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The universal music internship program is designed to expose interns to the real world of making good music and let them know how the music industry functions. This becomes achievable because interns will be ushered into full-time roles under the world’s leading music company. Another significant benefit of the universal music internship program is the opportunity for the interns to network with senior colleagues and experts in the music industry and create a lifetime possibility for themselves for the future.

Similarly, the program accepts everyone irrespective of their health challenges because it is believed that talents can be found anywhere. Therefore, the universal music group based in the United Kingdom has opened its doors to every up-and-coming musician ready to intern with the company.

About the Universal Music Group

The universal music group is the world’s leading music company with various businesses around the music world in different parts of the world. The group has established its presence in over 60 territories by recording, publishing, and merchandising music and music content.

In addition, the group looks out for potential in recording artists and songwriters and develops them, produces songs with and for them, and helps distribute and promote them to their fans all over the world. The universal music group has built a community of entrepreneurs that consists of excellent and outstanding music artists and innovators in a beautifully diverse and inclusive environment.

Overview of the Universal Music internship

The music internship is a six to twelve-month paid program that sets the platform for eligible interns to have access to sit and listen to guest speakers who are seasoned in music and its concept. The interns will have unlimited access to development initiatives that are not handy outside the program. These resources will impact them with the right skills and the necessary knowledge to have a successful musical career in the future.

Furthermore, the group has internship positions in various departments of the organization, from positions for those making the actual music to legal managers, sales assistants, press officers, and a host of other functions within the musical environment. The internship and the company are a judgment-free and favorable environment for all races, sexual orientations, religions, gender, marital status, disability, and all other forms of diversity that make up the human race. Interns with Autism, ADHD, dyslexia, and other neurocognitive variations are welcome to intern so long they exhibit the necessary talents. The program will be at Kings Cross, London, United Kingdom.

List of positions available for the program

Production intern

The production internship is a one-year program where the successful interns will gain real-world working experience at the Mercury Studios of the company. Interns will learn how to produce and distribute award-winning, world-class music content. The universal music group production interns will assist the production team at the Mercury Studios to work on live streaming, digital, and long-form content production and deliver the work that will keep defining the group as the worldwide leader in music content creation.

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Responsibilities as a production intern

As an intern working at the Mercury studio’s production department, you have some specific roles to play, and they are as follows:

Administrative responsibilities

  • Creating and distributing call sheets
  • Help to onboard and set up the new freelance team
  • Updating and creating schedules
  • Gathering information needed to obtain sustainability certification and carbon offsetting for projects
  • Booking travel as needed and keeping a log of journeys and costs
  • Preparing crew engagement forms

Operational duties

  • To Update financial trackers and budget management alongside the production manager, including invoices
  • Managing and updating the current production pipeline document and distributing it to the wider company
  • Submitting expenses and reconciliation of shoot spend
  • Acting as a production assistant on a shoot
  • Point person for freelancers for finance system troubleshooting
  • Assist the product production coordinator with deliverables

Desired qualities

  • Intern must be a creative thinker and have an eye for design
  • Demonstrate the desire to work in content/audio-visual production
  • Possess excellent verbal and written communication skills
  • Clear and creative thinking with attention to details
  • Be hardworking, self-motivated, and organized
  • Show enthusiasm and knowledge of television and content
  • Have a passion for music
  • Show awareness of current affairs, up and coming/established music artists in the UK and abroad.
  • Demonstrate the ability to learn quickly and prioritize responsibilities
  • Be apt at making and maintaining strong working relationships with individuals within different teams internally and externally
  • Preference will be shown to
  1. Those with previous experience working in content
  2. Experience in managing and maintaining small budgets
  3. Know about production systems and processes like recording, editing, and transmission

Finance and Strategy Intern

This position is a full-time internship position that requires the interns to carry out the following responsibilities fully:

  • Interns must participate in working on various strategic projects targeted at understanding the evolution and growth of the music industry in different regions.
  • Help run and build reports and dashboards in the company’s financial reporting system to support ad-hoc analysis.
  • Perform competitive and market analysis.
  • Be part of the research and analysis group to support the finance team in evaluating potential acquisitions, investments, and other strategic growth opportunities.
  • Help the team to build financial models to evaluate investment opportunities.
  • Work on specific projects that are assigned in connection with the team’s goals and strategy
  • Help to prepare discussion materials like internal memorandum and presentation.
  • Give support in the development and maintenance of reporting KPIs
  • Join other local teams to improve processes and facilitate team communication and decisions


