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Do you aspire to become a React developer or learn about web app development with React.JS? Then, you should participate in Skill Safari Internship in India.

Enrolling in the program would greatly benefit your career development, allowing you to know how to code. It will also facilitate your dream of becoming an experienced web developer in only a few weeks.

Read on to clear your doubts about interning with Skill Safari, as well as to know your expectations.¬†Let’s dive in.

Overview of Skill Safari’s Internship Program

Skill Safari, an India-based skill enhancement and training center, offers a summer internship program to facilitate career advancement for persons aspiring to become React developers. These programs involve 100% practicals.

They are ideal for entrepreneurs, bloggers, freelancers, copywriters, creative writers, content creators, frustrated corporate employees, social media marketers, and career change aspirants.

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Skill Safari Internship Program’s Curriculum

The following courses and programs comprise this summer internship program.

  • First Week: Introduction to HTML & CSS
  • Second Week: Responsive web development using Bootstrap 5
  • Third Week: Function programming with JavaScript E56
  • Fourth Week: Advanced web development with React JS
  • Fifth Week: Build & Deploy scalable web applications
  • Sixth Week: Complete assigned projects

About Skill Safari

Skill Safari is a software training institute based in Coimbatore, India. It aims at helping youths to jumpstart their career in web design and development.

The institute offers online and offline courses and workshops to train youths within a particular age group and help them enhance their skills.

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Benefits of Skill Safari Internship Programs

Are you interested in this summer internship? Then, you should know what to expect from interning with the institute.

Here are a few reasons to intern with Skill Safari.

  • Participating in Skill Safari Internship will let you gain knowledge from interactive live sessions, real-world assignments, and a dynamic community.

Note that you must always attend the live weekend sessions without missing any attendance.

  • You will also get assistance from more experienced employees assigned as your mentor.
  • After completing your internship, you will receive a signed certificate to prove it as your latest achievement.
  • You’ll have the chance to learn coding, especially the development of web apps through Reacta.JS. Another costless opportunity you will get is to develop your skills.
  • Interning with Skill Safari will also enable you to increase your job prospects.
  • Before you can gain an advantage of this summer internship program, you must fulfill several requirements.

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Eligibility Criteria for Skill Safari Internship Program

To qualify for Skill Safari’s Summer Internship, you must;

  • Presently be within the age range of 15 to 28 years
  • Have completed high school
  • Be willing to commit at least one hour daily or two hours weekly
  • Have a mic-featured PC with a processor speed not less than 1.6 GHz and 4GB RAM

You can proceed with the enrolment process for Skill Safari’s Summer Internship upon satisfying the above criteria.

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How to Apply for Skill Safari Internship 2023

To express interest in this internship,¬†visit Skill Safari’s Summer Internship webpage¬†and¬†click the Enroll Now button. Afterward,¬†pay the Slot Booking Fee of 500 INR¬†via any supported payment method.

Be mindful of the fact that the fee is non-refundable.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the age limit for Skill Safari Internships?

Skill Safari Internship Programs require prospective interns to be between 15 to 28 years old.

How long does Skill Safari Internship last?

The summer internship program hosted by Skill Safari in India lasts for four to six weeks.

Will I get a certificate upon completing Skill Safari’s Internship Program?

Yes, you will receive a recognized completion certificate for participating in this internship program. However, you must complete all assigned tasks to get the certification.

Do I need a computer to intern with Skill Safari in summer?

Yes, you must have a Windows or Mac PC with at least 4GB RAM and a minimum processor speed of 1.6 GHz. Besides, your computer’s microphone must be working perfectly.

Will I undergo an interview to intern with Skill Safari?

Yes, each student applying for this summer internship program must pass an interview.


Participating in Skill Safari’s Internship Program is your best bet as you prepare for your skill development journey and master React JS. Hence, you’ll no longer have to worry about how to learn to code and acquire hands-on experience.

Even though the online application for this Internship program never closes, we recommend you join this year.