University college of osteopathy scholarships

University College of Osteopathy Scholarships: Guide

The educational season is fully upon us, and international students seeking financial support can utilize the generous financial help opportunity offered through the University College of Osteopathy scholarships. These offers are mouth-watering and open to all kinds of students, but those in financial difficulties will receive preferential treatment. Also, these University College of Osteopathy scholarships are limited, so students applying must be sure to meet all the requirements if they wish to win.

Specifically, these scholarships are won across different channels like grants, loans, and bursaries. Students willing to study at this university in London should check below for eligibility criteria and requirements and apply without further ado.

About the University College of Osteopathy

This school was established in 1917 and formerly carried out educational operations as the British School of Osteopathy before it finally received a change of name and became the University College of Osteopathy.  It is also recognized as the largest and oldest osteopathy school in Landon and its environs. However, just as late as 2015, the university gained its degree awarding power and a university college status in September 2017. They earned this status through the exempt charity of the United Kingdom Privy Council.

Furthermore, the University College of Osteopathy allows its students to begin experiencing real-life activities regarding their courses. This is achieved by the students coming in direct contact with patients right from the beginning of their academic journey. This way of studying makes the university’s students become more ingrained into their studies and finish up as professionals in their careers.

Lists of the University College of Osteopathy scholarship channels

Students have the privilege to access the various scholarship opportunities going on in the school through the following sources below. Also, it is essential to note that the university funds these scholarships.

Access to Learning Fund (ALF)

Access to Learning Funds is an excellent opportunity for eligible students to receive financial support for their studies. It comes in the form of bursaries which are non-repayable for both part-time and full-time students. However, eligible students must be in the category of those facing unexpected and extreme financial difficulties. Before students in financial difficulties think about applying for the scholarship, they are first advised to take advantage of the other financial routes available to students of the University College of Osteopathy to which they are entitled. These financial routes include loans, bursaries, and even grants from the school. When they have exhausted all options and demonstrated a sincere interest in providing for their studies and living expenses, they can apply for the Access to Learning Fund (ALF).

University College of Osteopathy Access to Higher Education Diploma Fee Waiver

The fee waiver aims to have a more diverse student body in the university and ensure that the admission barrier is lifted within the school. In other words, the idea makes admittance easier for students and education becoming more accessible.

Scholarship Benefits

The scholarship provides fully funded bursaries for eligible students from low-income family backgrounds with specific needs.

Applicable Courses

All health science courses eligible for scholarship in the University College of Osteopathy.

Eligibility Criteria

Before you become eligible for this scholarship as a student, you have to qualify for the following.

  • Must live in a low-participation neighborhood
  • A care leaver or young carer with:
  •  Housing benefit
  • Income support
  • Pension credit
  • Working tax/child tax credit
  • Universal Credit
  • Income-based job seeker‚Äôs allowance
  • Council tax reduction


  • Students repeating a year of their access course may not be eligible to apply for the fee waiver.


Students who could prove the above benefits must provide the following documents as evidence:

  • The original letter from your department of works and pensions or the local authority for the last three months
  • Your annual award and the evidence of payment for your work and child tax from three months back.
  • Bills or letters showing your home address from three months back

Fees & Funding

What does Osteopathic medicine do?

Osteopathic medicine is a field of medical science that treats the whole human being instead of picking just a part of the body or curing the symptoms. To put it differently, specifically, it is a part of medicine focused more on preventing illness instead of waiting for it to develop and begin treatment. So, doctors in this field train and educate people on the lifestyle that serves as preventive measures and fights off any impending illness.

Are osteopaths in demand in the United Kingdom?

Osteopaths are really in demand in the UK, but you must first register with the appropriate entities and organizations governing the profession. This includes organizations like the General Osteopathic Council. Once you pass your exams and complete these registrations, you become employable and begin your career without restrictions.

Are osteopaths qualified Doctors?

Osteopaths are qualified doctors by their standards. Although they practice medicine in a different way than the regular doctors that we know. So, yes. They are licensed and practice relieving pain from the musculoskeletal system of humans through manipulative medicine and other highly acceptable ways.

What is the difference between regular medical doctors and an osteopath?

A medical doctor receives the title of Medical Doctor (MD) at the end of their schooling, while Osteopaths receive the Doctor of Osteopathy (DOs). They still practice the same modern medicine but with different approaches. Also, they have almost the exact scope of study in school, go through residences, and prescribe drugs for their patients. So, the main difference is their titles and different treatment approaches, like the osteopath’s manipulative medicine methods. Aside from that, they are both well-trained and qualified doctors in their capacities and rights.

How long can you study osteopathy?

Becoming a qualified osteopath may take up to eight years if you run it from the university down to residencies and specialize in a field. But for clarity, the medical school is four years.

Application Procedure

  • Students can begin their application as the online portal will become open at the beginning of the academic year. You can check the university‚Äôs student support page.
  • Students must be enrolled in a university course before qualifying for the fee waiver.
  • Complete the online application form correctly with the necessary supporting documents before you submit your application.
  • The fee waiver application closes on the 30th of November, 2023.