Silc business school scholarships

SILC Business School Scholarships: Eligibility & Application

SILC Business School scholarships are a range of full scholarships sponsored by institutions and the government to assist undergraduate and postgraduate students financially with their study costs. To become an awardee of one of these full scholarships, you must complete an online application, as there is no chance for automatic consideration.

Scholarships to Study at SILC Business School, Shanghai University

The following is a list of the scholarships granted to undergraduate and postgraduate students at SILC Business School.

  • SILC Scholarship

Non-Chinese students can apply for SILC Scholarship to finance their education at SILC Business School. The scholarship requires you to stand out academically and actively participate in research, extracurricular activities, and social practice.

  • Shanghai University (SHU) Scholarship

SHU funds Individual and Academic Scholarships to provide financial support to non-Chinese students, regardless of nationality. International students can apply for Academic Scholarships, provided they possess excellent academic performance for enrollment in a degree program. It is equally important not to hold a full scholarship as a recipient of the SHU Scholarship.

Besides, SHU’s Individual Scholarships are open to current undergraduate and postgraduate students with excellent grades.

  • Chinese Government Scholarship

The Government of China fully funds a limited number of scholarships to help non-Chinese nationals to cover their study costs at SILC Business School, SHU.

  • Shanghai Government Scholarship

This fully funded scholarship is open to SILC Business School students from outside China, providing two categories of benefits, as follows.

Shanghai Government Category A Scholarship Benefits
  • Tuition fee exemption
  • A waiver on accommodation costs (on-campus)
  • Monthly allowance (CNY 3,000 per month for master’s students and CNY 3,500 monthly for PhD students)
  • Comprehensive health insurance
Shanghai Government Category B Scholarship Benefits
  • A 100% tuition fee discount
  • Comprehensive health insurance

Who are the Sponsors of SILC Business School Scholarships?

While SILC Business School and Shanghai University (SHU) are sole sponsors of a few scholarships, the Chinese government and Shanghai Municipal Government provide funding for other scholarships available to undergraduate and postgraduate students.

Overview of Shanghai City

Shanghai is a municipality of the People’s Republic of China with an area of 2,448 square miles and a population of about 24.8 million. Its tourist attractions include Yu Garden, Jin Mao Tower, Oriental Pearl TV Tower, Longhua Temple, Shanghai Museum, Jade Buddha Temple, Shanghai Science & Technology Museum, and China Art Museum.

Sydney Institute of Language and Commerce (SILC) Business School is an educational institution founded in 1994 in this Chinese city. Its co-founders include the University of Technology Sydney and Shanghai University. SILC Business School was among China’s first established Sino-foreign joint business schools. It currently has an enrollment of about 3,500 students.

Scholarship Benefits

Benefits of SILC Business School Scholarships

Each recipient of SILC Business School scholarships will most likely get a subsidized cost for the following.

  • Tuition fee waiver
  • Living expenses
  • Health insurance

How Many Students Receive SILC Business School Scholarships?

Many students pursuing an undergraduate or postgraduate degree program receive scholarships every academic year at SILC Business School.

Are SILC Business School Scholarships Fully or Partially Funded Scholarships?

The internal and external scholarships available to SILC Business School students are fully funded scholarships that typically exempt you from paying tuition fees.

Duration of SILC Business School Scholarships

The scholarships open to international undergraduate and postgraduate students at SILC Business School usually last for one academic year.

Applicable Courses

What Fields of Study are SILC Business School Scholarships Meant For?

The scholarships available to students enrolled in SILC Business School are restricted to four fields of study, as indicated below.

  • Finance
  • Economics
  • Information Management
  • Management

Can Undergraduate Students Apply for SILC Business School Scholarships?

Of course, undergraduate students can express their interest in SILC Scholarship, SHU Scholarship, Chinese Government Scholarship, and Shanghai Government Scholarship at SILC Business School.

Eligibility Criteria

General Requirements for SILC Business School Scholarships

No matter the specific scholarship you want to express your interest in at SILC Business School, you must meet the following requirements.

  • Enrollment as an international undergraduate and postgraduate student at SILC Business School. You must also have a valid Chinese Study Visa stamped on your passport.
  • Be exceptional in your academics and have superb performance
  • Being under a specific age (applicable for scholarships with age requirements)
  • Must be medically fit
  • Not being a recipient of any other Chinese government-funded scholarship.

Fees & Funding

Does SILC Business School offer scholarships for international students?

Yes, SILC Business School, SHU, offers a range of scholarships to non-Chinese students from different world regions.

Are SILC Business School scholarships easy to get?

No, getting one of the scholarships awarded at SILC Business School is not easy, as they are competitive for international students.

Can master’s students apply for scholarships at SILC Business School?

Yes, master’s students can express their interest in several institutional and government-sponsored scholarships at SILC Business School.

Can I get a scholarship at SILC Business School if ineligible?

No, you cannot receive a scholarship while enrolled at SILC Business School, assuming you cannot fulfil all requirements.

Application Procedure

How to Apply for SILC Business School Scholarships

The application procedure for scholarships granted at SILC Business School differs. Students who desire to express interest in the Chinese Government Scholarship must apply through If you prefer to hold the Shanghai Government Scholarship, visit to submit your online application.