  • Excellent presentation and analytical skills
  • Excellent communication and team-building skills
  • Highly self-motivated with the ability to prioritize various projects and company initiatives
  • Demonstrate a high intellectual curiosity, especially about technology and the music/entertainment industry.
  • Strong computer literacy and excellent Excel (or equivalent) skills
  • Relevant professional experience in banking, consulting, corporate development, or a similar field desired

Commercial intern

As a commercial intern at universal music group, you must fulfill these responsibilities:

  • MV Release Schedule – preparation and submission
  • Set up Deals and Terms according to the department’s rules
  • Supply artwork and manage label approvals for all marketing for HMV – ads & graphics
  • Intern must support preparation and submission of weekly consignment pricing file
  • Weekly store visits followed by written in-store summaries
  • Manage pre-order reports
  • Assist SPM with stocks
  • Provide pack shots & sales information to HMV
  • Check that all information is present and correct
  • Have full responsibility for liaising with other labels and setting up all pre-orders on hmv.com
  • Assist the SPM with managing the returns process end-to-end
  • Assist SPM with setup and the execution of all the in-store Pas
  • Show weekly stock-on-hand reporting and report any issues to Production Manager
  • Work with the partner managers to manage the structure and processing of all the Retros and Markdowns
  • Assist the PMs with the returns process end-to-end
  • Use Amazon Vendor Central system to create agreements, co-ops, and for general reporting
  • Manage and oversee all product changes done on Amazon and help with the setup of all pre-orders in line with the account
  • Liaise with key label personnel to collate all essential product & promo information for PMs
  • Setting up and analyzing campaign sales trackers
  • Liaise with the account to resolve any stock or on-site issues daily
  • Carry out campaign reporting and its analysis
  • Monitor new release orders and report back to PM
  • Submit a monthly catalog listing and deletion lists to HMV
  • Prepare weekly wrap-up document to circulate to key label personnel
  • Updating retail marketing documents every week
  • Claim full responsibility for setting up HMV and its payment Record retros and Markdowns.
  • Gather and distribute weekly EPOS Document
  • Manages the weekly EPOS Report for Amazon, tracking against the market
  • Updating the weekly sell-in document
  • Setting up deals on internal systems
  • Assisting manager with ad hoc reporting requirements


  • Hungry, flexible, and organized self-starter eager to provide a flexible approach and work quickly through the day-to-day work lists and meet up with deadlines
  • Be computer literate, with skills in all Microsoft Office products (must be proficient to a good standard in Excel) & Business Objects or similar. Familiarity with Mac OS is also an advantage.
  • Proactive, Curious, self-motivated individual
  • Good communication skills, both written and verbal
  • Good interpersonal skills, confident dealing with people
  • An organized individual with excellent organization and time management skills
  • Prove that you can work as part of a team
  • Desire to learn new technologies, processes, applications

Benefits of the universal music internship

  • Group personal pension scheme (between 3% and 9%)
  • Private health insurance
  • Paid leave
  • Cycle to work scheme
  • Subsidized gym membership
  • Interest-free season ticket loans are available
  • Dental and travel insurance option

How to apply

Interested candidates must log in to universal music’s career website. There are three types of application methods you will see on the website

Firstly, you have the option to autofill with your resume. Your resume must be relevant to the internship opportunity you are applying for. It must also be updated to accommodate your previous and most recent experiences. Follow this guide to learn how you can build a relevant resume.

The second option on the website is to apply manually. Note that you must have a well-written cover letter while applying for your internship program. Your cover letter should highlight your qualities and speak highly of you.

The third application option is for you to use your last application. This option becomes relevant if your last application is similar to this internship opportunity.

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Frequently asked questions about the universal music internships

What qualifies a candidate for the Universal Music Internship Program?

Candidates for the Universal Music Internship Program must be up to 18 years of age, be music inclined, and have all the qualities each department needs

What is the duration of the Universal Music Internship Program?

The Universal Music Internship Program is a one-year paid program.

What are the available internships at the Universal Music Internship Program?

Internships are available in different company departments, just as marketing, digital strategy, production, publicity, content creation, finance, and other departments.


The UK-based music group has provided a platform for music students to shine and take their worlds with all the necessary skills and confidence. Internships are great ways to actualize your career dreams quickly, so candidates who want to ride on the wings of those already successful in the music industry can apply for these internship opportunities.