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Are you ready to gain practical experience in the world of Banking? Getting an immersive Internship experience is the step to take in your career because it will provide first-hand experience working in a global organization. Fortunately, the Standard Chartered Internship will give you this experience and boost your employability skills. You can list your internship experience on your resume. 

Overview of Standard Chartered Internship

Standard Chartered Internship is a summer program for third-year students in Banking and finance and related fields. It is a 10-week internship that starts in June every year. Students work directly on real-world problems and build their business skills during this period. At the same time, interns will actively support and drive innovation and create lasting relationships and connections.

Standard Chartered also uses this program to train future employees working at the company upon graduation. Thus, interns who perform well will get a full-time position at Standard Chartered.

Throughout the program, you’ll be encouraged to seek feedback to help you grow and develop your knowledge, skills, and experience throughout the internship.

Eligibility Criteria for Standard Chartered Internship

Students applying for an internship at Standard Chartered must meet the following requirements. They include:

  1. Applicants must be students from all degree disciplines in their penultimate year (second to last) or final year of study.
  2. Eligible candidates must have bachelors or postgraduate students from a recognized university.
  3. You must be hard-working and resilient when working under pressure. Plus, you must be willing to learn. Thus, you must have a passion for your career and need to seize the opportunities as they come.
  4. Ability to build new, strong relationships. You will work as one big team, and relationships are how you get things done.
  5. Good communication skills are required (verbal and written), especially when it comes to an understanding, analyzing, and interpreting data.
  6. You must be curious and have an open mindset. In other words, you must understand there’s no one way of doing things. You will be ready to experiment with new opportunities.

Internship areas

Interested students for Standard Chartered Internship must be ready to look for positions in the following departments and fields at the firm. They include:

  • Commercial, Corporate and Institutional Banking (CCIB)
  • Consumer, Private, and Business Banking (CPBB)
  • Ventures
  • Transformation, Technology, and Operations (TTO)
  • Risk & Conduct, Financial Crime and Compliance (RCFCC)


Eligible students for the Standard Chartered Internship will enjoy the following benefits during their remaining. They include:

#1. On-the-job learning with real-world business exposure

The first intention of this internship is to apple students gain their first real-world experience in the banking sector. During the program, student participants will carry out real projects that will exp[ose them to the banking business and its demands.

#2. Technical and professional skills training

In addition to gaining experience, students will learn the professional and technical skills needed to excel as bankers. Some of the skills you will learn include leadership, communication, and problem-solving skills.

#3. Future skills workshops

Students will also participate in future skills workshops to get the skills to become industry leaders. The bank will organize workshops and seminars to teach interns leadership skills.

#4. Targeted online learning

During their internships at Standard Chartered, students will join other interns at targeted online learning. They will learn the basics of banking and how the firm serves its global customers. 

#5. Inspiring thought leadership speaker events

In addition, interns will attend leadership and career development events. These seminars aim to help students improve their leadership qualities. Leaders in the banking industry will give talks on some banking and leadership issues that bother students. 

#6. Access to the country management team

You will also have access to the country management team, who will provide mentorship and guidance to you. In addition, the managers will supervise you in completing some projects assigned to you by your manager.

#7. Boost your employability skills with our Internship program

Among other benefits, a Standard Chartered Internship increases your employability. You will learn the skills and knowledge to excel in the industry. In addition, you will gain the veritable experience employers need.

#8. Get hired by the firm

Successful interns at Standard Chartered will get full-time positions at the bank after their internships. Thus, it is an employment opportunity for hard-working interns. Of course, you can be among the lucky individuals. However, it would help if you worked hard for this. 

How to Apply

Applicants for the Standard Chartered Internship use the link below to apply. During the process, you will upload the following documents. They include a Cover Letter, Personal Statement, Curriculum Vitae (CV), a reference, and a transcript from your academic institution. 

The application for Standard Chartered Internship is on December 31. Eligible candidates will get a notification from February to March. However, the internship will start in June and will last ten weeks.

If you find it difficult, you can read our guide on applying for internships in big firms like Northwest Mutual, even without experience. It will be helpful to you when applying for this internship this summer.

Steps to apply

Eligible candidates for the Standard Chartered Internship can apply using the steps below. They include:

  1. Apply online
  2. Pymetrics games assessment
  3. Valued behavior assessment
  4. Digital interview
  5. Assessment center
  6. Offer and hiring

Interview tips

Presumably, you have passed through the early stages of applying for an internship at Standard Chartered. Then, the next hurdle o p[ass is an interview. It is a challenging task to pass an interview. However, there are basic things you must do. And when you do them, you will pass your interview. They include:

  1. Ensure you know the content of your application, as Standard Chartered may start with questions about your experience and qualifications.
  2. Always be yourself. Feel free to let your hiring managers know you and why you want to work for the firm.
  3. Be confident and share your passions, the role you want to play, what you plan to achieve, and your plan after the internship.
  4. Demonstrate what you, and only you, will bring to the role. In other words, let your employer know the benefits you will get to the company. 
  5. Be prepared with questions you’d like to ask us.¬†Of course, there must be something you need to learn about Standard Chartered. Ann interview is an opportunity to get any information about your employer. So, you can ask the hiring manager anything.

Tips for getting an internship at the Standard Chartered Internship

You must consider the following points when applying for a Standard Chartered Internship. They will boost your chances of getting this internship or any other student job you want. They include:

#1. Research the job and industry to find the qualifications and requirements for the post. Plus, the keywords you need to have in your application. If you perform thorough research, you will learn about all the requirements for this internship. Thus, your chances of getting a job will increase. You must also ensure you find out the required skills for each position you want. 

#2.¬†Tailor your application to highlight the skills and requirements¬†for your new role. You can get this information on the company’s website or social media pages, including LinkedIn and Facebook. Your employer will like to see that you possess the needed skills for each position you apply for at the company.

#3. Learn new skills suitable for the position or role you want to take at the company. With the right skills, you will perform your tasks well. In addition, it will increase your chances o landing your dream consulting job at Standard Chartered.

#4.¬†Network with former and present interns to get the valuable information¬†you need during the interview with the hiring manager. Usually, former interns already have the information they need to apply for this internship. Therefore, you must meet them to get the details about the company. In addition, you will connect with Standard Chartered’s staff for this exact purpose. You can connect with these people on LinkedIn or Facebook.¬†

#5. Write a good cover letter and resume to convince your employer you are the best candidate for the job. Your cover letter and resume must highlight your skills, strengths, abilities, and experience and how they will benefit the company. In addition, you must use your cover letter to prove o your employer that you are fit for the job among other applicants. Therefore, they must tell the hiring manager why he must hire them. 


Standard Chartered Internship is the right step to building a successful career as a banker. The program prepares students by providing the skills, knowledge, and experience they need. In addition, students will learn from export bankers as they begin their careers.