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SPAR Internships help kickstart a career in various fields, even though the company’s Graduate Trainee Internship only admits diploma and degree holders. Provided you satisfy all requirements, you can work temporarily for SPAR and gain relevant experience of up to one year.

Moreover, you will get the chance to learn new skills and about a specific industry without spending a dime.

Let’s get down to business.

Overview of SPAR Graduate Trainee Internships

SPAR, the world’s largest voluntary food retail chain, offers a Graduate Trainee Internship Program to enable South African graduates to acquire experience in several fields, such as finance, marketing, Human Resources, Information Technology, retail operations, etc.

SPAR Graduate Trainee Internship Program is exclusively open to South Africans who hold a three or four-year diploma/degree certificate.

5 Things to Note about SPAR Graduate Trainee Internships

  • Only citizens of South Africa can participate in this Graduate Trainee Internship Program.
  • They are exclusively for diploma and academic degree holders.
  • There is an application deadline for SPAR Graduate Trainee Internship.
  • These internship programs are tenable for 12 months.
  • SPAR Graduate Trainee Internships offer competitive remuneration.

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About SPAR

SPAR has been in the business since 1932. It is a multinational franchise with more than 13,000 stores across 48 countries. It has its headquarters in Amsterdam, Netherlands, and operates in the Middle East, Africa, Europe, Oceania, and Asia.

SPAR serves customers in Nigeria, France, Greece, Switzerland, Qatar, UAE, Belarus, Zimbabwe, Australia, South Africa, the UK, Ireland, China, India, etc. Its stores worldwide serve the needs of approximately 15 million consumers every day.

Benefits of SPAR Graduate Trainee Internships

The following are some reasons to intern with SPAR.

  • SPAR Graduate Trainee Internship Program will enable you to acquire relevant work experience.
  • You will also be able to upgrade your skill set and expand your knowledge.
  • Working as a graduate trainee intern at SPAR will allow you to meet with professionals and top executives.
  • SPAR will pay you monthly for being a graduate trainee intern in its SA stores.
  • You will be opportune to increase your employability and redefine your career goals.

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Be aware that you can only enjoy these benefits if you fulfill the requirements noted in the next section.

Eligibility Criteria for SPAR Graduate Trainee Internships

Here are the minimum requirements for graduate trainee intern jobs in SPAR’s SA stores.

  • Be a citizen of South Africa.
  • Must hold the certificate of a three or four-year diploma or degree program in information systems, accounting, supply chain management, industrial engineering/supply chain management, marketing/purchasing management, project design/draughtsman/architecture, or industrial psychology/labour
  • Be ready to cover your transportation costs back and forth from your internship location.
  • Have exceptional communication skills
  • Willingness to learn new stuff
  • Must not have worked as an intern in the past or participated in a graduate trainee internship

After meeting the abovementioned requirements, you must act following the instructions below.

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How to Apply for SPAR Graduate Trainee Internships

When ready to apply for a Graduate Trainee Intern role in SPAR’s stores in South Africa, you should first visit SPAR’s careers website to know whether the application deadline has yet to pass.

If the internship program is still open to new applications, you can now proceed with the application process.

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Frequently Asked Questions about SPAR Internships

Can undergraduate students apply for SPAR Graduate Trainee Internship?

No, undergraduates across all levels are ineligible to work as graduate trainee interns at SPAR’s stores in South Africa.

Are international students eligible for SPAR Graduate Trainee Internship?

No, graduates who are non-citizens of South Africa do not qualify to participate in SPAR Graduate Trainee Internship Program.

What is the duration of SPAR Graduate Trainee Internship?

The Graduate Trainee Internship Program offered by SPAR lasts 12 months, providing a golden opportunity for South African citizens to gain one year of work experience after graduation.

Is SPAR Graduate Trainee Internship paid?

Yes, the Graduate Trainee Internship Program hosted by SPAR in South Africa is a paid internship. Each intern will receive a stipend of ZAR 6,900 per month.

Does SPAR Graduate Trainee Internship have an application deadline?

Yes, the latest date to apply for a graduate trainee intern position at SPAR’s stores in South Africa is May 26, 2023.


Working as a graduate trainee intern at SPAR will significantly impact your career. It will allow you to gather the skills, experience, and knowledge required to progress in your chosen field.

So wait no more and apply now to begin your career journey.