University of central arkansas scholarships detailed guide

University of Central Arkansas Scholarships: Detailed Guide

The University of Central Arkansas aids students from low-income backgrounds to pursue academic degrees through its many scholarship possibilities. There are numerous scholarships for all available undergraduate and graduate programs at the university.

The university has prerequisites for all accessible scholarships. The first item on the list is academic achievement.

Any student interested in applying for a scholarship at the University of Central Arkansas must meet the minimum grade requirement. Scholarships are renewable if the scholarship recipient continues to achieve high academic standards.

Overview of the University of Central Arkansas 

The University of Central Arkansas is a public university established in Conway, Arkansas, in 1907. The campus is 357 acres in size, has an overall undergraduate enrolment of 8,244 (fall 2021), and is in a suburban area. 

Six colleges make up the university: the College of Liberal Arts, the College of Education, the College of Natural Sciences and Mathematics, the College of Business, the College of Health and Behavioral Sciences, and the College of Fine Arts and Communication. The HPaW Residential College, EDGE Residential College, The Stars Residential College, STEM Residential College, EPIC Residential College, and the Minton Commuter College are other residential colleges within UCA.

There are roughly 17 students for every academic member at the university. The institution offers more than 150 undergraduate, graduate, and professional programs.

Who sponsors the University of Central Arkansas Scholarships?

University of Central Arkansas

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Opportunities for Study and Scholarships at the University of Central Arkansas

Below are the different funding opportunities available at the University of Central Arkansas.

1. UCA Freshman Academic Scholarships

Students enrolled in the university’s entry-level program are eligible for this grant. The scholarship pays for a portion of the tuition and housing expenses. A committee will decide which students will receive this scholarship, which will be given out competitively and based on ACT/SAT scores, community service, and GPA. 

Each semester, students must satisfy the enrollment and renewal requirements. They must also hold an admission offer by the deadline and submit all necessary paperwork to the Office of Admissions and Enrollment Services.

2. UCA Honors College Scholarships

The Honors College Scholarships are only available to University of Central Arkansas students enrolled in an honors program. Applicants must be registered full-time students of the university. They must submit their applications for the University Scholars Program or the Schedler Honors College before the deadline.

The scholarship board will select an additional 30 students to join the University Scholars Program and 75 students to enter the Schedler Honors College. The scholarship provides stipends after acceptance to the university. However, students receiving the Schedler Honors College scholarship are not eligible for the Distinguished scholarship.

3. Graduate Assistantships 

Graduate students who accept graduate assistantships receive financial assistance in exchange for their support of department and institution operations. To help pay for their graduate education, most graduate assistants carry out teaching, research, or administration activities. 

As part of the project, graduate assistants receive a stipend in exchange for services rendered, and in some situations, they receive a tuition subsidy.

To be considered, candidates must be enrolled full-time, taking at least nine graduate credits each fall and spring semester or one course during any summer session. Students need to only register in the number of hours required to finish the degree, whether they are in their final 12 hours or have only the thesis or dissertation to complete.

4. EAST Program Scholarship

The EAST scholarships offered by the University of Central Arkansas acknowledge UCA’s historic contribution to the creation and expansion of the EAST program. As long as their college major is accessible at UCA, EAST scholarships are available to high school graduates with active participation in EAST programs.

EAST scholarships are worth up to $1,500 per semester for eight semesters or until a bachelor’s degree has been earned, whichever comes first. 

5. Assistance Program For Students With Exceptional Circumstances

The APSEC program is a scholarship program that aids students who demonstrate exceptional financial need but do not meet the requirements for, or are not eligible for, other institutional scholarships or financial aid sufficient to attend the university or continue their education.

These students must also show exceptional academic excellence.

6. Windgate Jr/Sr Scholarship

Art majors can apply for the  Windgate Jr/Sr scholarship on a full- or part-time basis. The scholarship committee chooses candidates based on their talent and financial need.

Based on financial need, the award’s worth in the junior/senior year ranges from $2500 to $5,000 per semester. Additionally, with completion of at least 6 hours (3 in art) for part-time students and 12 hours (6 in art) for full-time students, as well as a 3.25 GPA, the scholarship is renewable for four semesters (junior fall/spring; senior fall/spring) or the final semester.

Scholarship Benefits

  • The scholarship covers tuition fees (full/ partial) and the cost of housing.

Applicable Courses

Some of the courses available at the Institution include;

  • Fine Arts
  • Communication
  • Natural Sciences 
  • Mathematics
  • Business 
  • Health and Behavioral Sciences
  • Liberal Arts
  • Education

Eligibility Criteria

To be considered for a scholarship, students must:

  • Obtain full admission by submitting the necessary paperwork to the Office of Admissions and Enrollment Services and:
  • Either an undergraduate or graduate student at UCA (either as a first-timers, transfer, or continuing student)
  • Satisfy the prerequisite for the cumulative GPA using the student’s high school transcript from the sixth or seventh semester:
  • Students must meet all other requirements and submit a separate application, CV, and ACT/SAT results by the deadline. 
  • Scholarships from the Future Leaders, University, Achievement, and Distinguished programs are available for eight consecutive fall and spring semesters or until a bachelor’s degree is obtained, whichever comes first.
  • Must enroll in a minimum of 15 UCA credit hours as of the eighth class day in both the fall and spring semesters.
  • Students must maintain high academic standing as outlined in the most recent UCA Undergraduate Bulletin throughout their scholarship.

General Requirements 

  • A referral letter
  • Academic standing
  • English proficiency certification
  • An accounting statement
  • A letter of endorsement

Fees & Funding

How will I know if the scholarship committee selects me for the University of Central Arkansas Scholarship?

Once selected for a scholarship, the scholarship board or admission consultant will send your status to you by email. 

Must I declare my major when I apply to the University of Central Arkansas?

When you apply for admission, you are not required to declare a major. Most majors allow you to choose the courses you take throughout your first two years. However, we always advise that you discuss your situation and the appropriate time to declare a major with your academic counselor.

Is the University of Central Arkansas campus safe?

Yes. At Central Arkansas, a key emphasis is safety. Every UCA police officer goes through rigorous training and completes the Police Academy. The police officers and security patrol around the clock throughout the campus area and nearby streets to protect all students.

Application Procedure

  • Visit the Admissions & Enrollment Services office.
  • Verify your eligibility for any scholarships
  • Begin and finish your application

Contact Information 

Harrin Hall  Suite 200 University of Central Arkansas 201 Donaghey Ave Conway, AR 72035

Phone: (501) 450-3140

Fax: 501.450.5228