Uestc scholarships application

UESTC Scholarships: Application, Eligibility & Value

If you’ve ever wished to study abroad without breaking the bank, you should check out the UESTC scholarships. The UESTC scholarships bring all the winners to China to experience top-notch academic programs and quality of life in general. Students eager to explore this opportunity can select from the different scholarships going on in the school. However, the scholarship, among other criteria, focuses on really intelligent students who demonstrate enviable qualities within and outside the classrooms. So, if you qualify and gain the scholarship, adhere to the University’s rules and regulations to maintain your scholarship till the end of your academic journey in the school.


UESTC is short for the University of Electronic Science and Technology of China. It is an institution that was established in 1956 to be the electronic division of three other universities. Currently, the university is now standing on its own as a public research university centering on electronic science and technology, engineering, management, liberal art, and medicine. The University of Electronic Science and Technology of China (UESTC) has a total student population of 40,000. That is 23,000 undergraduate students and 15,000 postgraduate students. The school has four campuses to accommodate all students in different courses. The campuses are located at Jiulid, Qingshuihe, Shahe, and Yongning.

Scholarships at the University of Electronic Science and Technology of China (UESTC)

Category B: Chinese Government Scholarship- Chinese University Program

Category B of the Chinese government scholarship benefits only graduate students studying in selected Chinese universities. These Chinese universities must admit highly brilliant international students from all countries for graduate programs. Students registering for the program in their selected Chinese university will decide if they want their program to be lectured in Chinese or English. Students who registered for Chinese-taught programs must show their Chinese language proficiency certificate (HSK). Undergraduates or general study students in Chinese-taught programs must be able to achieve HSK Level III or higher. Postgraduates who registered for Chinese-taught programs must achieve HSK Level IV and above. More so, candidates who registered for English-taught programs must provide their English language proficiency test results. Like IELTS or TOEFL.

University Scholarship- The Belt and Road Initiative Scholarship

The scholarship is meant for academically excellent students pursuing their master’s and Ph.D. programs in UEST of China. The applicants must be from countries other than China and be admitted into UESTC. Also, candidates who are not willing to live and abide by Chinese law and UESTC regulations should not bother applying. Furthermore, this scholarship covers full tuition fees, accommodation, medical insurance, and a monthly stipend of 1500 RMB per month. The scholarship expires after the stipulated time frame. It stays for two years for master’s degree students and lasts for three years for Ph.D. students.

Chengu Sister City Scholarship

The scholarship began to exist in 2014 by the Chinese government. It was meant to solidify and advance the exchange between Chengu city and its international sisters. Candidates come to study and gain a diploma, a degree, or even a non-degree certificate from UESTC or any other eligible university. Graduate students can also benefit and enjoy the full benefits from the Chengu scholarship.

Scholarship Benefits

  • The category B Chinese government scholarship is a fully funded scholarship that covers the winner’s education and learning of the Chinese language, which is stated in the admission letter.
  • Also, the scholarship provides accommodation subsidy or free hostel stay.
  • Monthly stipends ( 2,500 Chinese Yen monthly for undergraduates, 3,000 Chinese Yen monthly for master’s students, and 3,500 Chinese Yen monthly for doctoral students)
  • Medical insurance of 800 CNY every year for each candidate

Applicable Courses

  • Electronic science and technology
  • Engineering
  • Management science
  • Liberal art
  • Medicine

Eligibility Criteria

  • Applicant must be from any other country but not from China
  • Must be in perfect health
  • Bachelor’s degree holders who are applying for master’s programs must be under the age of 35 years.
  • Have an excellent academic background in all levels
  • Candidates applying for the doctoral degree must not be over 40 years old
  • Meet your selected school’s admission requirement down to the preferred language proficiency.

Fees & Funding

Where is UESTC located?

UESTC, which stands for the University of Electronic Science and Technology of China, is located in Chengu, Sichuan, China. Aside from that, it has campuses in different parts of China. It is one of the outstanding universities in China but welcomes international students with warm hearts.

Are the scholarships at the UESTC international student friendly?

Most scholarships in the university go as far as excluding Chinese students to create more space for international students to apply. This kind of scholarship includes the Chinese Government Scholarship. Also, it benefits international students from different academic levels in the university.

Is electronics a science subject?

You can categorize it among science subjects because of its foundation. Other disciples who are seen as pure or ordinary science mostly have their roots in electronics.

What type of Engineering is considered best?

Many Engineering courses are excellent. Preferences come in due to personal and individual convictions. However, many people consider these engineering courses great

  • Biotech engineering
  • Aeronautical engineering
  • Electrical and electronics engineering
  • Computer science engineering
  • Mechanical engineering

Application Procedure

Send your application directly to UESTC between December 1 to march 1