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How to Craft An End of Internship Thank You Letter

Congratulations, you’re through with your internship, and we hope it was a great experience!

More often than not, when you are done with your internship, and you appreciate the staff but aren’t sure how to show it, you often come off as not grateful. Generally, an internship is a great way to start building professional networks with mentors in the industry. Apart from that, you will also gain experience in specific positions in your preferred sector. As such, to recognize and express your gratitude for the opportunity, you feel the need to craft an end-of-training thank you letter to your superiors.

Whether you have just finished an Emerson Collective Internship or any other internship globally, there is a need for a thank you letter. It’ll showcase your gratitude and give insight into the experience gained.

This blog post will give tips on crafting an end-of-internship thank-you letter.

Importance of Writing End of Internship Thank You Letter

As an intern looking to improve my capability to lead and impact positive change in society, some thoughts should go through your mind. For instance, you might wonder whether you have performed exceptionally during the internship to grow your professional network and job prospects. 

After the internship, little things go a long way in helping you look unique to your superiors and colleagues. One such thing is a post-internship thank-you letter, as it shows gratitude and appreciation for the guidance and support from other employees and company decision-makers during the internship. 

Upon receiving your letter to the company, your supervisors and team members will create a positive image of you in the future. Ultimately, it’ll allow you to make a lasting impression. A thank you letter will help you develop a professional connection with your internship supervisor and have a good career progression.

Lastly, it’s a polite way to respect your superior’s and colleague’s time, teaching, and resources during the internship. As not everyone will have the opportunity to work, for instance, as an Accenture Summer Intern or get an internship.

Tips for Writing an End of Internship Thank You Letter

How do you craft a letter for your internship coordinator? Writing an end-of-internship thank-you letter should be manageable. Here are tips to follow to tackle this task and create one;

Tip 1: Pick your format

Before writing, decide how you want to format and send the note. It is essential to determine whether you wish to personalize, handwrite, or type it. However, it is advisable to handwrite or organize the internship thank you letter with a computer. In that case, it’ll make it look personal to the recipient. 

Assessing the situation and observing what your superiors will appreciate is essential. If the company you intern with doesn’t have a mailbox or you intern remotely, it would help to send the letter through email instead. Another way to send the letter is to leave it on their desk or hand it to them personally. 

Tip 2: Address your Note

Your contact information should be at the head of your thank you letter. It could include your first and last name, email address, and phone number. It’ll help you stay in contact with employees at the company you interned at. 

Additionally, the recipient’s current date and contact information might be included, and if possible, you can have your LinkedIn link added.

Tip 3: Express your Appreciation

You can start your end-of-internship thank you letter by sincerely expressing your appreciation to your supervisors and team members who helped you develop new skills and enhance your development personally and professionally.

Most importantly, a “thank you” should be in your letter, and it is advisable to place it as the first sentence of your letter and the email’s subject line. For instance, “Thank you for the opportunity to work on the Accenture team this summer.”

Assuming you send separate letters to numerous individuals, ensure each letter is personalized and highlights your individual experience with each person. It also helps to explain how the internship experience confirmed your interest in a particular industry. 

Tip 4: Be Specific

In the next paragraph of the letter, you should include examples of what you gained from the internships. For instance, you should discuss the projects that helped you understand the industry. Additionally, you can share how the department contributed to your total experience or discuss any other benefits you received from the internship. 

You can also share your favorite moments working with the team or your supervisor’s advice that helped you grow. Please note that you should refrain from including anything that’s not genuine or passing off false compliments. However, you can make it fun by adding flair and humor to your end-of-internship thank-you note.

Tip 5: Conclude your letter

You can end your letter by asking the recipient to extend your appreciation to the rest of the team. Ensure you thank your manager or co-worker again at the end of the letter. Clearly state that you’d love to stay connected after the internship program. 

Interns can also use this chance to express an interest in a full-time position after the program. Please note that you can be clever with it by reiterating how much you enjoyed the experience and stating that you’d be excited to onboard as a full-time worker instead of openly asking for the job. 

You can also slip in that you might use your boss as a reference in the future, conclude the end of the internship thank you letter using a professional signoff like “Best Regards” and “Thank You.” 

Please note that you can also include a small gift as a form of gratitude.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Should I write a thank you note after an internship?

Yes, writing a thank you note after an internship is essential. It’ll help you stand out and create lasting impressions on your superiors.  

What should you do on the last day of an internship?

On your last day of internship, you should show your superiors and team members appreciation. You can also ask for feedback from your employer or mentor.

What to think about at the end of an internship?

You should ask yourself if you can recommend the internship to people trying to walk the same path. Additionally, ask if the training matches your expectations or not.

How do you end a fall or summer internship on a high note?

Interns that want to end their fall internship on a high note should ask for honest feedback on their performance. Most importantly, you should do your best work until the last day. 


Creating your end-of-internship thank-you letter for your manager and team members should be quick, and you should also keep your message short and should be reasonable in length. The key things to include are your gratitude, the benefits of the internships, and your contact details. 

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