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The Smithsonian Asian Pacific American Center is not just a traditional museum but a center for community engagements, productive discussions, and social justice. The Center serves a large and diverse public. It must employ capable full-time and temporary staff to achieve this function. Do you want to intern with APAC? Then read further if you’re going to excel at your internship. This article will enumerate the requirements for a Smithsonian Asian Pacific American Center Internship. Furthermore, you will learn about the application process and the role of an APAC intern.

About the Smithsonian Asian Pacific American Center Internship

The internship is a 10-week training program that accepts students from all majors to work 20 hours per week. The Center is flexible about start and end dates, internship duration, and work hours. As a result, there are three internship seasons – Summer (June to August), Fall (September to December), and Spring (February to May).

Internships at APAC are as numerous as the museums and research center themselves. With 23 museums and 14 research and cultural centers, the Smithsonian APAC constantly needs interns in all spheres of educational endeavor. From Art History to Zoology, exhibit building to investments, excavation, and preservation of artifacts, there is an internship listing for everyone.

The Smithsonian Asian Pacific American Center

The Smithsonian Asian Pacific American Center aims to preserve America’s rich Asian-Pacific heritage. As a result, the Center allows students and scholars to delve into Asian-Pacific American history by providing all materials in its custody for public perusal.

Although the Center came into existence in 1997, it differs from a typical museum that displays items for public viewing. Instead, the institution shows its work through community engagement and other social interactions. Through its trademark initiative – the Culture Labs series – the Center tells the story of Asian Pacific American history and features Asian Americans and Pacific Islanders. Visit its headquarters at 600 Maryland Ave SW #7065, Washington, DC 20024, United States

Eligibility Criteria for Smithsonian Asian Pacific American Center Internship

Applicants for the Smithsonian Asian Pacific American Center Internships must fulfill the following requirements:

  • Must be proficient in the English language
  • Can be a citizen of any country
  • Must be a current undergraduate (university or college), a graduate student (currently in a Master’s program), or a recent graduate (about six months)
  • Can be enrolled in any major
  • May be required to show proof of COVID-19 vaccination

Necessary Documents for a Smithsonian Asian Pacific American Center Internship

Here is a list of documents accompanying your application for an APAC internship.

1. A Resume

A well-crafted resume for this internship should include relevant experiences and technical know-how.  Example, proficiency in using social media platforms, office suites, and coding languages.

2. A Cover Letter

The Cover Letter should not be more than two pages and must address the following questions:

(a.) Why do you want to be an intern at APAC?

(b.) What academic history and other experiences have prepared you for an internship?

(c.) What do you hope to accomplish through an internship, and how would it relate to your academic and career goals?

(d.) What about the Smithsonian interests you and leads you to apply for an internship – particularly the project you have chosen?

3. Unofficial Academic Transcripts

Transcripts can be from all the higher education institutions attended.

4. Two Letters of Recommendation

The Letters of Recommendation from referees must highlight your academic abilityprofessionalism, and ability to adapt to a dynamic environment.

5. Relevant Work Sample

Sample can be a portfolio of artworks, literary writings, video clips, community or volunteer assignments, etc.

How to Apply for Smithsonian Asian Pacific American Center Internships

Application for the Smithsonian Asian Pacific American Center Internship is entirely online. There are three distinct steps for your internship application.

Step #1. Identify your Preferred Job Role

There are various internship opportunities; you must visit the Smithsonian Office of Internship Opportunities to find a suitable one. You can filter vacancies by location, keyword, or date. Ensure that the internships you discover align with your curriculum or your goals. Some internship opportunities may link to external websites. Follow the prompt and click for more details. Other listings may prompt you to contact someone for more information.

Step #2. Understand the Application Procedure

Some APAC internships require different application pathways. Specifically, some applications request that you should send materials by email. At the same time, some need you to use the Smithsonian Online Academic Appointment method (SOLAA).

Step #3. Submit your application

Ensure that you have all the required items. Then submit the documents according to specific instructions. For example, some internships require you to submit your recommendation letters separately.

After you submit your APAC Internship Application

The Asian Pacific American Center Internship Committee will review all completed applications. If you fulfill the requirements, you will receive a notification for a one-hour interview. Afterward, the committee will select and notify the successful candidates within a week. Then, you will receive an offer for an internship by email. Alternatively, you will receive a status update through the SOLAA about one month after the submission deadline. Remember that these timelines may vary due to the number of applications and the staff attending them.

However, if the internship you selected will commence within a month and you have not received any feedback, don’t hesitate to contact the office for clarifications by emailing: [email protected].

Frequently Asked Questions about Smithsonian Asia Pacific America Center Internships

Does the Smithsonian Asia Pacific America Center pay its interns?

Although funding is limited, APAC pays a stipend that can confidently compete with other organizations in its category. However, the amount varies from one museum to another.

What is the deadline for a Smithsonian Asian Pacific American Center Internship?

There are three internship seasons at Smithsonian APAC. Applications for the summer batch end in March, the Fall internship application ends in June, and the Spring application ends in November. Each season’s application deadline is in the second week of the month, respectively.

What is the duration of a Smithsonian Asian Pacific American Center Internship?

The internship lasts for ten weeks, sometimes twelve. The Summer Internship is from June to August, Fall Internship is from September to December, and the Spring internship is from February to May.

What are the benefits of a Smithsonian Asian Pacific American Center Internship?

Students benefit from a paid internship. However, the stipend varies according to the funds available to the Center. Note that APAC is a not-for-profit organization. As such, funds are limited. However, students benefit from flexible work hours and can add the internship to their credit load for the semester.

Can I include a Smithsonian Asian Pacific American Center Internship on my resume?

An APAC internship qualifies as work experience and should take a special place on your resume. When you’re ready to pursue a career path, you will discover that organizations are more interested in people with internship experience than those without. 


The Smithsonian Asian Pacific American Center may not pay the highest internship stipend. Still, you can gain a wealth of experience for the future. You will encounter a rich cultural heritage and an opportunity to advance your education in surprising and unexpected directions. The best part of the internship is that the hours are flexible and busy. You will spend this period preparing for cultural festivals, exhibits, public programs, etc. Your internship will be worth it in all the right ways!