University of victoria scholarships

University of Victoria Scholarships: Funding & Benefits

University of Victoria Scholarships is available to students who demonstrate academic excellence or a financial need. 

The most common type of scholarship is the entrance Scholarship which is based on academic achievement. Other scholarships include the Major Entrance Scholarship, the Legacy Scholarship, and the Athlete Scholarship. Scholarships are also available for students who are members of a particular group, such as Indigenous students, LGBTQ2+ students, or students with disabilities.

University of Victoria Scholarships is available for all the programs offered by the institution. A good number of them are renewable for up to four years, while some last for one academic section. 

However, applicants for the University of Victoria Scholarships should apply early enough and make their applications compelling because the scholarships are competitive. 

Who funds the University of Victoria Scholarships?

Funding University of Victoria Scholarships is done by different organizations, individuals, and the University financial aid office.

Overview of the University of Victoria  (Uvic)

The University of Victoria is a public research university in Victoria, British Columbia. Founded in 1903, it is the oldest university in British Columbia. UVic has been ranked as the top comprehensive university in Canada for 12 consecutive years. It is also known for its cooperative education programs, which allow students to gain work experience while completing their studies. 

UVic has a diverse student body of more than 20,000 students, including over 5,000 graduate students. The university is home to eight faculties and schools offering more than 170  at undergraduate, graduate, and continuing studies levels.

As a student at the University of Victoria, you have access to various resources that can help you with your studies. These include the library, writing center, and student services. The library is a great place to start your research, as it has a wide range of materials that can help you with your assignments. The writing center can help you improve your writing skills, and student services can provide you with advice and support on numerous topics. The university has many research laboratories that contribute to different fields. The labs are well-equipped and staffed with experienced researchers who are passionate about their work. The labs are constantly conducting new experiments and gathering data that can be used to further our understanding of the world around us. 

Overview of British Columbia. (BC) 

British Columbia, also commonly referred to as BC, is the westernmost province in Canada. With a population of more than 4 million people, it is Canada’s third-most populous province. 

Its population of about 4.8 million, making it the fifth-most populous province in Canada. The capital of BC is Victoria, while its largest city is Vancouver.

Life for students in British Columbia (BC) is full of adventure and excitement. The province is home to some of the most beautiful scenery in the country, and there are plenty of opportunities to get involved in outdoor activities. There are also many cultural attractions and events to keep students entertained. 

However,  the cost of living in BC is high, especially in Vancouver. Rent, food, and transportation can be expensive. Although, students can work while studying in BC to reduce the financial burden 

Overall, you’ll never find yourself bored or without friends. So if you’re thinking of studying in Canada, be sure to check out BC!

Scholarships available at the University of Victoria 

  • 25th Olympiad Scholarship
  • Aga Khan Academy Renewable Scholarship
  • Ailsa and Roger Bishop Entrance Scholarship in Theatre
  • Adele and Gene Nesmith Entrance Scholarship in Voice
  • Adyen Hamber Entrance Scholarship
  • Alec Maclean Annual Award in Economics
  • Alexander and Mary Mackenzie Entrance Scholarship
  • Anna Isabelle Allen Undergraduate Scholarship in Social Work
  • Award for Student Refugees
  • Betty Dewick Scholarship in Music
  • British Columbia Paraplegic Association/Rotary Club of Victoria Scholarship
  • Canadian Federation of University Women Victoria Entrance Scholarship
  • Carol Ann Mitchell Undergraduate Scholarship
  • C.H. Dowling Memorial Scholarship
  • Dean of Science Entrance Scholarship for Indigenous Students
  • Donald and Evelyn Munro Scholarships 
  • David H. Turpin National Entrance Scholarship
  • Dr. J. Donald Rowlatt Entrance Scholarship
  • Dr. Jean Downie Dey Centennial Scholarship
  • Dr. Mowafa Househ Entrance Scholarship
  • Dr. Peter Montgomery Undergraduate Scholarship
  • Easton Scholarship
  • Excellence in Math Scholarship 
  • Elsa Eleonora Fagerberg and Clara Maria Fagerberg Entrance Scholarship 
  • FacultyFaculty Association Memorial Award
  • Faculty of Engineering and CSc Equity, Diversity, and Inclusion Leadership Award 
  • Fairfax Financial Ltd. Award
  • Franc R. Joubin Entrance Scholarship
  • Frank Hori Foundation Scholarship
  • George W. Nelms Memorial Scholarship
  • Grad Class of 1964 Entrance Scholarship
  • Hector and Carol McDonald Scholarship
  • Home Depot, Gordon Head Residents Association Scholarship
  • HSBC Bank Canada Indigenous Award
  • India Canada Cultural Association of Victoria Scholarship.
  • John Locke Malkin Entrance Scholarship
  • Leeder Family Memorial Scholarship in Economics
  • Leeder Family Memorial Scholarship in Mathematics

Scholarship Benefits

Here are the benefits to derive as a recipient of the  University of Victoria Scholarships:

  • Up to 10000 Euros lump sum of money per year 
  • Possibility of renewing the scholarship for up to four years 
  • Access to workshops and seminars  
  • Access to research funding and support 
  • More than ten students are selected as recipients of most scholarships 
  • Free tuition fee 
  • Monthly stipends 
  • Access to accommodation and textbooks allowance

Applicable Courses

Some scholarships are available to all students, while others are specific to certain programs or faculties. However, students are advised to check additional information about their desired scholarships before applying.

Eligibility Criteria

The University of Victoria offers numerous scholarships with different criteria. The general standards are listed below, and at the same time, the specific ones are attached to each scholarship.

  • Be enrolled full-time in an undergraduate or graduate program at the University of victoria.
  • Have a minimum grade point average of 3.0 on a 4.
  • Demonstrate leadership qualities through your involvement in extracurricular activities. 

Fees & Funding

How much are UVic entrance scholarships?

UVic offers scholarships for incoming students. The scholarship amount varies depending on the applicant’s financial situation and academic achievement. However, you may qualify for an amount from 2000 USD to 5000 USD.

Is Victoria good for international students?

Victoria is a great place to study for international students. The city has a large population of international students, and the universities have vital programs in international education. Additionally, the city has a strong economy and plenty of opportunities for students to get involved in their community.

Can international students work while studying at the University of Victoria?

Yes, international students can work while studying at the University of Victoria. However, there are restrictions on the types of jobs in which international students can work. For example, international students cannot work as waiters or waitresses.

How many students can earn in Canada per month?

Canadian students can earn around $1,500 per month. This amount will vary depending on the student’s occupation and location. This means that an individual under the age of 25 can earn up to $315 per month before taxes.

Application Procedure

Students interested in applying for a University of Victoria scholarship should begin the process by visiting the university’s scholarship page. Then select your preferred scholarship, check for additional requirements and submit your application as instructed. 

However, some scholarships might request supporting documents like:

  • An official transcript
  • A personal statement
  • Two letters of recommendation
  • A resume 
  • Language proficiency test result 
  • Evidence of nationality, such as a traveling passport