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Slalom Inc. promises a practical, real-life internship experience where students enjoy their work and visualize career prospects in the future at the organization. By and large, Slalom has been living up to this promise if testimonies from former interns are anything to go by. So, when looking for a Slalom Internship, know you’ll get more than your usual work training program. Slalom has a way of enveloping its workers in its magical culture of inclusion and diversity. These are gestures the organization does not take for granted because they give equal opportunity to all candidates – local and international. If this is where you plan to intern, consider it a wise decision. Therefore, to pursue your dream internship with Slalom Build, read this article to know all about the benefits you will gain and your role as an intern in Slalom.

About Slalom Internship

Slalom pays its student interns to participate in a ten-week program. During this time, interns will join project teams with supervision from experts in software development. Then, the company decides on a project for the groups. These projects will give palpable relief to the organization by solving problems using the software.

Selected interns will utilize new and sometimes untested engineering practices and apply emerging technologies in a prototype of Slalom’s specialists. As a result, they add value to Slalom as an organization and gather meaningful experiences that improve their confidence and ability.

Slalom at a Glance

Fortune Magazine recognized Slalom as a ‘Best Workplace for Women’ from 2017 – 2022. Over time, the organization has received numerous similar accolades. Indeed, the organization lives up to its reputation of being inclusive and welcoming diversity. Slalom Inc. has headquarters in Seattle, with Build Centres spread across Europe, North America, and the Asia Pacific. The company began in 2001 as a global business and technology consultant. Over time, Slalom has become the leading organization in building digital products for software companies and other industries. In addition, Slalom accepts interns at its US and Canada—based offices for ten weeks every summer.

Benefits of a Slalom Internship

There are several benefits you can gain from your internship at Slalom Build.

1. You gain work experience in your field of study

Slalom takes first place for internship experience. You can boldly and proudly include an internship at Slalom on your resume because it is an advantage when job hunting after graduation. Furthermore, you may be looking at a job offer from Slalom if you take your internship seriously.

2. You get to work in an actual office environment

An internship at Slalom will likely be your very first job. If so, you will learn the values businesses hold dearly, like showing up on time for work, working in a team with older people, and having an actual boss. This type of exposure you will meet after graduation, and your internship will prepare you for it.

3. Benefit from a paid internship

Not all internships pay. Slalom internship salaries are one of the best in their category. You will receive an hourly stipend of about $25. Imagine your first real paycheck!

4. An opportunity to apply classroom learning to the real world

Finally, all that you’ve learned in class will become useful. You see those crunching hours bent over a book or in class, trying to decipher a coding problem? It’s all preparing you for an internship at Slalom Build. Now you can roll up your sleeves and go to work, literally.  

5. Gain a network for life

Slalom interns make real friends at the company. The reason is simple. Slalom builds a culture of genuine interest and friendship among its staff. You will feel it the moment you step into the office. The work-life balance is unique, and although they work hard at Slalom, they also care for their mental health. So don’t be surprised if you have to break off early on a Friday just for drinks with your colleagues or a game of squash.

Role of a Slalom Intern

Interns will work with supervision from experienced associates and industry professionals to carry out the following functions:

1. Interact with the latest technologies.

2. Become part of an Agile development team with necessary skills like design, coding, analytical, writing skills, etc.

3. Practical experience with all aspects of an agile software development process

4. Participate in feature design and implementation

5. Work with the Agile methodology to complete tasks and projects

6. Study and record software design and behavior

Eligibility Criteria for a Slalom Internship

What does Slalom look for in its interns? Let’s take a look:

  • Students with a GPA of at least 3.5 and will be graduating for full-time employment within one year of their internship.
  • Familiarity with Microsoft Office Suite
  • Strong leadership skills in sports, school project teams, or other extra curricula activities.
  • Excellent emotional intelligence quotient (EQ)
  • Previous experience in volunteering is a bonus
  • Excellent communication skills
  • Ability to work with and without supervision
  • Great team spirit
  • Strong analytical skills
  • Knowledge of software development and installation process using Agile, Scrum, or Kanban
  • Ability to anticipate risks that may occur during a project

How to Apply for a Slalom Internship

You can apply online for a Slalom internship by visiting the company’s website. There, you will find available internships and their specific requirements. However, if no vacancies are posted currently, make it a habit to visit the site regularly to know when internship positions are available. Good luck with your application.

Furthermore, you can direct your inquiries to the Slalom headquarters in Seattle or any of its 46 office locations. You can also call the customer service line at +1.206. 438.5700.

Frequently Asked Questions about Slalom Internship

What is the duration of a Slalom Internship?

Typically, the internship lasts ten weeks in summer for offices in the United States. In comparison, the duration for its Canada-based offices is 12 weeks.

Are international students eligible for a Slalom internship?

International students can intern at Slalom if they have fulfilled all requirements to enable them to work overseas. That includes having the proper visa and work permit.

Is the Slalom internship paid or unpaid?

Slalom pays a stipend of $21 to $25 hourly. It is a reasonable amount when compared to similar organizations. Moreover, a paid internship is one of the many benefits you can gain from your time at Slalom. 

How does Slalom select its interns?

The selection process for an internship is relatively straightforward. Once you submit your application online, the designated Slalom Build staff will review it. Consequently, if it meets the expected standards, you will expect an interview over the phone. Afterward, you will receive an invitation for an in-person interview and, hopefully, an internship offer letter.

Does Slalom employ its interns after graduation?

Part of Slalom’s goals is to be the best organization for interns to start their careers. As a result, the company does not hesitate to offer employment to students who excel at their internships. So, if you want your dream internship to carve the way for a fruitful career with Slalom, this is the time to work hard at it.


Ten weeks may seem like a long time, but time flies if it’s ten Slalom weeks. Within this period, you will experience tremendous growth in a place where you can balance hard work with meaningful relationships. Whether you’re working remotely or in the office, Slalom has a way of bringing employees together. Suppose you’re looking for that balance between business and engineering; welcome to Slalom. Get ready to roll up your sleeves and work, and have fun doing it!