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You probably haven’t heard about Snap, but you have heard about Snapchat. Well, Snapchat is a product of Snap Inc. and a favorite among young people. Snap is looking for interns to occupy significant positions in the company and improve its customer service.

Suppose you want to create products to improve how people live and communicate. In that case, you’re halfway to being the ideal person for a Snap Internship. You can reap the benefits of your dream internship with a suitable skillset and other requirements. This article will look at Snap internship – types, job roles, and how to apply.

About Snap Internship

Snap internship is a four to six months learning experience at Snap Incorporated. Internship periods vary, depending on the department and the academic qualifications of the intern. Specifically, while general internships last between four and six months, specific internships may last longer if the intern has no academic obligations. For example, a typical communications internship lasts up to twelve months. Snap internships are available in any of the numerous branches of the organization spread across the United States and Europe. However, most of the opportunities are remote work internships

A Look at Snap

Snap is a social media company that develops and provides applications and products for communication. Its products include the wearable camera called Spectacles, the Snapchart multimedia mobile app, Snap map, etc. It was founded in September 2011 as Snapchat, Inc., but changed its name to Snap Inc. in September 2016. The Snap company logo is a source of fascination to the public. Several speculations have arisen as to why the logo is a ghost. The most popular opinion is that the image – Ghostface Chillah – symbolizes the temporary nature of the messages sent.

Snap aims to promote the camera’s supremacy, making it as important as the keyboard. The company uses hardware and software, making it easy for bloggers and internet users to tell their stories visually and virtually using pictures. By doing this, Snap Inc. justifies its claim as a Camera company. This tech company has headquarters in Santa Monica, California, and offices in Europe, Asia-Pacific, and the Middle East.

Types of Internships at Snap

Generally, interns at Snap work in various specialized areas, including:

Engineering Internship

Interns in the Engineering section of Snap will participate in unraveling technical issues. As such, they will engage in designing and configuring programs; and developing a mobile client that is safe to be used by millions of people every day.

Research Internship

Snap Research interns join the research team to work on the latest research problems and regularly publish in top academic journals and seminars. They also study and develop Snap products and features with other teams in the company. These research teams look for ways to encourage teamwork and introduce projects enabling interns to learn and expand their skills.

A Snap Research intern is currently in a graduate, undergraduate, or doctoral degree in the tech industry, such as computer science.

Business Internship

Business interns form part of a wide variety of teams that help to grow and shape the organization. As a result, Snap Inc. welcomes undergraduate and Master’s students from notable universities worldwide.

Security Engineering Internship

This department takes care of network security. Theirs is to identify threats like system or software hacks and eliminate them.

An eligible intern must is currently in a BS/BA Computer Science program or any other related field in the tech industry.

Communications Internship, EMEA

The intern in the communications department will work on media relations in Europe, the Middle East, and Asia. This department performs administrative functions, monitoring and reporting news that affects the company and participating in other communication activities. The communications intern will be a student pursuing a program in Public Relations, Communications, or any related field.

Benefits of a Snap Internship

Snap interns enjoy some benefits that full-time workers at the organization have access to. For example, interns have paid maternity and paternity leave, full medical coverage, emotional and mental health support programs, and other benefits that help them stay happy and fulfilled.

Role of a Snap Intern

What do Snap Interns do? Here are some of the functions:

First, they collaborate with first-rate engineers and scholars in their areas of proficiency.

Secondly, they develop modern technology, which impacts the company’s products.

Finally, interns work toward circulating and licensing their research.

Skills Required for a Snap Internship

To be a Snap intern, you must have the following skills:

  • Ability to succeed in a vibrant and cooperative work environment.
  • Possess strong problem-solving skills.
  • Ability to solve complex and technical issues.
  • Adept in security engineering, knowledge of network and application security ( for security engineering), skills in cryptography and authentication

Eligibility Criteria for a Snap Internship

You must possess the following qualifications.

  • Must be enrolled in a BS, MS, or Ph.D. program in a technical field like computer science.
  • Must have experience in conducting academic research.
  • Strong academic performance.
  • Possess previous project experience that may positively impact Snap’s products.
  • Have a passion for Snap Inc. products and research.
  • Strong organizational skills, detail-oriented, excellent communication skills, numerical and computer skills, adept in Excel

How to Apply for a Snap Internship: A Guide

Suppose you’re confident that you have the skills and qualifications required for a Snap internship. In that case, it’s time to take a bold step – apply for the opportunity. Here is how to apply to Snap for an internship.

Search the company website.

Snap Inc. would always post intern job opportunities. Visit the official website and browse the careers page. Tech internship positions are usually available in August or September, and non-tech options are available in January or February.

Arrange Your Resume

Once you find a suitable internship opportunity, brush up on your CV. It’s time to put it to good use. A good resume can make the difference between getting an internship or not. Keep your resume simple but packed with details. If you can keep it to one page, do. Nobody wants to waste time reading irrelevant things. Craft your resume so that your qualifications align with the current internship requirements. Remember that you can only do this if you thoroughly understand the internship role.

Write a Cover Letter

cover letter is a requirement if you wish to intern with the Communications department of Snap. In this case, you must submit a one-page cover letter expressing your perceptions on the impact of communication on individuals, society, or a community.

Submit Your Application

Applying for a Snap internship is entirely an online process. Once you submit your application, the clock starts ticking. With any luck, you will receive the good news that you have reached the interview stage.

Prepare for Snap Interviews

Snap interviews appear more intimidating than they are but don’t let this stand in your way to your destination – a Snap internship. There’s no telling whether the interviews will be video or phone conversations. It is purely at the discretion of the interviewer. Whatever the case, get ready to talk about your educational background and the skills you can bring to your internship. Good luck!

Tips on Landing a Snap Internship

Snap internship positions are limited, and many people are competing for the roles. However, you stand a better chance of landing this ideal internship if you take note of the following tips:

Build Remarkable Tech Skills

The first thing you must know about Snap is that it is a tech company. Therefore, tech skills are essential to qualify for a Snap internship. Besides, most of the positions available for interns are tech positions. Additionally, with tech skills, you will stand out in a crowd of internship seekers. To learn these skills, start by enrolling in coding boot camps. If you’re attentive and eager to learn, you will master the relevant skills in about two or three weeks.

Create an Impressive Resume

Don’t let anyone fool you. A good resume is your first step to getting an internship at Snap. Remember, create an up-to-date and concise CV to stand out. If you need help with it, check out this sample resume for the internship. Also, you can check online for a resume template that will help your CV look professional. Make sure to include all skills and experience because everything is necessary. You never know what angle your employer will review you from.

Excel at Your Interviews

Snap employs a thorough interview process to select the best candidate for each internship. Before your interviews, study relevant topics. For example, if you’re interviewing for an engineering internship, you must return to your books and surf the internet. Learn all you can about the role and the job requirements. Be ready for technical and general questions. Don’t panic! Remember that being confident is equally as important as being knowledgeable.

Frequently Asked Questions 

What is the duration of a Snap Internship?

A typical Snap internship lasts three or four months but some internships last longer.

How much does a Snap internship pay?

Snap offers paid internships. Interns earn an average of $52 and $65/hr, depending on their internship roles.

What internship Opportunities are available at Snap?

Snap offers communication, business, research, engineering, and design internships. In addition, opportunities are available to undergraduates and graduate students in related fields.


Being the ideal intern requires hard work and dedication, and a lot of skills in between. But the rewards are numerous; among them is the assurance of full-time employment at your internship’s end. Finally, consider the benefits of a Snap internship, including an impressive stipend and a learning opportunity. If you’re ready, a Snap internship awaits you.