Sports Management Internships

Tips for Landing Sports Management Internships

Hundreds and thousands of Sports Management Internships are available in different parts of the world to facilitate the career advancement of college and university students. These programs help to jumpstart their careers in sports-related fields.

Sports management internship programs are ideal for aspiring sports managers, athletic coaches, fitness managers, facility operations managers, athlete development specialists, event coordinators, athletic directors, sports agents, sports lawyers, and sports marketers. Participating in one of these programs will allow you to acquire the work experience, skills, and network essential for success in the sports industry.

Hence, this article will provide insights into Sports Management Internships’ benefits, requirements, and application process.

Let’s get down to business.

What are Sports Management Internship Programs?

Sports Management Internships are professional development opportunities for aspiring sports managers and persons passionate about the sports industry to expand their knowledge and gain practical experience. These programs focus on various operations of a sports establishment, facility, department, or team.

Roles of Sports Management Interns

Social manager interns perform marketing, social media, and business administration roles. As you wish to participate in a sports management internship program, consider knowing the duties and responsibilities you’ll assume as an intern.

Here are some of them.

  • Supporting sports managers with their daily tasks and collaborating on projects
  • Helping with the set-up of fields, courts, and all other program locations
  • Participating in the evaluation process after a sports event
  • Assisting the marketing staff with on-site branding and creating social media posts
  • Handling online registration software
  • Managing the inventory of sports equipment, supplies, and uniforms
  • Creating and managing the sports team
  • Planning and scheduling both field and track events
  • Retrieving sports equipment and supplies from storage, as well as preparing for their pickup
  • Assisting with certification processes
  • So what do you stand to gain from a Sports Management Internship Program? See below to find out.

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Benefits of Sports Management Internship Programs

There are many reasons to consider working as a sports manager intern, as follows.

  • Participating in these internship programs will enable you to enhance your marketing, management, and social media skills. Besides, you’ll be opportune to acquire new skills free of charge.
  • This internship program will help you gather industry-related experience.
  • It will prepare you for a career in the sports industry.
  • You will also be able to build a network with professionals and special guests at sports events.
  • Most sports management internship programs are financially rewarding.

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Before you can reap these lifelong benefits, you must submit a complete application to an internship provider or company, requiring you to fulfill specific criteria.

Eligibility Criteria for Sports Management Internships

Anyone seeking participation in sports management internship programs must meet specific requirements, varying depending on the company offering the program.

Here are, however, the typical requirements for sports management intern jobs.

  • Enrollment in a relevant field in a recognized higher education institution
  • Be passionate about earning a living in sports management, athletics, recreation, communication, relationship management, or event planning.
  • Have top-notch communication, interpersonal, organizational, and multitasking skills
  • Be detail-oriented and able to multitask, even when under pressure.
  • Possess exceptional computer literacy and social media skills.
  • Have top customer service skills
  • Possess good flexibility skills and be ready to assume diverse responsibilities.
  • Have an interest in the sports industry.

With the above requirements satisfied, now take the plunge to advance your career by following the instructions below.

How to Apply for a Sports Management Internship

The application procedures for sports management internships vary from internship to internship. Therefore, you must visit the internship provider or company’s official website to submit an online application.

Sports Management Internship Interview Questions

You can increase your chances of success in this stage by preparing ahead of your internship interview. Another surefire tip is to ask questions during your intern job interview.

The following are a few questions to practice before interviewing for a sports management intern job.

  • Tell me about yourself.
  • Why do you want to become a sports manager?
  • What is the most challenging aspect of working as a sports manager?
  • What is your major strength as a sports manager?
  • What qualifies you for our sports manager intern role?
  • Why do you want to intern with our organization/company?
  • What are your leadership skills?
  • Do you have experience monitoring ticket sales?
  • What is your facility management experience?
  • How have you facilitated the success of a sports business?
  • Do you possess strong sales background?
  • Are you experienced in league regulation compliance?
  • Explain how you’ve once resolved budget issues relating to athlete injuries in a team.
  • Discuss a moment you disagreed with a colleague and how you handled the situation.
  • Tell me about a moment when you promoted a sports competition, program, or team in the community.
  • Do you have experience handling the budget for a sports team’s equipment, uniforms, and trips?

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Frequently Asked Questions

How much do sports management interns make in the US?

According to ZipRecruiter, an American employment website for job seekers and employers, the average monthly salary of sports management interns in the US is approximately $3,700.

What are the objectives of a sports management internship?

Sports Management Internships have several purposes, such as to enable students to gain hands-on experience and insights into the sports industry. Besides, they offer an opportunity to learn more about the profession.

How long do Sports Management Internships last?

Most sports management internship programs run for 12 weeks, creating a golden opportunity for students to advance their careers in the sports industry.

What skills do I need for a Sports Management Internship?

You must possess several skills to qualify for a sports manager intern role. These include superb organizational, interpersonal, flexibility, computer literacy, multitasking, communication, and detail orientation skills.

Are interviews involved in Sports Management Internships?

Yes, sports manager internship programs typically require prospective interns to pass one or multiple interviews.


Regardless of the sports management internship program you choose, you will get the chance to build relationships with industry experts, gather relevant experience, and develop your skill set. All these will cost you no fees but your passion for the sports industry.

So what else is keeping you waiting? Apply now.

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