Trinity washington university scholarships

Trinity Washington University Scholarships: Value & Benefits

Trinity Washington University scholarships, in general, includes numerous scholarships for students from different countries and backgrounds. It also comprises merit-based scholarships disbursed automatically every academic year to support international students financially.

Scholarships to Study at Trinity Washington University, USA

The following are different scholarship opportunities open to Trinity Washington University students.

Trinity Washington University Scholarships for Adult Students

  • Asian & Pacific Islander American Scholarship Fund for students with a GPA of at least 2.7 GPA
  • Jeannette Rankin Women’s Scholarship Fund for women earning lowly and aware of how getting higher education would be beneficial to them and their community
  • Global Lift Equipment Scholarship
  • United Negro College Fund Scholarships, covering tuition fees and book costs for students from low-income families
  • Thurgood Marshall College Fund Scholarships
  • African American Scholarships
  • Lifestyle Dentistry Scholarship
  • Actuarial Diversity Scholarship for students not belonging to major ethnic groups who are pursuing a degree to enable them to start a career in the actuarial field
  • Business and Professional Women’s Foundation Scholarships for regularly-employed women
  • CIA Undergraduate Scholarship Program, especially for students with disabilities and those from minority ethnic groups
  • Back to College Financial Aid for adults intending to continue to school after stopping for a while
  • Hispanic Scholarship Fund
  • Akash Kuruvilla Memorial Scholarship Fund for students who stand out academically and in integrity, leadership, and diverseness
  • Margaret McNamara Education Grants for women aged at least 25 years old and learning for an undergraduate or graduate degree towards improving the lives of women and children
  • Automotive Hall of Fame Scholarship for students interested in pursuing a career in an automotive-related field
  • National Institute of Health (NIH) Undergraduate Scholarship for students with poor backgrounds intending to undertake a research project in science and health-related fields
  • Tylenol Scholarship for students with good academic standing and leadership potential pursuing a degree to commence their healthcare career
  • Dell Scholars Program for students able to surmount obstacles and attain their objectives
  • PMI Educational Foundation Scholarships for students enrolled in project management or any related field
  • Bill Walsh American Copy Editors Society Scholarship for junior, senior, and graduate students ready for an internship or to begin a full-time content editing job

Trinity Washington University Scholarships for Students in the College of Arts and Sciences

  • Girl Scouts and Troop Leaders Scholarship for various students who participated in Girl Scouting
  • Trinity Alumni Scholarship for students newly admitted to Trinity’s College of Arts and Sciences and indicating the name of the university’s alumnus on their admissions application as their family member
  • Conway Nursing Scholarship for incoming students in Trinity’s College of Arts and Sciences hoping to start a nursing program
  • The Trinity Leadership Award for students entering Trinity’s College of Arts and Sciences from high school

Trinity Washington University Scholarships for Students in School of Professional Studies

  • Girl Scout Troop Leader Scholarship for female troop leaders enrolled in an undergraduate program at Trinity’s School of Professional Studies
  • Early Childhood Education Scholarship for students working in an educational institution or childcare centre based in the District of Columbia
  • Women in Housing Finance Scholarship for students who need financial assistance to obtain a business degree in Trinity’s School of Professional Studies
  • American Association of University Women (AAUW) Scholarship for transfer students living in northern Virginia and the District of Columbia

Who Sponsors Trinity Washington University Scholarships?

Trinity Washington University scholarships have many sponsors, not limited to the list below but including them.

  • The northern Virginia chapter of the American Association of University Women
  • The Association of Women in Housing Finance

Overview of Trinity Washington University

Trinity Washington University is a private Catholic higher education institution founded as Trinity College in 1897 and located in Washington, DC, USA. Its campus is home to over 1,800 undergraduate and graduate students. While only females can attend its undergraduate College of Arts and Sciences, men can enrol in other Trinity Washington University schools, regardless of their study level. Over 50% of its student body are residents of the District of Columbia. Besides, Trinity Washington University was the first Catholic liberal arts college that enrolled only women in the United States.

