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Are you looking to gain experience and skills in corporate organizations? Then look no further than the Unilever Leadership Internship Program! This comprehensive program offers students a unique opportunity to gain hands-on experience working with one of the world’s leading global companies.

Being an intern in this notable organization will allow you to grow your marketing, strategy, communications, operations, and finance skills. However, you must satisfy the requirements to enjoy all the benefits while interning at Unilever. So take advantage of this guide for a seamless application and hiring process for the Unilever Leadership Internship Program.

Overview of the Unilever Leadership Internship Program

The Unilever Leadership Internship Program has been integral in fostering the development of upcoming leaders worldwide. The program allows interns to explore different career paths and gain insight into Unilever’s over 200 business brands and operations. Through project work, networking events, and professional development activities, interns can build their resumes and gain valuable experience to help them stand out when applying for future jobs.

As an intern at Unilever, you can contribute your skills and knowledge to make things happen for good. At the same time, you will assume numerous roles to build your career path through working directly with senior executives and business leaders. In addition, the Unilever Leadership Internship Program lasts for at least two years and up to four years. Its application is open to all young graduates from all backgrounds with a minimum of a Bachelor’s degree.

However, the Internship vacancies differ across each region, likewise the requirements. You can expect the internship program in the following Unilever business areas:

About Unilever

Unilever is a global consumer goods company headquartered in London and Rotterdam. It produces numerous products, including food, beverages, cleaning agents, personal care items, etc. The company operates in over 190 countries worldwide and employs over 170,000 people.

Unilever’s brands are well-known worldwide, including Dove, Lipton, Axe, Knorr, Hellmann’s, Ben & Jerry’s, and many more. The company focuses on sustainability initiatives such as reducing its operations’ carbon footprint and water usage. It also creates a positive social impact by improving access to clean drinking water and promoting gender equality.

In addition, the company offers various student opportunities to help young people gain experience in the industry. One such is Unilever’s Future Leaders Program, an 18-month global program designed to develop high-potential graduates into future business leaders.

Unilever has been successful in recent years due to its focus on innovation and its commitment to sustainability. It has seen steady growth in revenue since 2015. It is among the biggest companies in the world by market capitalization.

What does Unilever Leadership Internship Program offer?

Successful interns will enjoy the benefits listed below:

  1. You will enjoy a monthly stipend that is competitive with the addition of a yearly performance bonus.
  2. Through mentorship training and constant client engagements, you will improve your organization, communication, and problem-solving skills.
  3. You will have access to robust healthcare facilities and regular medical check-ups with the availability of gym facilities.
  4. Have the privilege of regular leave to maintain a flexible work-life ratio.
  5. You will enjoy relocation support when moving in for the internship program.
  6. You will learn about Unilever’s core values and culture while working on projects directly impacting the business.
  7. Build International experiences working in multi-national teams through virtual global projects or international placements.
  8. You will work on cutting-edge projects, be part of a dynamic team environment and have access to some of the latest technologies and tools used by top tech companies worldwide.

Meanwhile, you can enjoy more benefits during the internship program, which are unavailable in the list above.

Who is eligible for Unilever Leadership Internship Program?

The program is open to all graduates with a minimum of a bachelor’s degree relevant to the internship role. Unilever does not discriminate against sex, race, region, or religion but prioritizes competence and merit.

However, other eligibility criteria will depend on your region and the area of specialization or vacancies available. But having the following requirements will give you an edge over other applicants in the selection process.

  • Excellent academic records
  • Compelling resume and statement of purpose or cover letter
  • Having strong communication and analytical skills
  • Having a professional certificate relevant to the internship role
  • Solid knowledge of information technology or the Internet of Things

How to Apply for the Unilever Leadership Internship Program

The application process for the internship begins by creating a user account and completing the online application form for your desired role using your LinkedIn profile.

Then, you complete a profile assessment by engaging in five short online games that psychologically examine your emotional and social traits. You will receive personalized feedback after completing the games.

If successful, you will proceed to a digital interview. The digital interview will consist of three short questions and a business case. You should expect to solve real-world problems using Unilever scenarios. You’ll be able to record and complete your interview anytime and anywhere.

After your success in the digital interview, you will receive an invite to a virtual ‘day in the life of’ a Future Leader at Unilever. You will experience several exciting activities, including project meetings, business challenges, a team meeting with colleagues, and a one-to-one meeting with your line manager.

Tips to succeed in the Unilever Leadership Internship Program?

 A solid work ethic and willingness to take on challenges to succeed in the Leadership internship program are essential. Here are some tips for success:

  1. Learn all the necessary details about Unilever, its products and services, and its culture. This knowledge will help you understand the expectations of the role and give you an edge in interviews.
  2. Ensure you know what the program entails and how to best prepare for it.
  3. Pay attention to any instructions given before you complete the five short online games.
  4. Ensure you demonstrate your problem-solving skills when providing answers to the questions. Also, answer questions concisely but with enough detail to highlight why you would be an ideal candidate for this internship program.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How much do interns earn in Unilever Leadership Internship Program?

The Unilever Leadership Internship Program provides competitive pay for interns. The amount depends on location and the internship role. For example, a human resources intern in Rotterdam, South Holland, earns about 500 Euro monthly with other bonuses.

What’s the application deadline for Unilever Leadership Internship Program?

The Unilever Leadership Internship Program has a rolling application deadline, meaning applications are accepted continuously. However, applying as early as possible is best, as spots may fill quickly.

Can I apply for multiple roles in the Unilever Leadership Internship Program?

You can apply for multiple roles in the Unilever Leadership Internship Program. However, you should ensure that your skills and experiences align with the requirements of each position. Doing so can demonstrate why you are a strong candidate for the jobs that interest you most.


The Unilever Leadership Internship Program is an opportunity you should take advantage of as a graduate yearning for experience and exposure in a corporate environment. The program offers participants the chance to develop their skills, expand their network, and learn from senior leaders in the company. The program provides an all-around rewarding experience with competitive salaries and benefits. You must read through the application requirements thoroughly before applying.