The Scholarship Collective

The Scholarship Collective – What’s It About?

Would you like to learn how to graduate debt-free, whether you’re a high school, undergraduate, graduate, or international student? The Scholarship Collective can help you find new scholarship opportunities every week. It aids access to various scholarships, subsequently facilitating students’ progress.

Read on as we enlighten you about The Scholarship Collective, its founder, and its purpose.

Overview of The Scholarship Collective

The Scholarship Collective is an online platform providing free weekly digital newsletters to undergraduate and graduate students. It has over 80,000 subscribers who constantly get scholarship recommendations and have access to numerous free resources.

The platform also allows you to chat with scholarship recipients for advice and read helpful articles about getting a scholarship. It publishes newsletters every Sunday containing everything relating to scholarships.

About The Scholarship Collective’s founder, Sade Meeks

Sade Meeks created The Scholarship Collective. She is a scholarship enthusiast and first-generation college graduate who has benefitted from several scholarship programs worth millions of dollars.

Here’s a list of the private scholarships she has received worth over $50,000:

  • ‘October 2019’ Certified Management Accountant Scholarship Recipient
  • ‘Spring 2019’ NABA Jacksonville Brittany Gilliard Lifetime Membership Award
  • ‘Summer 2020’ NABA National Ed & Una Jenkins Scholarship
  • ‘Spring 2020’ The Hugh Van Seaton Memorial Scholarship from Financial Executives International (FEI) Northern Florida Chapter
  • ‘Fall 2020’ NABA Southern Region Outstanding Student of the Year
  • ‘2021’ NABA Southern Regional Scholarship sponsored by PWC
  • FlintScholars How You Move Scholarship
  • Million Media Stories Budget Video Contest
  • NABA National Scholarship – sponsored Anderson Tax
  • AICPA Foundation Scholarship for CPA Exam
  • AICPA Legacy Scholarship for Minority Accounting Students

While in high school, she lacked knowledge of the available resources that could help her apply for financial support for her education, making it quite challenging for her to get a private scholarship. The Scholarship Collective aims to solve this issue for students across all levels.

Why Use The Scholarship Collective?

Below are several reasons to log on to the Scholarship Collective to search for scholarship opportunities:

  • You can receive over $250,000 worth of scholarships weekly via the resources available on The Scholarship Collective.
  • The platform has helped students win more than $10,000 in partner scholarships.
  • Over 2,500 scholarships have been awarded to students who use The Scholarship Collective.

What resources are available at The Scholarship Collective?

A variety of helpful resources are accessible on the platform. These include:

1. The Scholarship Knowledge Hub

To know how to get a scholarship, you should check out The Scholarship Knowledge Hub for a wide range of scholarship tools and videos.

You can also watch a video on how to find a scholarship on the Knowledge Hub.

2. The Scholarship Essay Academy

Instead of guessing what scholarship committees look out for in applications, you can join The Scholarship Essay Academy for free to access live group coaching, unlimited essay reviews, on-demand training, tools, and more.

Note that there’s a deadline for joining the Academy. So, feel free to check the scholarship’s official website for confirmation.

3. Free scholarship listing

You can also download a free scholarship list on the platform.

How to Join The Scholarship Collective

You do not need to register or fill out any form to access scholarship resources on The Scholarship Collective. Besides, joining is free and serves students of all age levels and backgrounds.

If you find this post helpful, kindly share it with your friends so they can learn more about the platform and its usefulness.

Also, do not hesitate to explore other scholarship opportunities from our homepage.

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