Top Five (5) Ucla Internships for High School Students

Top Five (5) Ucla Internships for High School Students

UCLA Internships for High School Students allow high schoolers to develop their interests and learn more about college and careers. There is an increasing demand for students to earn more college credit with summer programs. With several incredible options available, these Ucla High School Internships suit those committed to enriching their summer. 

High school Interns can use the opportunity to pick an area of interest without the distraction of other schoolwork or school drama. In addition, this blog post will give you an overview of the requirements, benefits, and further details of the UCLA Internships for High School Students.

Overview of Ucla Internships for High School Students

UCLA Internships for High School Students is a program whereby students will get an inside look into an industry they couldn’t get in a traditional class setting. As a high school student intern, you’ll get hard-to-find resources in preparation for college admissions, such as specialized learning communities or even scholarships. 

You will also intern at a top public university in a city full of culture, innovation, and adventure. Additionally, interns will get to network with current UCLA students and get an insight into what it’s like to get in and attend. 

However, before you can experience all these, you must commit to personal growth, which could be the springboard for a strong college essay. 

List of Ucla High School Internships

Across the summer, internships are offered to high school students that want to balance work and family obligations while pursuing their interests. Depending on the company, these programs can last an average of two to three weeks. This Ucla High School internship is online and offline, as it involves the best hands from start to finish. 

Ucla High School Internships help lagging students catch up with their mates. Here are the top five Ucla Internships for High School Students:

#1. Applications of Nanoscience Summer Institute

The Nanoscience program is part of Ucla High School Internships that allow students to experiment with some critical applications of nanoscience while also reviewing the basics of scientific literature. The two weeks program will enable students with a strong background in chemistry to learn about diverse topics in nanoscience, including bio-toxicity, supercapacitors, and photolithography. It’ll also allow students to explore similar investigations by the scientific community. 

#2. Acting and Performance Summer Institute

Interestingly, the three-week intensive program is one of Ucla High School Internships for theatre art students with great creativity. Applicants who want proper discipline and training to participate in a career in performing arts can apply for this internship. Successful high school students can take performance training classes, learn movement-based techniques, and excel in a final performance project.

#3. Camera Acting Summer Institute

Camera Acting Summer Institute is one of the highly sought-after UCLA Internships for High School Students. The two-week intensive program aims to allow successful candidates to eventually communicate with the camera and attend workshops and field trips to different movie screenings close to them. Eligible applicants should be a student in performing arts that can use voice, storytelling besides on-camera acting.

#4. Engineering Design Summer Institute

Engineering Design Summer Institute is among the most exciting UCLA High School Internships. Applicants must be willing to work in teams with other students on engineering design projects, short reports presentations, and descriptions of team results. You will also learn about aerospace, mechanical, electrical, or chemical engineering

Successful candidates will learn more about engineering design for three weeks. 

#5. Economics Summer Institute

Economics Summer Institute is a highly sought-after UCLA High School Internship for those who want to explore career options in economics. The 3-weeks program will give you a critical knowledge of economic issues and how they affect the world. Eligible applicants should be willing to learn about the analysis of monetary policies while concurrently building data analysis skills. 

UCLA aims to provide students with the opportunity to increase their thinking abilities to offer solutions to economic problems. 

Eligibility Criteria for Ucla Internships for High School Students

You must meet a few essential standards to be eligible for the exciting UCLA High School Internships. Ultimately, getting the following eligibility criteria to succeed would be best.

  • Applicants should be enrolled in grades 8th – 12th during spring 2023.
  • Also, it would help to possess a strong science foundation in chemistry, physics, and biology.
  • Applicants should have an appetite for success.
  • Additionally, it would help if you are 14 or older by June 22, 2023, and 14-17 years of age at participation.

Requirements for Ucla High School Internships

The UCLA Internships for High School Students requirements include the following:

  • You should produce two short essays that range from 150 words to 250 words. It should state what interests you about the program.
  • Presenting a letter of reference from a high school instructor authenticating your ability to participate in a disciplined and rigorous theatre program successfully
  • You are uploading four samples of your original and recent artwork in JPEG format. It should have a width greater than 500 pixels length lesser than 1024 pixels at 72 dpi.
  • Submitting a unique resume or a brief description of your theatrical and artistic experience
  • Applicants should record a video of a 1- 1½ minute monologue or improvised scene.

Please note that you don’t need to apply if you don’t meet the requirements. You can consider other high school student internships, such as Summer Medical Internships for High School Students.

How to Apply for Ucla High School Internships

Applying for the UCLA Internships for High School Students is straightforward. It would help if you did so after accessing the university’s website. You’ll submit your essay on their website after getting your instructor permit. The next step is finishing the online registration form by answering all the questions in the two sections. If your application is successful, there’ll be a mail from the program instructor. Then you will pay a non-refundable deposit for the program. Please note that you’ll need your Resume and reference letter in PDF format while applying.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can high school students take classes at UCLA?

High school students who feel confident completing the coursework can apply to UCLA. 

What does UCLA look for in high school students?

Ucla looks for high school students with leadership ability, character, motivation, tenacity, initiative, originality, and creativity. 

What is the medical summer program for high school students at UCLA?

UCLA has implemented a 5-week medical intensive summer program called PREP for high school students. It aims to give premedical students the chance to enhance their ability and readiness to study medicine.

Why choose summer school for Ucla High School Internships?

By choosing summer school, you’ll catch up with the knowledge you haven’t possessed while learning something new. You’ll also get to understand and increase your knowledge base on specific subjects.


The UCLA Internships for High School Students is improving the educational system and helping students improve their academics. As you consider taking an internship at the university, remember that it’s not free but worth every penny due to the level of knowledge you’ll gain. 

With a commitment to knowledge and training, you will expand your knowledge base on different subjects.

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