Tufts university scholarships

Guide in Applying for Tufts University Scholarships

Tufts University scholarships are composed of financial aid that covers 100% of every eligible student’s financial need, regardless of which country’s citizenship they possess. The university also allows its students to access two types of merit-based scholarships, such as the National Merit Scholarship and the ROTC Scholarships. These scholarships determine their recipients based on students’ academic performance.

  • National Merit Scholarship

Tufts University students can get this scholarship from within the institution, directly from the National Merit Scholarship Corporation (NMSC), or from a corporate sponsor. The scholarship is open to National Merit finalists, and it offers $500 every semester to each awardee for eight semesters.

  • ROTC Scholarships

This merit-based scholarship is accessible to Tufts University students. As such, you can use Air Force, Navy, or Army ROTC scholarships to partially or fully fund your education at Tufts University for up to four academic sessions. Students can get involved in Reserve Officers’ Training Corps through the units at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology.

Who Sponsors Tufts University Scholarships?

Tufts University provides 100% of the funds received by scholarship awardees every academic year without receipt of any financial donation.

Overview of Tufts University in the United States

Established by Christian universalists in 1852, Tufts University is a private research and higher learning institute located in Medford and Somerville, Massachusetts, USA. Its campus area is 150 acres and is home to about 12,000 undergraduate and graduate students. The university is well-known for many things, such as being a Research I university, cooperating with other countries, and its study abroad programs.

Scholarship Benefits

How Much are Tufts University Scholarships Worth?

The scholarships open to Tufts University students vary in value, with the funding capability to cover students’ annual tuition fees.

How Many Students Receive Tufts University Scholarships?

Tufts University awards scholarships every academic session to only a few students based on their financial needs and academic standing.

Are Tufts University Scholarships Fully or Partially Funded Scholarships?

Tufts University simultaneously offers partial and full scholarships to subsidize tuition fees for students experiencing financial hardship and those with excellent academic achievements.

Duration of Tufts University Scholarships

The tenability period of Tufts University scholarships is either for eight semesters or until each recipient graduates from a four-year bachelor’s degree or five-year combined degree program.

Applicable Courses

Are Tufts University Scholarships Field-Specific?

No, the institutional scholarships awarded at Tufts University do not restrict applicants’ and awardees’ enrollment to certain fields. That makes them open to students across the following fields.

  • Natural Sciences
  • Mathematics
  • Humanities
  • Social Sciences
  • Foreign Language
  • Arts
  • Interdisciplinary Programs
  • Engineering
  • Health

Can Undergraduate Students Apply for Tufts University Scholarships?

Yes, US and international students currently at the undergraduate level can express interest and receive various scholarships at Tufts University.

Eligibility Criteria

Requirements for Tufts University Scholarships

To be eligible for Tufts University scholarships, you must meet the following criteria.

  • Have enrollment at Tufts University
  • Be able to prove your financial need
  • Possess top-notch academic achievements
  • Be involved in extracurricular activities

Fees & Funding

Is Tufts University hard to get into?

Yes, getting admission into Tufts University is very hard, as its rate of accepting new students into its academic programs every academic session is 16%. That means the university is highly selective by admitting less than 20 students out of every 100 admissions applicants.

Does Tufts University offer scholarships for international students?

Yes, Tufts University offers a range of scholarships to help international students pay a portion of their yearly tuition fees.

Can I use ROTC scholarships at Tufts University?

Yes, you can use an ROTC scholarship against your tuition fees at Tufts University. The scholarships either cover part or the full program’s cost per academic year.

Does Tufts University give merit-based scholarships?

Of course, Tufts University has some merit scholarships open to students distinguished by their academic achievements.

Are need-based scholarships available to Tufts University students?

Yes, Tufts University students can benefit from need-based scholarships, provided they satisfy its requirements.

Application Procedure

How to Apply for Tufts University Scholarships

To understand the application process for these scholarships more clearly, contact Tufts University Student Services by calling +1 (617) 627-2000 or emailing [email protected].

You can also click the Apply Now button below to see Tufts University scholarships’ webpage for more official information.