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Are you looking forward to gaining applicable leadership and technology skills to jump-start your career in the information technology industry? If yes, The Tata Consultancy Services internship will help you develop in areas that matter.

Keep reading the prose to the very end to learn more about what this internship holds!

About Tata Consultancy

Tata consultancy services is a Tata Group – India’s most prominent multinational business group member. It is involved in IT services, business solution organization, and Consulting. It has partnered with many of the world’s largest businesses in its journey of over 50 years.

They offer a cognitive-powered, consultant-led, and integrated portfolio of business, engineering, and technology services and solutions. They have a productive stance on award-winning work and climate change with communities worldwide. Also, they have earned a place in leading sustainability indices such as the FTSE4Good Emerging Index and the MSCI Global Sustainability Index.

Overview of Tata Consultancy Services Internship

The Tata consultancy internship program is an 8 to 12-week program that is designed to help young emerging leaders develop skills within the industry. As an intern, you will perform more than apply your knowledge to the organization. You’ll be able to contribute to authentic technology projects handled by veterans in the industry.

Experts will mentor you in computer science or other related courses to gain technology skills and applicable leadership skills to help jump-start your career in the information technology industry. Also, you will utilize your critical thinking and problem-solving skills to support strategic initiatives, consulting or business projects, software development, and data.

Benefits of Tata consultancy services internship

The following is a list of internship benefits you will enjoy at Tata Consultancy Services.

  • Gain hands-on experience with immersive technology, consulting projects, and customer experience optimization for clients and internal departments.
  • Opportunities to work together and collaborate with skilled teams of IT professionals
  • Experiential training and mentorship with seasoned industry veterans
  • Exploration of various tech stacks to enhance and strengthen your IT skillset
  • Exposure to multiple functional areas such as application development, digital, maintenance, and production support
  • Compensated full-time program with about 40 hours of work in a week
  • Internship availability during fall, summer, and spring, depending on business needs.
  • Job training
  • Soft-skill training
  • Healthcare and life insurance
  • International relocation opportunities
  • Free food and transport
  • Team outings
  • Educational aids
  • Gyms and cafeterias
  • Career progression

Roles of Interns at Tata consultancy services

As an intern at Tata consultancy services, the following are some of the tasks and responsibilities you will have to oversee:

  • Conduct research in an industrial environment and solve industry-scale problems under the supervision of Tata consultancy services employees or senior researchers.
  • Create R&D-related assets
  • Define research problems and design viable solutions for them.
  • Develop prototype solutions using industry-scale data.
  • Publish research papers in top-tier journals and conferences.
  • Research Execution
  • Identify opportunities and challenges and also perform a literature survey.
  • Execute proofs of concept.
  • Contribute to the development of products and tools.
  • Learning and Development
  • Learn about emerging technologies and trends in industrial research.
  • Define the challenges involved in applied research.
  • Articulate research problems and design solutions for them in a systematic manner of approach.

Eligibility criteria for the Tata consultancy service Internship:

To be eligible for the Tata consultancy service internship program, you must satisfy the following eligibility criteria and requirements for the internship position:

  • Must be pursuing mechanical engineering, Computer Science, Biomedical engineering, Electronics engineering, Electrical engineering, and other related majors in an undergrad or graduate school from a US university.
  • Must be an undergraduate in senior or junior year or a graduate student in senior year of study in the major that applies to the internship.
  • Be available physically in the US.
  • Have enthusiasm for technology and basic programming knowledge, computer science concepts, and information systems.

Skills Requirements for the Tata consultancy service Internship

The following is a list of desirable skills you need to have to be eligible for the Tata consultancy service internships

  • Ability to work collaboratively and independently as a cross-functional team member
  • Embrace mentorship and embody a growth mindset.
  • Desire to contribute and improve current processes
  • Must be willing to invest in relationship management and also improve customer experiences.
  • Enthusiasm for organization and coordination across multiple geographic teams

Documents requirements for the Tata consultancy service Internship

To be preferred candidates for the Tata consultancy service Internship, you must provide the following documents for your application process.

Curriculum vitae

  • Provide an official curriculum vitae with the necessary information to support your application. You must add your academic background, work history, experience, personal data, personal statements, etcetera.

Cover letter

  • Write a comprehensive cover letter explaining your passion for being a Tata consultancy service intern. Also, include why your skills and experience will be the perfect fit for the position you are applying for and how you look forward to gaining knowledge and expanding your network skills as an intern in the organization.

Recommendation letter

  • Notably, you must get about two or three different recommendation letters from your past employer or lecturer who can testify to your suitable mode of conduct, your ability to work in the organization, and your positive attitude to work.

How to apply for the Tata Consultancy Services Internship

Applying for the Tata consultancy service internships should be easy. Here we have the stepwise guide to follow to have a successful application.

Step one: Visit the official webpage of the organization

Firstly, you must check the official website of the Tata consultancy internship program. You can locate the link to the website below.

Step two: Read the details about the program

Once you are on their official website, you must read the program’s details, paying attention to every detail as that will help you tailor your application as necessary.

Step three: Prepare your application documents

Once you have the perfect grasp of the internship position you’re applying for, you must obtain the application form and prepare all necessary documents. We have given the list of the general documents you will need for the internship application. However, you may need to inquire more on their website or through their customer support for the specific and additional documents you will need for your application.

Step four: Submit your internship application

After completing your application, you must submit the application form and documents. 

Frequently asked questions

What is the salary of a Tata consultancy services Intern?

The salary of interns at Tata consultancy services is $19.55/hour. Interns may also be eligible for other perks and benefits from working at the Tata consultancy services.

Does Tata consultancy services provide internships?

Yes, Tata consultancy services offer internship opportunities for students. The internship varies from 6 weeks to 8 weeks for short-term internships or 16 to 18 weeks, which is a long-term internships. In some cases, the duration may be tailored or adjusted.

How can a fresher join Tata consultancy services?

Suppose you are a fresher wanting to join the Tata consultancy services career. In that case, you must visit the organization’s official website and check through the options and positions available. From there, you can apply for any job related to your qualification.

What are the skills required for Tata consultancy services?

As an intern at Tata consultancy services, you must be proficient with programming languages such as C++, Java, SQL, or Python. It is noteworthy that programmers are only expected to know some of the programming languages that are in existence. So, learning at least two languages will significantly increase your career prospects and employment opportunities.

What should I learn for the Tata consultancy services interview?

To prepare for the Tata consultancy services internship, you must know about Programming structures, Development Life Cycle (SDLC) and its stage-wise documents, Pseudo-code, Algorithms, fundamental Software, and implementation using C, C++, and Java will be tested.


With all indications, being a Tata consultancy services intern will open you to a brighter future and a larger perspective in your career. With all information in this prose, you can get started in your career prospects as soon as possible.