University of regensburg scholarships

Guides on how to apply for University of Regensburg Scholarships

Are you seeking to study in Germany? Are you searching for a scholarship to further your Education abroad? Regensburg University scholarships have brought a golden offer your way to help you in your academic quest.

It is a renewal scholarship ( it can be renewed twice for three years) that aims to finance graduates, postgraduates, and so on. Applicants are expected to apply for the scholarship before the deadline elapses.

Once a candidate has met the set eligibility criteria for the scholarship, he/she will be offered the scholarship as the scholarship is given on merit. Benefits are not just given to regular students as students with child(ren) also receive some additional benefits from the University.

About the University of Regensburg scholarship

The University of Regensburg is a public exploration University in Bavaria, established in 1962 and situated in the middle age city of Regensburg. The University has eleven resources that carry out an extensive variety of instructive and research programs — from science and pharmaceuticals to philosophy and workmanship history.

The University of Regensburg in Bavaria has started collating its scholarship applications from worldwide students and analysts for the 2021-22 scholastic year. The specific goal of the scholarship program is to help logical collaboration and scholastic trade among Bavaria and Focal, Eastern, and South-Eastern Europe. The deadline for the scholarship application is the first of December.

The provided Scholarships are intended to finance graduate, postgraduate, doctoral, or one-year research temporary jobs at other Bavarian universities. The yearly scholarship can be renewed two times for a maximum time of as long as three years.

Scholarship Benefits

  1. Regensburg University offers its scholarship students the sum of 934-€ monthly, which amounts to 11.208-€ annually.
  2. Another intriguing benefit of this scholarship is that students with child(ren)are considered and are given the amount of 1094-€ monthly which sums up to 13.128-€ annually.

Applicable Courses

All courses offered at Regensburg University are eligible to apply for this scholarship.

Below is the list of courses offered by the university of Regensburg:

  1.  American Studies
  2.  Biology
  3. Business
  4.  English language
  5. Communication Studies
  6. Economics
  7. Chemistry
  8.  Environmental Studies
  9. European Studies
  10. Pharmacy
  11. Germanic Languages & Literatures
  12. History/History of Art
  13.  Religious studies
  14. Mathematics
  15. Music
  16. Geography
  17. Philosophy
  18. Sociology
  19. Political Science
  20.  Psychology
  21.  Linguistics
  22.  Russian, East European & Eurasian Studies
  23. Physics
  24. Humanities
  25. Women, Gender, & Sexuality Studies,
  26. Theatre

Eligibility Criteria

  1. Applications are typically expected from Bulgarian graduates, Croatian graduates, Czech Republic graduates, and graduates from  Poland, Romania, Serbia, Russia, Slovakia, Ukraine, and Hungary.
  2. There are age limitations for scholarship holders: candidates for the master’s program are qualified to those up to thirty years old, and different projects are eligible to those under the age of 35.

Fees & Funding

Is it possible to get a completely sponsored scholarship in Germany?

There are over 5,000 Completely Supported scholarships in Germany. Germany is one of the main countries that offer Free tuition in State universities for students worldwide. The living expense is likewise entirely affordable in Germany. You will track down a lot of Global students in Germany.

Is it so difficult to get a scholarship in Germany?

To get a fully funded scholarship in Germany, candidates probably finished a Bachelor’s degree or be in their last year of studies. There could be no upper age limit, although there might be a great time between finishing your Bachelor’s degree and taking up a scholarship.

Does it require that I have a blocked account for school in Germany if I get a scholarship?

One can likewise apply to the German consulate for a student’s study visa without a closed account opened by them given that; the scholarship is accessible to take care of the expense of living. This scholarship program is fully sponsored by a Government Agency.

What are the possibilities of winning a scholarship?

7% or 1 out of 8 students are probably going to get a scholarship. Just 0.2% of students get upwards of $25,000 in scholarship opportunities. 5% of students in bachelor’s programs get enough scholarships to take care of their 100 percent expenses.

Can I be a worker and at the same time be a student in Germany?

Students who come from other countries can likewise work in Germany and also be schooling. Students from EU/EEA nations are permitted to work for as long as 20 hours weekly during the semester, very much like German students do. There is no restriction to the amount they can acquire during semester breaks.

Are there age restrictions for scholarships in Germany?

There is no age restriction for scholars in Germany. It isn’t so exceptional for students to be pretty much as old as you (or even much older) while beginning or going on with college. A C1 language level could frequently be a prerequisite, though.



The University offers remarkable exploration facilities and a motivating review and the best learning conditions for its 21,000 students, 1,800 of which are worldwide, as well as the more than 300 approaching scientists, who yearly come to the University. With more than 300 accomplice institutions, the University is globally very much associated and students and instructors have the same advantage from trade and complex worldwide collaboration exercises.

The University has one fundamental campus which is spread across 370 sections of land. The University of Regensburg offers magnificent learning conditions and diverse exposure for cultivating a development mentality.

Numerous autonomous scholastic rankings put the University of Regensburg in the main 30 best universities in Germany. The University of Regensburg is perhaps the most renowned and regarded college worldwide. Acquiring an Educational degree from the University is an opportunity not to be missed 

Application Procedure

How to apply for the University of Regensburg scholarship:

  1. Kindly send your application to the director of the entrance committee for the master’s program scholarship. The location will be accessible on the site and website page.
  2. Remember to include the following vital documents in your application:
  1. Your curriculum vitae (optional)
  2. Cover letter (optional)
  3. Certificates (guaranteed record, assuming that no Bachelors certificate is accessible)