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Participating in the Transnet internships is an ideal way to gain hands-on experience in a thriving port, rail, and pipeline company in South Africa.

This article will provide information on the benefits of interning in the organization, the roles and responsibilities of interns, the field of study that can apply, eligibility criteria, documents needed, and how to apply for the internship position.

About Transnet

Transnet is one of the largest South African port, rail, and pipeline companies. It was formed as a limited company in April 1990 and had its headquarters in Carlton Centre in Johannesburg.

A large percentage of the company belongs to the Department of Public Enterprises of the South African government. The company was initially formed through the restructuring into business units of the operations of South African harbors and railways and other existing products and processes.

Overview of Transnet Internships

The Transnet Internship is available for unemployed graduates who meet the criteria and requirements for the internship. The opportunity aims to provide a platform where enthusiastic, young, and vibrant graduates (between 18 and 35) gain valuable experience in its 12 months internship program.

You will gain meaningful work skills through the internship to complement your studies. The training is available for all graduates of registered institutions and departments of higher education, i.e., universities of technology, universities, and TVET Colleges.

Field of study eligible to apply for the Transnet internships

You are eligible for the Transnet Internship if you study any of the following courses in the institution.

  • Engineering (civil, mechanical, electrical, industrial, mechatronics, chemical)
  • Computer science
  • Advertisement
  • Quantity Surveying
  • Town and regional planning
  • Logistics management
  • Statistics
  • ICT/Security systems/Programming/Cyber security
  • Information sciences
  • Information systems and programming
  • Media studies
  • Journalism
  • Communications
  • Digital Marketing
  • Graphic design
  • Language specialist, CSI
  • Data Science
  • LLB (Law)
  • Logistics
  • Labour Law
  • Environment Health & Safety management
  • Business management
  • Marketing
  • Economics
  • Real estate
  • Operations management
  • Management Accounting
  • Risk Management
  • Marine management
  • Internal audit
  • Human resources management
  • Procurement/Supply Chain

Roles and responsibilities of Transnet interns

As a Transnet intern, you must oversee the following roles and responsibilities in the organization.

  • Assist with effectively running and operating the internal audit, planning functions from monitoring delivery, producing the annual plan, and producing regular management reports.
  • Work with the audit teams to conduct and perform an audit assignment as specified in a scoping letter.
  • Carry out the required documenting systems, audit tests, and steps, prepare working papers to support findings, and test controls.
  • Participate in necessary working groups as a representative of Internal Audit and contribute to developing robust systems of control within the organization.
  • Review various submissions to the Transnet employees for relevancy, accuracy, and completeness before presenting documents for approval by the general manager.

Requirements for Internships at Transnet

Below is a list of requirements and criteria to be settled to be eligible for the Transnet Internship

  • Have an NQF level 7 or Bachelor’s degree in the field of study suitable for the internship opportunity.
  • Must be a citizen of South Africa
  • Be available for the entire program, about six to twelve months.
  • Not be more than 35 years.
  • Not less than 18 years of age
  • Able to work under pressure and meet deadlines
  • A personality that thrives on creativity
  • Willingness and ability to learn new skills, new processes, and relevant technology.
  • Have a proactive thinking ability and decision-making.
  • General knowledge of Microsoft word office
  • Business and accounting process fundamentals

General Competencies

To apply for the Transnet Internship, the following are the competencies and skills that are necessary for the application process:

  • You must be a person of integrity
  • Be a team player and demonstrate excellent interpersonal skills
  • Strong managerial skills, including developing, motivating, coaching, and leading team
  • Demonstrated high ethical standards
  • Competent and organized
  • Excellent communication skills
  • Ability to work in a team-modulated and collaborative environment.
  • Time management, interpersonal skills, and attention to detail.

Documents requirements for the Transnet Internship

To successfully apply for The Transnet Internship, you must prepare the document given below

Cover letter

  • Prepare an excellent cover letter specifically tailored to your application at Transnet. Make sure that the letter pinpoints your desire for the internship opportunity, why it is essential to your career development, and how you aim to contribute positively to the overall growth and goals of the organization.


  • Have your resume prepared and ready for your application at Transnet. You must take the time to arrange your resume and update it for the internship application.

Recommendation letter

  • Get at least two recommendation letters from professionals who can recommend you for the Transnet Internship. Ensure that your reference gives your employees a reason to employ you.

How to apply for the Transnet Internship program

The following is a discussion on the stepwise guide to assist you in the application for the Transnet Internship.

Step one: Check the Transnet apply button

The first step to applying for The Transnet Internship program is to get to their webpage. You can click here to get to the official website of Transnet.

Step two: Check the available internship openings

Once on their website, navigate the Transnet career section and open the notification. There, you can go through the available internship positions in the organization.

Step three: Select an internship of interest

You must select a befitted internship of interest that fits into your career aims and objective. Note that your chosen internship program must align with the qualifications of which you study in the institution.

Step four: Download the internship application form

After selecting an internship position from the website, you must obtain the internship application form online and fill in the form with all required fields and information. Make sure to attach your supporting documents to your application.

Step five: Submit your application

Finally, once all activities are completed and documents are ready, you can upload your application to the Transnet Career alongside the required document.

Step six: Await a response

Upon completing your application, you will receive confirmation of the successful submission. After the screening and necessary selection process, you may receive an interview invitation from the organization.

FAQ on Transnet Internships

Does Transnet offer stipends?

A stipend or allowance is often available for the duration of the internship. The program will help you maximally utilize your potential and your ideally scrutinized plan to provide you with a bright future that makes a difference.

What work is done at Transnet?

The following are some of the vital work that is done at Transnet

  • Core to the business
  • Transnet Engineering researches
  • Designs
  • Manufacturers
  • Supplies and maintains locomotives
  • Also, Wagons and coaches in Africa and the rest of the world.

Which service is Transnet offering?

Transnet is the custodian of rail, port, and pipelines. Its objective is to ensure a worldwide competitive freight system that enables sustained diversification and growth of the country’s economy.

Which Transnet job pays the most?

The average Transnet monthly salary ranges from approximately R 4 383 for Call Center Representative to R 34 019 monthly for Electrician. However, the Transnet average wage ranges from R 98 937 annually for Fitter to R 400 000 for an Engineer.

Do South African companies hire foreigners?

Yes, South African companies do hire foreigners. However, the illegal employment of foreigners is not allowed. So if you are a foreign national with a work permit, you can go to South Africa for work. Also, if your work permit expires while employed, you are still an employer (as specified by the LRA).


With the information in this prose, you can apply for the Transnet internships to gain hands-on experience and reach your career. You don’t need prior work experience to apply for this opportunity. Therefore, apply for it as soon as possible.