University of scholarships lleida

Guide on how to apply for University of Lleida Scholarships

Overview of the University of Lleida Scholarship

The University of Lleida scholarship is highly preferred by masterā€™s degree students from across the globe. This is because it offers enormous benefits for students that want to study at a well-equipped institution. The University of Lleida Scholarships come with a lot of perks that are worth the offers that are given to the befitting students. The significance of the scholarships is to provide financial support to students with a foreign degree looking to get admitted for a masterā€™s degree into the University of Lleida.

Apart from the monetary benefits, the eligible students will enjoy high standards of teaching with quality services. The students will get for free all the teaching processes involved in learning. This scholarship is favorable to foreign masterā€™s degree students that qualify for it. The Spain University of Lleida provides the funding for this scholarship, and it is a sought-after school by international students seeking to receive masterā€™s degree studies.

Overview of the University of Lleida 

Since its establishment in 1991, the University of Lleida has been one of Spainā€™s leading educational institutions. With a student body of over 10,000, the university offers a good number of programs at the undergraduate and graduate levels. It is Located in the city of Lleida in northeastern Spain; the university is renowned for its beautiful campus and modern facilities. In recent years, the University of Lleida has been ranked among the top 100 universities in Europe. It is a member of the European University Association and the International Association of Universities.

The University of Lleida offers a variety of learning facilities for its students. These include the Library, which provides access to a wide range of print and electronic resources; the Computing Centre, which offers numerous services and support for students; and the Language Centre, which provides language courses and support. In addition, the university also has several research centers that offer facilities and support for students undertaking research projects.

The university is a perfect destination for students who desire to pursue an excellent academic career with the full support of the faculties.

Scholarship Benefits

The University of Lleida Scholarship is highly valued and beneficial to the chosen students, and the benefits include:

  • Payment for the registration and taxes that covers the study of homologation of foreign degrees and academic and administration taxes. The international relations unit of the University of Lleida will make the payment.
  • School insurance, subsistence, and accommodation fee of up to 2000 Euros. This payment will be paid twice via bank transfer. The second payment worth 1000 Euros will be remitted at the start of the second semester. The condition or the second payment will need the eligible student to get a report that would be signed by the academic coordinator masterā€™s degree showing the academic achievement of the student. 

Applicable Courses

Students enrolled in the under-listed courses are eligible to apply for the University of Lleida scholarship.

Full-time Courses

  • Health Education
  • Psychology
  • Management and innovation  in the food industry
  • Swiss health and production
  • Integrated pest management
  • Wild and fire science and integrative management MSc
  • Soil and water management
  • Horticulture
  • Plant breeding
  • Leather engineering (  pending to be approved yet0
  • Auditing management accounting and information systems
  • Expertise evaluation and analysis of works of Art
  • Management and evaluation for the intervention for social transformation
  • English
  • Biomedical Research
  • Informatics Engineering

Part-time Courses

  • Neuropsychology
  • Teaching Spanish/Catalan to immigrants
  • Health research 
  • Cultural and natural heritage communication
  • Social media marketing 
  • Advanced studies for pre-primary and primary education teachers
  • Criminal justice system
  • Advanced clinical practice and teaching methodology with simulation
  • Administrative management
  • Mountain Areas management
  • Erasmus Mundus in English
  • Mediterranean forestry and natural resources
  • Erasmus Mundus in spatial and ecological modeling European forestry

Eligibility Criteria

 To be qualified for the scholarship, the following requirements need to be met:

  • The student must be enrolled in the masterā€™s degree program 
  • You must be an international student 
  • The student must not have a Ph.D. degree.
  • The student must not have any other masterā€™s degree diploma
  • The applying student must not be a resident of Spain
  • The student must not hold any other scholarship at the time of applying for this one
  • Again, the applicant must not be on another grant from the University, like having the provision of befitting from subsidized registration fees for pre-admission.
  • The student must be proficient in the English Language; those that the English language isnā€™t their first language must show evidence of proficiency in the English language.

Fees & Funding

What is the essence of the University of Lleida Scholarship?

The essence is to give financial aid to students with a foreign degree who wish to study for a masterā€™s degree at the university.

What is the duration of this scholarship?

It covers the period of study for the qualified student

What happens to applications not being submitted before the deadline?

The application not submitted on time or meets the stated requirement will be dismissed. This is mostly when the documents required are not complete though the applicant would be granted about ten days to get the documents resubmitted. 

Are there expenses that qualified students still need to pay?

Yes, eligible students will hire their health insurance provider and pay for the pre-enrolment tax. Same with other expenses that may come up later.

Do these grants cover for virtual masterā€™s degree program?

No, this is not for applicants that enrolled in the virtual masterā€™s degree program. They will not get any grant as individual support.

Application Procedure

To apply for this scholarship, you would need to apply online by completing the application form. You would first need to create a profile in which you would have a username and a password. This makes provision for any edits or modifications by the students at all times. But when it is submitted, changes will not be possible. The students can contact the school’s international relations unit for doubts concerning the application. Before submitting the completed application form, the following documents should be available for upload.

  • A cover letter, which will show a certificate of payment of the rate of pre-registration 
  • The official copy of the language certificate
  • The student’s copy of passport or the ID card
  • The student’s official copy of the transcripts of records: the records should include the credits, the subjects, and the grades.
  • The curriculum vitae should be in Europass  format
  • The footnote is that students that are from Non-European Union countries need to upload these documents only after they have all been legalized. So they need to be a registration at the UDL
  • Then, the official copy of the college diploma and other certificates, if certified

Meanwhile, the selected students must present the following documents to receive the payment; they are a copy of their passport, a copy of their student visa, and a Spanish bank account.