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UNCCD accepts internship applications from graduate students and recent graduates who wish to contribute to the United Nations’ work. The UNCCD aims to be an authority on land degradation and Desertification. As a result, the convention hires knowledgeable people to place the UNCCD as an authority on such global issues. The UNCCD internship includes young people in this program. You can be one of them.
As you read on, you will discover what the UNCCD internship entails – eligibility and requirements.

About the UNCCD Internship

The internship at UNCCCD aims at enlightening beneficiaries about global issues and helping them to understand how the organization works. With a minimum period of two months, and a maximum of six, an intern will learn how the organization works and its contribution towards alleviating global problems.
The UNCCD accepts applications all year round. Interested students can check the website regularly and apply when they find a desirable position. The internship is not paid.
Here are some of the work assignments that interns can apply for:

  • Administration
  • Public Information
  • Management
  • Legal Affairs
  • Regional Coordination
  • Conference Services
  • Reporting
  • Science and Technology
  • Policies


UNCCD is an acronym for the United Nations Convention to Combat Desertification. It was in Nairobi, Kenya, in 1977, that the world became aware of the menace of Desertification. At the UN Conference, people began to understand that various human activities and climate changes could result in Desertification. Such activities are over-cultivation of the land, overgrazing, and general overexploitation of the land. Additionally, climate changes like floods and droughts also affect the quality of the soil. As a result, the ground loses its productivity, and it takes many years to regain.

Given the above, the United Nations agreed to put together a framework to address the problem of Desertification. As a result, the United Nations Convention to Combat Desertification came into being in 1994 to protect lands in grave danger of Desertification and secure them for the future. The UNCCD headquarters is in Bonn, Germany.

Who is eligible for a UNCCD Internship?

If you fall into any or some of the following categories, you are eligible for a UNCCD Internship:

1. Must be enrolled in a graduate program or a final year of a university first-degree program. Recent graduates can apply.

2. Must have impressive English writing and communication skills, as well as skills in digital communication.

3. A student’s working knowledge of any one or more of the official United Nations languages, like Arabic, Russian, Spanish, or Chinese, will also add value to the application.

4. Applicants with zero work experience are eligible for the UNCCD Internship.

5. You must be able to accommodate and interact with people from diverse cultural, religious, and ethnic backgrounds.

Functions of a UNCCD Intern

As a UNCCD Intern, you will become part of a team and work under the supervision of a senior employee. Also, you will carry out the following functions.

1. Assist in managing online communications and activities.

2. Research ways to improve online communications.

3. Manage social media platforms where you will constantly engage the public and provide information.

4. Make the organization’s online posts more interactive by adding images and creative content in user-friendly formats.

5. When the internship ends, you must complete an evaluation questionnaire on your project and submit it to your Supervisor.

Requirements for a UNCCD Internship

There are three things you must submit for your internship application

A Cover Letter

Your cover letter must discuss your skill sets and how they align with the role you will play at UNCCD during your internship. Also, you must state why you want to intern with the UNCCD.

A Resume

A well-written resume will highlight your academic achievements. It should be simple and precise. Remember to include your full name, age, and nationality.

Application form

You can fill out an application for an internship at the UNCCD website. The application is entirely online; you must submit other documents as an attachment. Send the documents by email to [email protected].
For further inquiries, don’t hesitate to get in touch with the Human Resources Department of the UNCCD Secretariat,

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the things I should know about a UNCCD Internship?

Firstly, the internship is unpaid. Therefore, if your main reason for an internship is to gain a stipend, the UNCCD offer is not for you.
Secondly, UNCCD is not responsible for any financial obligation and arrangement owing to visa, accommodation, living expenses, insurance, and other costs. The intern or sponsoring establishment must handle them.
Thirdly, suppose you cannot complete your internship due to illness or other reasons. In that case, you must let the organization know.

What is the duration of a UNCCD Internship?

The internship lasts two months but can stretch to six months on rare occasions.

Are international students eligible for a UNCCD Internship?

International students are eligible for the internship. However, the UNCCD is not responsible for costs arising from the internship, like visa, travel, accommodation, and living expenses.

Can I transition to full employment at UNCCD after my internship?

No. UNCCD does not promise its interns full employment afterward. Furthermore, interns must wait a full six months later before they can apply for full-time jobs at UNCCD.


Although the UNCCD internship does not pay stipends, it is a rare opportunity to contribute your quota toward finding a solution to the menace of drought and Desertification. But that’s all it is – an internship. It is important to emphasize that the UNCCD internship does not guarantee that you will go on to full employment afterward. You will still have to undergo the recruitment process, starting with an application. But at your UNCCD internship, you can learn all you can, meet and network with potential employers, and impact society. Your internship will be worth it if you can unlock your potential.

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