University of pardubice scholarships

University of Pardubice Scholarships: Benefits & Value

As a prospective student of the University of Pardubice, it is natural to search for funding support to make learning convenient and affordable. We can assure you of such possibilities with the University of Pardubice Scholarships. 

The scholarships are classified into different categories, merit base, financial need, and extracurricular. The payment plan and benefits for the scholarships also depend on the type of scholarship you hold. 

In addition, the University of Pardubice Scholarships are available for undergraduate, graduate, and postgraduate programs offered by the university. 

Funding of University of Pardubice Scholarships 

The scholarships are sponsored by the University of Pardubice, through its scholarship funds, and the ministry of youth and sport, Czech Republic.

Overview of the University of Pardubice 

The University of Pardubice is located in the Czech Republic and was founded in 1991. It is a public university that offers programs in bachelor’s, master’s, and doctoral degrees. There are approximately 7,000 students enrolled at the university. The University of Pardubice has a strong focus on research and offers many opportunities for students to get involved in research projects. Students enrolled at the University of Pardubice have access to facilities like the library, laboratories for different research disciplines, internet facilities, and a well-equipped computer lab to make learning practical, motivating, and inspiring. The 

sports facilities for students, staff and the public include an indoor pool, gymnasium, sauna, and tennis courts. The university also has a sports club that provides training for various sports. Also, extracurricular activities and organizations for students to get involved in.

Overview of Pardubice 

Pardubice is a city in the Czech Republic. It is the capital of the Pardubice Region, and it has a population of approximately 94,000 people. 

The city is home to the University of Pardubice, founded in 1991. Pardubice is also home to several historical monuments, including the Church of St. Bartholomew, which dates back to the 13th century.

Living as a student in Pardubice can be an experience unlike any other. For starters, the city is teeming with life and energy. There are always things to do, whether going out to one of the many bars or clubs, exploring the ancient castle, or simply taking a stroll through one of the many parks. Additionally, the people here are friendly and welcoming, which makes it easy to meet new friends.

The cost of living is relatively low, especially when compared to larger cities, and there are ways to earn money when you engage in minor jobs.

Scholarship to explore at the University of Pardubice 

At the University of Pardubice, you can benefit from a scholarship based on your academic performance, residency, and active participation in extracurricular activities. So the available scholarships are:

  • Merit Scholarship
  • Accommodation  scholarship 
  • Support study scholarship 
  • Research development and innovation scholarship 
  • Sports Scholarship 
  • Rector’s and Dean Scholarship 
  • Social Scholarship

Scholarship Benefits

How much are the University of Pardubice Scholarships worth?

Each recipient of the merit scholarship gets paid 4000 CKZ ( 172 USD) as a monthly stipend while a recipient of the accommodation scholarship receives 550CZK (24 USD) for accommodation allowance every month. The beneficiaries of other scholarships receive their payment in a clot sum.

How many students are awarded the University of Pardubice Scholarships?

The number of recipients is not the same for all the 

University of Pardubice Scholarships, some award only one student while others award more students.

How long do the University of Pardubice Scholarships last?

The scholarships are valid for the standard duration of the academic program the recipient is enrolled for.

Applicable Courses

Students in any offered at the University of Pardubice can explore the scholarships to select a suitable one and submit an application as instructed

Eligibility Criteria

Interested students for the University of Pardubice Scholarships are to satisfy the general eligibility criteria below plus the ones attached to each scholarship before their applications can be considered for an award.

  • Be enrolled in any of the University of Pardubice academic programs on a full-time  
  • Must be studying in the standard duration of the program 
  • Must have the minimum required course load for the section 
  • Have an active bank account to receive the payment for the scholarship 
  • Must have a good academic grades in previous programs 

Fees & Funding

Can an average student get a full University of Pardubice scholarship?

It is rare because full scholarships are available to students who have achieved high grades and demonstrate excellent potential in their field of study.

Is the University of Pardubice scholarship exams hard?

The University of Pardubice scholarship exams are not that hard, but they are challenging. Students who are prepared and have a good study routine will do well on the exams.

Why do students prefer to study at the University of Pardubice?

There are many reasons why students prefer to study at the University of Pardubice. First and foremost, the University of Pardubice is one of the top universities in the Czech Republic, and its alumni are some of the most successful people in the country. Additionally, the University of Pardubice offers a wide range of courses and programs that appeal to students’ interests and needs.

How will I know if I am awarded the University of Pardubice scholarship?

You will be notified by email or phone contactt and further guidelines will be provided on how to get paid alongside other benefits attached to the scholarship.

Application Procedure

To apply for the University of Pardubice Scholarships with ease. These are the steps you should follow.

  • Ensure you meet the general criteria for the scholarships 
  • Visit the scholarship page of the University of Pardubice to select your desired scholarship.
  • Check for the specific requirements for the scholarship and ensure you can fulfill them.
  • Make available the required documents in PDF format 
  • Proceed to complete the application form, and you may be required to apply for the scholarship through the sponsor’s official website.
  • Submit your application as instructed.

Document for University of Pardubice Scholarships.

These are a pool of documents you may be required to attach to your application, if not all, then a good number of them.

  • Evidence of admission and acceptance to the University of Pardubice 
  • Data page of your traveling passport 
  • Proof of language  proficiency 
  • Academic transcripts 
  • Previous educational certificates 
  • Letter of motivation 
  • Reference letters 
  • Project plans 
  • A recent curriculum vitae 
  • Proof of residency