University of ljubljana scholarships

University of Ljubljana scholarships: value and benefits

The University of Ljubljana Scholarships are available for students who wish to study at the University of Ljubljana in Slovenia. The scholarships are awarded based on academic merit and are open to students of all nationalities. Most scholarships are partially funded to cover students’ needs like; tuition fees, a monthly stipend for living expenses, textbooks, accommodation, etc.

In addition, the University of Ljubljana Scholarships opportunities is not limited to undergraduate students but to all programs offered in the institution. The scholarships are worth up to 5000 Euros, and other benefits are to be enjoyed by the recipient. 

Funding of the University of Ljubljana Scholarships 

The scholarships are funded by the University of Ljubljana, the Public Scholarship development, disability, and Maintenance Fund. 

Overview of the University of Ljubljana 

The University of Ljubljana is the oldest and largest university in Slovenia. It is also one of the most prestigious universities in Central Europe. The university was founded in 1595 and currently has over 40,000 students. The University of Ljubljana has eight faculties, offers numerous undergraduate and graduate programs, and is a member of the Coimbra Group, an association of leading European universities.

In addition, its main campus is situated on Congress Square in the center of the city. The campus consists of several buildings, including the National and University Library, one of the largest libraries in Europe. 

The University of Ljubljana offers top-notch facilities for its students. These include libraries, computer rooms, sports facilities, and student dormitories.

List of scholarships at the University of Ljubljana 

  • Scholarship for Ph.D. study Karstology
  • Scholarship for citizens of Angola (postgraduate study)
  • Scholarship for citizens of The Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan (postgraduate study)
  • Scholarships for Slovenians abroad
  • Zois scholarships

Scholarship Benefits

 The scholarships are worth up to 4000 Euros and are open to international students pursuing different programs offered by the institution. The funding covers 24% of the total tuition fees. The number of beneficiaries for each scholarship depends on the sponsor’s decision and available funds.

Applicable Courses

The University of Ljubljana Scholarships is open to courses related to Business Administration.

Eligibility Criteria

Like other schools, scholarship comes with eligibility criteria; the same applies to University of Ljubljana scholarships. So there are criteria in place for the applicants to meet. This will enable the university to narrow its selection to only qualified students. So what are the eligibility criteria for this grant?

  • The student must have applied for first-year admission into the undergraduate and MBA programs for the next academic session.
  • The applicant must have at least three years of working experience in middle or top management. The student can present past achievements and honors.
  • The student must show international impact and commitment to business and academics. Also, applicants must show the readiness and willingness to make a difference while and after completing the program.
  • Again, the eligible students must be proficient in English. The undergraduate and MBA programs are organized in English, so this is why proficiency in the English Language is a must and a requirement to be met by all students.
  • A student is also eligible to apply for this funding, even when the selection process of the candidates is still in progress. But the student should be among the early birds that submitted their application.
  • The applicant should ensure that his country is among the eligible countries before applying.
  • The student must be about 35 years.
  • Have an  educational background that includes the following: social, science, technical, or natural science
  • Must exhibit the following traits: responsibility, social, extraverted, motivation, and goal-oriented.

Fees & Funding

Who are those to benefit from University of Ljubljana scholarships?

The grant will be benefitted by international students pursuing undergraduate and MBA programs.

What is the Worth of the University of Ljubljana scholarships award?

The university award will be worth 4000 Euros to eligible students

What are the Eligible nationalities for University of Ljubljana scholarships?

Asian countries, African countries, European countries, and oceanic countries

How can one be eligible for admission to the University of Ljubljana?

Before applying for the scholarship, you must first gain admission into the school, so an applicant must have an adequate undergraduate education. A student must have at least 180 ECTS (European credit transfer and accumulation system) to gain admission

Why do students prefer to apply to the University of Ljubljana?

There are many reasons why students might prefer to apply to the University of Ljubljana. Some might be attracted to the school’s location in the capital city of Slovenia. Others might be interested in the university’s programs and research opportunities. And still, others might appreciate the school’s relatively low tuition rates. Whatever the reasons, it’s clear that the University of Ljubljana is a popular choice among students from all over the world.

Are there opportunities for students in Slovenia?

There are plenty of opportunities for students in Slovenia! The country is known for its high-quality education, and there are many scholarships and financial aid programs available to help students cover the costs of tuition. There are also a number of student organizations and clubs that students can get involved in, which provide great opportunities to meet new people and learn new skills.

Application Procedure

To gain access to the scholarships, prospective students must go through this application procedure. Firstly, the applicant must have applied for admission into the undergraduate or MBA degree program of the university. Then meet all the entry requirements, and after acceptance, then apply for a scholarship which can be done online. 

For online:

  • The student will have to complete an online registration form: this involves filling out the application form.
  • Then the attachment of all the certificates needed to back up your application details for the University of Ljubljana Scholarships.
  • You should attach a short letter of motivation.
  • Then the last one is to undergo the in-depth interview- which will entail completing the registration and application form, taking the individual interview, presenting the scholarship results, and then doing an enrolment.

For offline:

The student can obtain the application form and complete it, and the completed application can be sent to the faculty of Economics, University of Ljubljana. This should be alongside the motivation letter and all the supporting documents to verify the authenticity of the information you provided.