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The United Nations Foundation is for young people in diverse fields to join hands together and create a lasting impact on a global front. One major thing about the United Nations is that it does not relent in its search for passionate individuals willing to contribute their quota and become change-makers in every mission assigned to them. Interns working at the foundation also enjoy many benefits made available by the foundation. They may even receive an award if they perform exceptionally in the assignments they worked on during their internship period. Additionally, the United Nations Foundation Internship can be a full-time program or a part-time schedule depending on the position you get placed on.

About the United Nations Foundation

The United Nations Foundation was established in 1998 and was headquartered in Washington, DC, United States of America. The foundation is a non-charitable organization established to support all the United Nations causes and advocate for America to offer financial support to the organization. Ted Turner chairs this foundation, and it has partnered with numerous private and international bodies to champion many profitable missions worldwide.

Furthermore, the United Nations Foundation has given more than $1.5 billion to its parent organization, the United Nations, as a grant. It has partnered with the same to provide advocacy, policy, and support for many countries and missions.

About the United Nations Foundation Internship

The United Nations internship program is a safe and inclusive space where interns can work freely toward the organization’s goals and theirs. The foundation has provided a great workplace to accommodate all interns irrespective of their background stories, ethnicity, religion, or race. Diversity, equity, and inclusion have been the watchword of the organization. They believe that achieving these three goals will make it easy to deliver on the promise it made of Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).

More so, there are numerous career benefits and opportunities that an intern at the UN Foundation can bag before they finish the program. The various internships run during the spring, summer, and fall semesters. That is, in March for the summer internship program, July for the Fall internship program, and October for the spring internship program. Those interested in joining the foundation’s internship must be alert on these periods not to miss the announcement, as the announcement comes two months before the program’s kick-off.

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Benefits of the United Nations Foundation internship

Interns at the United Nations Foundation are eligible for various beneficiary packages from organizations like:

  • Health insurance
  • Commuter to work
  • Paid leave includes:
  • Three personal days.
  • Two weeks of sick leave.
  • Four weeks of vacation.
  • Eight weeks of family care leave.
  • On-site gym access discounts through Zeamo
  • Parking expenses

How to apply for the UN Foundation internship

Before your application gets the proper recognition, you must stick to the rules of the application.

  1. Candidates must only apply through the UN Foundation Internship webpage.
  2. Submit your current resume. Here is a way to package your internship resume for it to be among the best and get you a spot in the program
  3. Your application is not complete if you don’t submit a cover letter. Your cover letter speaks volumes about your qualities before you get an interview session. So, ensure you have a compelling cover letter. If you need help, you can learn how to write a cover letter artfully.
  4. Prepare for an interview session. This session is not only for the recruiter to bombard you with questions. It is also an opportunity to ask the recruiters some questions and get clarifications. 

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Frequently asked questions about the United Nations Foundation internship

What should I expect during the interview?

The interview session is an opportunity for the organization to know you more, and you do the same with them. Therefore, it’s a time for you to sell yourself well and hopes for the best. The interview may include assessments and phone conversations with a recruiter or team member. The next stage may consist of a physical interview. However, the interview process depends mainly on the team you will join.

Can a friend who works at the United Nations Foundation refer me?

Yes, they can. Let your friend the People and Culture team on your behalf with your resume and cover letter.

When does the United Nations Foundation host their internship programs?

The UN Foundation runs its internship program in different summer, fall, and spring months.

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In summary, the United Nations Foundation is among the best internship destinations for individuals interested in becoming global change makers. At the foundation, no other eligibility matters except to have a willing spirit and be highly passionate about joining hands to improve the world.