Best Four (4) Tvet Internships

Best Four (4) Tvet Internships

Are you ready to build your confidence in the Technical and Vocational sector? Tvet Internships allow young Africans who have completed their N6 in Business Studies and Engineering Studies to further their education and get practical skills relevant to the job market. With several incredible options available, these Tvet Internships are suitable for those who want to find ways to practice their academic skills and knowledge previously acquired. 

Interns can use the opportunity to gain valuable work experience by improving their coping skills to deal with negative attitudes in the sector. In addition, this blog post will furnish you with an overview of the Tvet Internships, benefits, and other details of the Tvet Internships.

Overview of Tvet Internships

Tvet Internships is a program whereby ambitious young African graduates can become part of the technical and vocational training journey to help address any skills gaps across Africa’s job market. As an intern, you’ll get involved in practical learning in science and technology. 

You will also play a massive role in building knowledge and skills related to occupations in various economic and social sectors. Additionally, interns who have finished their internship successfully will possess highly in-demand technical skills and qualifications. Thus, they can fulfill their career potential and apply for the role of their dreams.

The Tvet Internships 2023 will positively affect your future and become part of your journey to meet the specific needs of the African job market. It’ll also help to offer a more practical, hands-on approach to learning that can be particularly appealing to graduates. Finally, this type of experience can be a valuable complement to traditional academic knowledge.

List of Tvet Internships

This Tvet Internship offers the chance to acquire new skills to face real-life situations. Depending on the department you’re applying to, these programs can last an average of three to eighteen months. 

Most Tvet Internships offer monthly stipends to interns and are first student contact with the labor market. In addition, during the internships, interns will have access to digital content, a workplace coach, a mentor, learning partners, guardian managers, and people cultures.

Here are the top four Tvet Internships:


Innovation in Non-Traditional Vocational Education & Skills Training Internship Program is part of Tvet Internships that support female graduates in TVET institutions and Technical Universities. The Paid internship allows qualified female TVET graduates to gain valuable work experience relevant to the job market. The INVEST Project aims to provide expertise in any specified TVET discipline. These include Automotive Mechanics, Solar Installation, Computer Hardware Systems, Computer Network Programming, Mechanical Engineering, etc. Applicants must know that there is no provision for accommodation.

#2. TVET Managed People Solutions Internship

Interestingly, TVET Managed People Solutions Internship is a technical Internships 2023 created by Managed People Solutions. Applicants looking to complete their 18-month workplace experience program to apply for N6 Diploma can apply for this internship. It also suits young, unemployed, and ambitious TVET students seeking workplace experience.

Successful candidates can work on real-world projects and gain hands-on experience in their chosen field for 18 months. You’ll need your N6 TVET Certificate to apply.

#3. Capricorn TVET College Internship Programme for Unemployed Young South Africans 2023

Capricorn TVET College Internship Programme for Unemployed Young South Africans 2023 is one of the highly sought-after Tvet Internships 2023. The experiential training is designed to develop student’s skills and confidence to succeed in their careers. Eligible applicants should have completed their N6 in Business Studies and Engineering Studies. Engineering Students will intern for 24 months, while Business students will intern for 18 months. They’ll get monthly stipends of R5 200.00 and R5 100.00, respectively.

#4. Network and Research Intern

Network and Research Intern is one of the exciting Tvet Internships by UNESCO-UNEVOC International Centre for Technical and Vocational Education and Training (TVET). Applicants must be in an Advance stage of university studies in a relevant discipline. Additionally, you should be able to draft research papers on TVET-related topics as needed. 

Successful candidates will gain valuable insights into UNEVOC activities, such as seminars, workshops, and conferences in the Arab States region. 

Eligibility Criteria for Tvet Internships

You must meet a few essential standards to be eligible for the exciting Tvet Internships. Ultimately, getting the following eligibility criteria to succeed would be best.

  • Applicants should be a graduate of a TVET institution or a Technical University.
  • Also, it would help to be a female between 18 years – 35 years
  • Applicants should demonstrate leadership skills, good interpersonal and communication skills.
  • Additionally, it would help if the candidates were willing to learn and committed to delivering results.
  • Applicants should have a passionate interest in pursuing a career in a TVET field, particularly in a male-dominated trade
  • Finally, applicants should be able to commit to an internship for at least three months.

Benefits of Tvet Internships

The Tvet Internships benefits include the following:

  • Interns will be able to build their confidence and improve their coping skills to deal with stereotypes about and negative attitudes towards women in the TVET sector
  • Successful candidates will get a Monthly stipend 
  • Interns will get Capacity Building Workshop on Applied Skills Training, Health and Safety (HSE), and Anti-Sexual Harassment Training
  • Interns will get the chance to undergo an orientation program
  • Tvet Internships will give you the opportunity of gaining practical and hands-on skills training under dedicated Supervisors
  • Lastly, you’ll get support services to provide guidance and counseling, track intern progress, and ensure issues are quickly addressed.

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How to Apply for Tvet Internships

Applying for the Tvet Internships is straightforward, and you should do so after accessing the company’s website. On their website, you’ll check the internship descriptions, minimum requirements, benefits, and application methods. If your application is accepted, you’ll get a mail or call from the hiring manager. 

The application process usually starts in October. Subsequently, prospective interns should prepare for a short interview. Please note that you should look into the general big four (4) interview questions to prepare for it.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do Tvet Companies assist with furthering my studies?

As an intern, Tvet Companies will not assist with furthering your studies. After gaining full employment, you can apply for a scholarship to continue studying. 

Does an intern automatically get offered a permanent position after completing the Internship program?

If you want a permanent role, you must follow the recruitment process and apply for a permanent position through the company’s website. There is no automatic employment after undergoing Tvet Internships 2023. 

Can recent graduates apply for Tvet Internships?

Recent graduates can apply as long as they’re between 18-35 and can apply for any of their Internship programs.

What can I expect as a salary?

A TVET intern won’t get a salary. Instead, there’s a monthly stipend. It’ll allow you to travel to and from the workplace or training institution. The intern will also be entitled to Workplace Accident Insurance to cover injuries suffered at work.


The Tvet Internships provide career support and growth for those in the Tvet Sector. As you consider taking an internship in the technical sector, remember to research the company, apply fast, and check the requirements during the application process. 

It’s the right step to building a successful career and taking control of your career as an engineer. You can have a fantastic learning and growing experience while interning with expert engineers in the technical environment.

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