Scholarship Benefits

How Much are Trinity Washington University Scholarships Worth?

The scholarships available to Trinity Washington University students vary in award values, of which some include the following.

  • Trinity Alumni Scholarship: One-time award of $2,000
  • Lifestyle Dentistry Scholarship: $500
  • Trinity Leadership Award: Range from $8,000 to $15,000 per academic session
  • Girl Scouts and Troop Leaders Scholarship: $5,000 for Gold Award Scouts, $4,000 for Silver Award Scouts, and $3,000 for Girl Scouts Scholarship
  • Conway Nursing Scholarship: $10,000 per academic year
  • Global Lift Equipment Scholarship: $500
  • Girl Scout Troop Leader Scholarship: One-time aid of $1,000

How Many Students Receive Trinity Washington University Scholarships?

Many students end up with reduced tuition fees per academic year at Trinity Washington University by receiving scholarships upon automatic consideration or filling out the FAFSA form.

Are Trinity Washington University Scholarships Fully or Partially Funded Scholarships?

The scholarships paid out to Trinity Washington University students include partially funded scholarships that will likely only cover part of your tuition during the academic year.

Duration of Trinity Washington University Scholarships

Trinity Washington University scholarships are typically tenable to cover each awardee for two semesters, which is proportional to one academic session.

Applicable Courses

Are Trinity Washington University Scholarships Field-Specific?

No, the eligibility for Trinity Washington University scholarships covers a wide range of fields, as indicated below.

  • Elementary Education
  • Community Education
  • Environmental Justice
  • Business Administration
  • Religious Studies and Theology
  • Women’s Studies
  • Africana Studies
  • Communication
  • Art History
  • Health Services
  • Criminal Justice
  • Mathematics
  • Education
  • Data Analytics
  • Chemistry/Biochemistry
  • Medical Sociology
  • Biology
  • Political Science
  • Fine Arts
  • Economics
  • Psychology
  • Language and Cultural Studies
  • English
  • History
  • Sociology
  • Bioinformatics
  • Forensic Psychology
  • Philosophy
  • International Affairs

Can Undergraduate Students Apply for Trinity Washington University Scholarships?

Yes, undergraduate students of various races and ethnicity can get scholarships every academic year at Trinity Washington University. International undergraduate students do not need to apply for Trinity’s merit-based scholarships.

Eligibility Criteria

Requirements for Trinity Washington University Scholarships

Even though you will have to prioritize the requirements for the specific scholarship you wish to get at Trinity Washington University, the following are the general eligibility criteria for all students looking forward to getting financial aid.

  • Appropriate enrollment at Trinity Washington University, depending on the specific scholarship.
  • Good academic records
  • Excellence in leadership (if applicable)
  • Community service (if applicable)

Fees & Funding

Is Trinity Washington University a good school?

Of course, Trinity Washington University is a good higher educational institute with many resources and facilities available to facilitate learning.

Is Trinity Washington University hard to get into?

No. With an acceptance rate of 96%, domestic and international students can easily get admission into their choice of undergraduate or graduate program at Trinity Washington University.

Does Trinity Washington University offer scholarships for international students?

Yes, Trinity Washington University offers various scholarships based on the academic achievements of students who are neither US citizens nor permanent residents.

Are Trinity Washington University scholarships easy to get?

No, the merit scholarships awarded at Trinity Washington University are challenging to get, as they are highly competitive based on admissions applicants’ high school GPA.

Application Procedure

How to Apply for Trinity Washington University Scholarships

International students often have to compete for merit-based scholarships at Trinity Washington University. For consideration of these scholarships, you only need to apply for admission, and the university will decide whether to grant the scholarship when giving admissions. That means Trinity Washington University automatically awards merit scholarships to students without expecting admissions applicants to apply afresh for them.