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Do you seek a chance to gain firsthand experience? If so, consider applying for the UNFPA Internship Program to improve your qualifications and knowledge.

The United Nations Population Fund (UNFPA) offers a number of intern roles to facilitate professional development for students and fresh graduates. Participating in the program will let you gather relevant work experience, hone your skill set, and build meaningful relationships.

This blog post will let you understand everything about UNFPA’s internship program, including its requirements, benefits, and application procedures.

Let’s get rolling.

Overview of UNFPA Internship Program

UNFPA offers an internship program to enable students and fresh graduates to learn more about the agency’s operations. The program complements classroom learning with hands-on experience across various aspects.

6 Things to Note about UNFPA Internship Program

  • There is an application deadline for internships at the United Nations Population Fund.
  • UNFPA hosts internships in multiple locations, including its headquarters in New York, USA, and its branch office in Bangkok, Thailand.
  • Intern roles at UNFPA do not offer financial rewards.
  • Students pursuing their master’s and doctoral degrees, including holders of these degrees, can apply for UNFPA Internship.
  • UNFPA requires valid medical insurance from its interns.
  • There are some remote intern positions available at the United Nations Population Fund.

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Founded in 1969, UNFPA is a specialized agency of the United Nations headquartered in New York, USA. It focuses on enhancing reproductive and maternal health globally.

UNFPA conducts campaigns against child marriage, facilitates access to birth control, and has made vast impacts worldwide. Besides, the United Nations Population Fund supports programs in over 140 countries across four world regions.

Benefits of UNFPA Internship Program

The following are some reasons to intern with the United Nations Population Fund.

  • This internship program offers a unique firsthand experience to interns.
  • Interning with UNFPA will also enable you to improve your skillset and grow your knowledge.
  • You’ll also get to work with a team and in an environment that values diversity.
  • Assuming an intern role at UNFPA will allow you to build a professional network overseas.
  • You will be opportune to work under the supervision of a higher-level staff member.

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The next section entails the requirements for this internship program towards gaining the benefits mentioned above.

Eligibility Criteria for UNFPA Internship Program

To qualify for an intern role with the United Nations Population Fund, you must;

  • Presently be enrolled in a master’s or doctoral degree program. You are also eligible if you recently earned an advanced degree.
  • Be proficient in writing and speaking in English. You’ll get an edge over other applicants in the selection process if you can also communicate in French, Spanish, or Arabic.
  • Have demonstrated interest in the field of development
  • Be able to work with people of diverse cultures and adapt to new environments.

Note that the requirements for UNFPA Internship Programs may vary slightly depending on the intern role. After fulfilling the specific criteria, you can undertake the application process below.

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How to Apply for UNFPA Internship Program

Before expressing interest in any intern role within the organization, log on to UNFPA’s careers website and look for your preferred intern position. Then, click to expand more information on the intern job.

Ensure you fulfill all criteria and follow the instructions noted on the page.

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Frequently Asked Questions about UNFPA Internship Program

Can undergraduate students apply for UNFPA Internship Program?

No, the internship program hosted by the United Nations Population Fund in New York, USA, is not open to undergraduate students across all levels. On the contrary, you must hold a bachelor’s degree to qualify for this internship.

Is UNFPA Internship Program paid?

No, the United Nations Population Fund does not offer any form of remuneration to its interns. Hence, expect no salary for interning with UNFPA.

Does UNFPA Internship Program have an application deadline?

Yes, the latest date to apply for an intern role with the United Nations Population Fund is December 31, 2023.

Can foreigners intern with UNFPA?

Yes, non-US citizens can apply for internships at UNFPA, irrespective of if they are still studying or they recently graduated.

Do I need medical insurance to intern with UNFPA?

Yes, you must hold valid medical insurance to cover you throughout your internship with the United Nations Population Fund. You’ll have to provide a proof before starting your internship with the agency.


Interning with UNFPA is a great feat to your skill set and work experience. It will give you a golden opportunity to progress in your career. Such progression will cost you nothing, providing everything you need to kick-start your career.

So why not take this opportunity now to enhance your employability?