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UNAIDS anticipates a time in the nearest future when HIV/AIDS will outlive its lifespan and disappear from the face of the earth. Because of this, the organization has been working closely with national partners toward meeting its target of a free world in 2030. Therefore, UNAIDS needs expert and capable people who combine the necessary skills for social services. You could be an ideal UNAIDS intern.

If you share UNAIDS’s vision of an HIV/AIDS-free world come 2030, this internship is for you. Join the UNAIDS internship program and help stop the stigmatization of people living with HIV/AIDS. To learn about the internship program, read this article, UNAIDS Internship – Benefits and Requirements.

About the UNAIDS Internship program

UNAIDS is leading the global effort to end AIDS by 2030. This ambition forms part of its Sustainable Development Goals. To achieve this, UNAIDS employs interns for eight weeks to six months, depending on the beneficiaries’ level of academic pursuit. During this period, interns will be at the forefront of the fight against AIDS and discrimination against people living with the virus. The internship is open to undergraduates, recent graduates, and postgraduate students.

What is UNAIDS?

The Joint United Nations Program on HIV and AIDS (UNAIDS) began in July and is a collaboration between 11 United Nations organizations. This union aims to rid the world of HIV/AIDS by 2030. The 11 UN organizations are:

1. UNHCR – United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees

2. UNICEF – United Nations Children’s Fund

3. WFP – World Food Programme

4. UNDP – United Nations Development Programme

5. UNFPA – United Nations Population Fund

6. UNODC – United Nations Office on Drugs and Crime

7. UN Women – United Nations Entity for Gender Equality and the Empowerment of Women

8. ILO – International Labour Organization

9. UNESCO – United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization

10. WHO – World Health Organization

11. World Bank

To achieve this Sustainable Development Goal (SDG), UNAIDS invites internship applications from all eligible candidates.

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What are the Benefits of a UNAIDS Internship?

Interns get the following benefits from UNAIDS.

Firstly, UNAIDS offers an undisclosed amount as a stipend.

Secondly, interns may travel officially to various locations outside their work environments.

Finally, insurance coverage includes medical, accident, and other emergencies.

Eligibility Requirements for a UNAIDS Internship

To be eligible for the Joint United Nations Programme in HIV/AIDS (UNIAIDS) Internship, you must fulfill the following eligibility requirements.

  • Candidates must be at least 20 years of age.
  • Must have completed at least three full years of undergraduate studies and heading toward a fourth year.
  • If candidates are recent graduates, they must be at most twelve months out of school at the start of their internship.
  • Graduates and postgraduates pursuing a program at an acceptable educational institution are eligible.
  • Candidates must be proficient in any of the following languages – English, French, Arabic, Spanish, Chinese, and Russian – depending on where the internship will occur.
  • Applicants must have a valid ID from UNAIDS or its member states
  • The internship is not available to candidates who have previously participated in the program

Other Information about a UNAIDS Internship

  • People living with HIV are welcome to apply
  • Women and candidates from under-represented UNAIDS member states are welcome to apply.

Necessary Skills for a UNAIDS Internship

In addition to the general requirements, a UNAIDS intern must have any or all of the following skills:

1. Must be able to work efficiently in teams

2. Must have strong communication and presentation skills

3. Willingness to learn and apply new knowledge and to improve their performance

4. Effective time management and organizational skills

5. Must always have the goals of the organization in mind and be responsible in using resources and time

How to Apply for a UNAIDS Internship

Application for the UNAIDS internship is entirely online. Visit the UNAIDS internship application page and follow the application procedure.

You can also visit the organization’s website for more information.

Frequently Asked Questions About UNAIDS Internship

Can I list a UNAIDS internship on my resume?

You can list a UNAIDS internship on your resume, no matter the career you plan to pursue. The reason is that a UNAIDS internship is extremely impressive and competitive. Besides, the internship can expose you to advanced administrative advocacy and conflict interventions. These are skills you can lean on later in life.

Are international students eligible for a UNAIDS internship?

Interested applicants from all over the world can apply for this internship program. However, they must hold a valid UNAIDS member state’s passport or ID. Additionally, they must adhere to other rules guiding internships for international students.

Does HIV/AIDS status determine a candidate’s internship at UNAIDS?

No. UNAIDS interns are under no obligation to disclose their HIV status. It means that being HIV positive or negative does not affect the decision of UNAIDS to recruit you for an internship.

What is the duration of a UNAIDS internship?

A UNAIDS internship lasts at least eight weeks and a maximum of six months.

Is UNAIDS a paid internship?

Although a UNAIDS internship attracts a stipend, there is no indication of how much the pay is. However, the organization offers salaries to reduce the living expenses of interns.


As UNAIDS struggles to contain and combat the deadly HIV/AIDS virus, you have an enviable role as a UNAIDS intern. You will write your name on the sands of time as one who helped make the world healthier. What a noble cause! Doing this will give you more than a stipend, an opportunity to tour the world, and health insurance coverage. You will gain skills and experiences for life too. From any angle you consider a UNAIDS internship, it is a win-win situation. So take a deep breath, and take the plunge. It’s time to save the world.