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Are you an ambitious and forward-thinking undergraduate or a recent graduate looking to get your foot in the door of the engineering world? Then look no further than the Siemens Engineering Internship. This article will provide a detailed guide to everything you need about this excellent engineering internship program. From what qualifications you need to how to apply for this internship, this article will show you why the Siemens Engineering Internship is one of the best.

Let’s get rolling.

About Siemens

Siemens Mobility is a separate corporation operated by Siemens AG. The company has been a leader in transportation solutions for over 160 years and is constantly reinventing its offering in its main areas of rolling stock, rail automation and electrifications, turnkey systems, intelligent traffic systems, and related services. As a result, Siemens Mobility is allowing mobile operators globally to make infrastructure intelligent, boost revenue sustainably throughout the entire lifecycle, improve passenger experience, and ensure availability through digitization.

Overview of Siemens Engineering Internship

Siemens Engineering Internship is one of the most sought-after programs in engineering. It is designed to provide young and aspiring engineers with hands-on experience that will equip them with skills and knowledge they can use in their future careers. The program is open to recent graduates and students pursuing engineering or related fields.

Siemens makes effective use of their interns. They will challenge you with new ways of thinking and assign you goals that will impact the company. So, suppose you join them for a 12-month internship. In that case, you will follow their organized Internship Development Programme (IDP), which will captivate your imagination, release your potential, and create the groundwork for a rewarding career.

They have meticulously planned two events and three courses to maximize your potential at this stage. How did they come to be? They asked students which tools they thought would be most helpful and coupled them with the abilities that organizations like theirs are seeking.

Benefits of joining the Siemens Engineering Internship

Here are some of the benefits and perks you will get when you join this program: 

First, the Siemens Engineering Internship provides an unparalleled opportunity to work alongside experienced professionals. You will gain hands-on experience with cutting-edge technology and equipment, allowing you to hone your skills and build your resume.

You will get the chance to learn how Siemens operates and take on tasks in different engineering functions.

Plus, you will have access to mentorship from industry leaders who can offer guidance on everything from project management to networking strategies.

In addition, the Siemens Engineering Internship also offers a chance to explore different areas of specialization within the engineering field.

Furthermore, because Siemens is a global company, there are plenty of opportunities for travel and collaboration with teams worldwide.

Finally, they allow you to do something significant that benefits society and human progress. They give you a chance to create a difference.

Salary of an Engineering Intern at Siemens

Siemens Engineering Internships can pay anything from $48,000 to $63,000. (Source: Glassdoor)

Siemens recognizes your contributions to company success and wishes to thank you suitably. However, they also acknowledge that everyone’s lifestyle is unique. That’s why they have created a comprehensive package of benefits to match your and your family’s needs.

Here’s what they have to offer:

  • Pensions
  • Perks at work
  • Health and wellbeing
  • Shares
  • And more

Eligibility Criteria

 It’s essential to understand the eligibility criteria before applying for this internship. Let’s find out about it here:

  • You must be enrolled in a full-time undergraduate or graduate engineering program at a recognized institution.
  • You must have a minimum of 6 months prior work experience (part-time, full time or casual)
  • Candidates should have completed at least two years of their program and be able to provide proof of their academic standing in one of the following disciplines: Electrical / Electronics / Mechatronics Engineering, Mechanical Engineering, and Software Engineering.
  • Applicants must also possess strong technical skills relevant to their desired internship position.
  • Excellent communication and interpersonal skills.
  • Candidates must exhibit a passion for innovation and problem-solve in engineering.

Duties of an Engineering Intern at Siemens

You will be tasked with the following tasks and responsibilities as an intern:

  • Build and expand upon existing software in the development and maintenance of products.
  • Participate in the design and implementation of data control systems.
  • Participate in the assurance, integration, and testing processes.
  • Examine new products.
  • Work closely with many stakeholders to become a driving force behind the timely and effective delivery of projects.
  • Collaborate with project managers while being supervised and supported.
  • Creating and maintaining team resource schedules to identify resource utilization.
  • Collaborate with the Principal Project Engineer to maximize resource utilization/efficiency.

How to Apply for Siemens Engineering Internship 

Consider using the following steps to apply for the Siemens Engineering Internship:

Step 1: Research and Select a Position

The first step in applying for a Siemens Engineering Internship is to conduct extensive research to identify the type of internship you are interested in. Siemens offers internships in various engineering fields, including electrical, mechanical, chemical, and software engineering. Reflect on your interests and skills, then browse the available internships to identify a position that matches your preferences.

When browsing the internship positions, consider the job description, requirements, location, duration, and start date. Ensure that you meet the minimum work standards and that the internship’s location and time suit you.

Step 2: Prepare Your Application Materials

Once you have identified a position that suits your interests, the next step is to prepare your application materials. Siemens requires you to submit a resume and cover letter highlighting your relevant skills and qualifications. Your resume should include your educational background, relevant work experience, and any other relevant skills or certifications. Your cover letter should be tailored to the specific position you’re applying for and should explain why you’re interested in the internship and how you meet the requirements.

In addition, it’s essential to ensure that your application materials are error-free and well-written. Proofread your resume and cover letter several times, and ask a friend or mentor to review them before submitting your application.

Step 3: Apply Online

After preparing your application materials, the next step is to apply online through the Siemens website. Siemens has a dedicated careers website where you can browse through available internship positions, create an account, and submit your application materials. You must provide basic information, such as your name, email address, and phone number, and upload your resume and cover letter.

You may also be asked to complete an online assessment, including cognitive and behavioral tests, as part of the application process. Again, ensure you meet the evaluation within the given time frame and give your best effort.

Step 4: Follow Up

After submitting your application, it’s essential to follow up with Siemens to ensure that your application has been received and to inquire about the status of your application. You can do this by sending a polite email to the hiring manager or recruiter, expressing your continued interest in the position and asking if they require further information. Read more on how to send an internship follow-up email to a company.

Application Deadline

All interested applicants for this internship are encouraged to apply when openings are posted on the official website. In addition, all applicants from different locations interested in joining Siemens are also invited.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do Siemens pay interns?

Yes, they do. A Research Intern at Siemens can earn between $4,000 and $5,868 monthly in the United States.

How much do Siemens software engineer interns make?

The hourly wage for a Siemens Software Engineer Intern in the United States is roughly $24.03, 13% less than the national average.

What is Siemen’s best-in-class internship?

The best-in-class program is a local training program for undergraduates in their final years of study. You will have the opportunity to join different industries to get work experience in 2 months. Applications for this program are open from April to May.

How much does Siemens Strategic Student Program pay?

The average Siemens Intern hourly pay in the USA is approximately $23.35, 41% above the national average.


This article has taken you through the Siemens Engineering internship application process and eligibility requirements. It also included a summary of the benefits and earnings you will earn while working at Siemens. If you think participating in the Siemens internship program will boost your career development, do not hesitate to try. Finally, kindly share this piece of information with a friend. Thank you.