Standard Bank Internships: Benefits, Eligibility, and Application

Top 5 Standard Bank Internships

Are you ready to own your future in the Banking and Finance industry? The banking sector has an increasing demand for banking and finance services. Standard Bank Internships allow young African undergraduates to progress their education further and get some meaningful work experience. With several incredible options available, these Standard Bank Internships are suitable for those who want to find new paths to make their dreams possible with a specialist qualification. 

Interns can use the opportunity to gain valuable work experience with the foundation of their tertiary qualifications. In addition, this blog post will give you an overview of Standard Bank Internships, its benefits, and the top 5 Standard Bank Internships you need to know.

Overview of Standard Bank Internships

Standard Bank Internships is a program whereby ambitious young African students can become part of the bank’s journey to creating better tomorrows for everyone across Africa. As an intern, you’ll get involved in practical projects and have every opportunity to develop and grow. 

You will also play a key role in building a brighter future for Africa’s banking sector. Additionally, interns who have finished their Internship successfully will possess highly in-demand skills and qualifications. Thus, they can own their career potential and apply for the role of their dreams.

The Standard Bank Internships 2023 will positively affect your future and become part of your trip to create better tomorrows for each person across Africa. Standard Bank Group is proud to be Africa’s largest bank. It aims to provide banking and financial services to meet the needs of individuals, businesses, institutions, and corporations in Africa and abroad. They’re committed to creating an environment that brings out the best in people. It helps passionately serve clients, deliver operational excellence, and achieve sustainable growth.

List of Standard Bank Internships

This Standard Bank Internship comes with performance rewards and benefits if you perform well. Depending on the department you’re applying to, these programs can last an average of twelve to twenty-four months. 

Most Standard Bank Internships offer monthly stipends to interns and are open to reasonably accommodating support needs in the workplace. In addition, during the internships, interns will have access to digital content. Plus, a workplace coach, a mentor, learning partners, program managers, and people cultures.

Here are the top five Standard Bank Internships:

#1. Universal/Prestige/Enterprise Banker

Universal/Prestige/Enterprise Banker is part of Standard Bank Internships that provide challenging and far-reaching career opportunities. The Paid Internship allows interns to gain valuable work experience in customer interactions. The bank aims to provide expertise in transactional banking with a high focus on sales. Applicants must have a 3-year finance-related qualification.

#2. Behavioral Economics

Interestingly, Behavioural Economics is a Bank Internship 2023 created by Standard Bank Group, a client-led and digitally-enabled financial solution provider aiming to deliver sustainable growth for individuals, businesses, and communities throughout Africa. Applicants with a degree in Psychology, Industrial Psychology, Economics, Neuroscience, or Cognitive Science can apply for this Internship.

Successful candidates will have the chance to gain unrivaled knowledge of the ever-evolving Behavioural Economics and work across several roles to discover how it’s applied throughout the bank for 12 months. The field uses behavioral insights to help the bank better understand their clients, so they can deliver more of what clients want and need while shaping and influencing their behavior.

#3. Standard Trusts Tax Internship

Standard Trusts Tax Internship is one of the highly sought-after Standard Bank Internships 2023. Eligible applicants should be a student specializing in Tax. It is designed to develop specialist tax skills related to deceased estates and trusts. After the end of the 24 months program, you’ll get access to a formal certificate at a postgraduate level. Plus, with an accredited training provider.

#4. Legal Internship

Legal Internship is one of the exciting Standard Bank Internships by Standard Bank Group. Applicants must have recently served their articles and are about to become admitted attorneys. Additionally, you should possess the ability to demonstrate legal skills and experience in certain areas. 

Successful candidates will gain valuable insights into litigation and transactional law within the banking environment. Lastly, it will also help solidify your legal mind as a Corporate Lawyer.

Eligibility Criteria for Standard Bank Internships

You must meet a few essential standards to be eligible for the exciting Standard Bank Internships. Ultimately, getting the following eligibility criteria to succeed would be best.

  • Applicants should be enrolled in a finance-related bachelor’s degree program.
  • Also, it would help to have a degree in Psychology, Industrial Psychology, Economics, Neuroscience, or Cognitive Science.
  • Applicants should have recently served their articles and are about to become admitted attorneys.
  • Additionally, it would help if the candidates were LLB/LLM graduates.
  • Finally, applicants should be able to demonstrate legal skills and experience in areas such as Banking and finance services, Litigation, and Digital/Technology.

Benefits of Standard Bank Internships

The benefits include the following:

  • Interns will be able under a fixed term employment Standard Bank Group for an average of 12 to 24 months
  • Successful candidates will get a Monthly stipend that aligns with the National Minimum Wage Act 9 of 2018 (NMWA)
  • Interns will get certification specific to the skills being built on the program
  • Standard Bank internships will give you the opportunity of gaining practical, meaningful workplace experience
  • Lastly, you’ll get Coaching/Mentoring from market-leading professionals in the banking and finance industry.

How to Apply for Standard Bank Internships

Applying for the Standard Bank Internships is straightforward, and you should do so after accessing the bank’s website. On their website, you’ll check the internship descriptions, minimum requirements, benefits, and application methods. If your internship application is successful, you’ll get a mail from the hiring manager. 

The application sessions are divided into February, May, and December. The application process usually runs from the beginning of the application month till the end of the month. Subsequently, prospective interns should have banking and finance services experience. You’ll need your Banking and Finance Resume and cover letter while applying.

Frequently Asked Questions

Does Standard Bank Group assist with advancing my studies?

Standard Bank Group will not assist with furthering your studies as an intern. After gaining full employment, you can apply for a bursary to continue studying. 

Does an intern automatically get offered a permanent role after completing the Internship program?

There is no automatic employment after undergoing Standard Bank Internships 2023. If you want a permanent role, you must follow the recruitment process. Then apply for a permanent position through the Standard Bank Group career website. 

Can recent graduates apply for Standard Bank Internships?

A recent graduate can apply as long as they’re between the ages of 18-30 can apply for any of their Internship programs.

What can I expect as a salary?

The cost and complexity of the program determines it. A standard bank intern won’t get a salary. Instead, there’s a monthly stipend. It’ll allow you to travel to and from the workplace or training institution. It also aligns with The National Minimum Wage Act 9 of 2018 (NMWA).


The Standard Bank Internships provide career support and growth for banking and finance professionals. As you consider an internship in the most prominent African bank, research the company, apply fast, and check the requirements during the application process. 

It’s the right step to building a successful career as a banker. You can have a fantastic learning and growing experience while interning with expert bankers in the banking environment.

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