think is performing well in our portfolio companies?
  • Rate your Microsoft Excel skills on a scale of 10.

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Frequently Asked Questions about Venture Capital Internships

Do VCs take interns?

Yes, most Venture Capital companies hire students temporarily into intern positions. They have VC internship programs available to influence students’ career advancement.

How much do Venture Capital interns make in the US?

According to ZipRecruiter, the average salary of Venture Capital interns in the United States is approximately $7,800.

What do Venture Capital firms seek in interns?

Venture Capital firms usually look for interns with backgrounds in finance, Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics. In addition, they seek students with exceptional analytical skills as interns.

Do Venture Capital Internships require interviews?

It depends, as nearly all VC internship programs require prospective interns to pass one or multiple interview rounds.

Are Venture Capital intern jobs hard to get?

Yes, getting an intern role in a Venture Capital firm is challenging. They are so because VC firms receive many applications from students seeking to assume intern positions.


Working as a Venture Capital intern will significantly impact your career development. It’s a surefire way to prepare for career success in the job market and gain a head start.

Since most VC internships do not have an application deadline, you can apply now to begin the journey for a better future.

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