University of toulouse scholarships

Guide to apply for University of Toulouse Scholarships

If you are a Ph.D. student and it will please you to do your research work and thesis at the University of Toulouse in France, then here‚Äôs your opportunity. The University of Toulouse has made it a yearly mission to award scholarships to 900 international Ph.D. students. This scholarship is in conjunction with the International Ph.D. Office. The office takes care of identifying and organizing how many Ph.D. proposals that come to the University of Toulouse and other countries’ universities. So, the Ph.D. students seeking to study at this university must have their doctoral programs in the listed academic fields

  • Humanities
  • Social sciences
  • Science and technology

About the University of Toulouse

The University of Toulouse has a bit of fascinating history wrapped around it. So, here’s a run down; the university was first established in 1229, but during the French crises, the school suffered greatly and shut down. In 1896, it was established again as higher education reorganization went on in the country. Again, in 1969 the university stopped existing, but when it returned again, it birthed two extra universities alongside itself. The three universities are the University of Toulouse-I-Capitole, the University Toulouse-II-Jean-Jaures, and the University Toulouse-III-Paul-Sabatier. Each university has research programs going on them separately from the others.

Furthermore, the University of Toulouse has graduated many students who have turned out to become pretty famous in the French country and worldwide. These famous alumni of the university are doing exceptionally well in different fields. Currently, the university has about 100.674 students studying in different courses, and the university makes sure its students are focused on their education by providing yearly scholarships to them. These three Unis are participating in the reconstruction of the main university.

Scholarships at the University of Toulouse

The University of Toulouse is in partnership with the government of different countries to provide their students with scholarships or an opportunity to study at the University of Toulouse.


The University of Toulouse and the Chinese government, under the Chinese Scholarship Council (CSC), signed an agreement to allow Chinese students to study at Toulouse. Now, the university records Chinese students as the largest population of international students studying at the university. So, the International Ph.D. Office visits China annually to select master’s students who wish to further their studies to the Ph.D. level at Toulouse.


The International Ph.D. Office will travel to Chile to engage master’s degree students who do not mind doing their thesis in France. The scholarship will take place through the CONICYT program.


Colombia and the University of Toulouse signed a pact for the university to fund the Colombian Ph.D. students at the university. Since 2014, the university has been traveling down to meet eligible students and fund their education.


Mexican students are the largest among the Latin American student population at the University of Toulouse. The International Ph.D. Office takes it upon itself to train Mexican students in France every year.

Scholarship Benefits

The scholarships are fully funded, but the rules changes according to the time and condition of the award.

Applicable Courses

  • All the courses and research from the faculties below:
  • Humanities
  • Social sciences
  • Science and technology

Eligibility Criteria

The International Ph.D. Office travels to the selected countries and makes selections. However, candidates must be master’s students moving on to their Ph.D. level.

Fees & Funding

Does the University of Toulouse lecture in English?

Except for the courses known as translation courses in the university, all other lectures are carried out in English because the school has students from different countries who do not speak French.

Do French students pay the tuition fee in French universities?

Yes, they do. The French government only subsidized the tuition fee in the universities. So, these students pay very low fees at the university.

Is studying in France worth it?

Of course, it does. France has many academically sound schools that are globally recognized. Not only that, these schools are very international students-friendly and do not hesitate to accept if they meet their criteria.

Is the University of Toulouse suitable for international students?

This school is among the top schools in France, with a large number of international students. These students are even offered scholarships to study at the university.

Application Procedure

  • Candidates are advised to apply directly at the university‚Äôs website if they search the thesis database and find a thesis proposal that matches the research they want to do.
  • The candidate that could not find an interesting enough thesis on the database can reach out to the International Office for help and a supervisor.
  • After dealing with the above instructions, the candidate should send a CV, a brief application letter, and a short description of the research background. Please send it to [email protected]