Shukutoku university scholarships

Guide in Applying for Shukutoku University Scholarships

Shukutoku University scholarships consist of merit and need-based scholarships awarded to students of various nationalities. They are partially funded scholarships for students with outstanding grades, good personalities, and those unable to pay their tuition fees due to funds insufficiency. Some require recipients to refund the scholarship amount within a specific period after graduation. The fund typically does not attract interest rates.

The list below shows various scholarships and financial aid awarded annually to Shukutoku University students.

  • International Student Benefit Scholarship
  • General Benefit Scholarship
  • Special Benefit Scholarship
  • Scholarships for educational institutions affiliated with the Jodo sect
  • Overseas Training Benefit Scholarship
  • Loan Scholarship
  • Sponsorship Loan Scholarship
  • GPA incentive

Who Sponsors Shukutoku University Scholarships?

Shukutoku University provides all funds disbursed for its institutional scholarships for Japanese and international students. However, the institution currently receives no outside funding aimed at expanding the availability of scholarships each academic year.

Overview of Shukutoku University

Founded in 1965, Shukutoku University is a private higher education institution located in Chiba, the capital city of the Japanese Chiba Prefecture. It features an area of 271.77 square kilometers and close to one million residents. Besides, Chiba City has several urban centers and more residential areas. It is famous for many things, such as being home to Japan’s first artificial beach and the world’s longest-suspended monorail. Attractions in Chiba City include Hoki Museum, Chiba Zoological Park, Zozo Marine Stadium, Showa no Mori (park and garden), Chiba City Museum of Science, Tokyo Disneyland, Kamogawa Sea World, Tokyo DisneySea, Funabashi Andersen Park, and Tokyo Disney Resort.

Shukutoku University has two campuses in Chiba City and two others in Saitama and Tokyo, respectively. In fact, you will find international students from different countries enrolled in various programs at Shukutoku University campuses.

Scholarship Benefits

Being a scholarship recipient at Shukutoku University has wide-ranging benefits, as indicated below.

  • Yearly tuition fee coverage of up to 1,050,000 JPY
  • Compensation for keeping a record of excellent grades
  • Financial assistance for students finding it hard to pay their tuition fees
  • International students, regardless of their home country, can benefit from Shukutoku University scholarships

What Type of Scholarship is Available at Shukutoku University?

The two types of scholarships awarded at Shukutoku University are merit-based and need-based. A merit-based scholarship is a scholarship for students with a record of superb academic performance. In contrast, need-based scholarships do not always consider students’ academic achievements but their financial situation.

How Much are Shukutoku University Scholarships Worth?

Each scholarship available to Shukutoku University students varies in amount depending on the scholarship and the recipient’s faculty/department.

The following are the value of each scholarship awarded at Shukutoku University.

  • International Student Benefit Scholarship: Covers 30% of recipients’ first-year tuition fee and 50% of their admission fee, depending on their previous semester results
  • General Benefit Scholarship: Range from 400,000 JPY to 525,000 JPY per academic year
  • Special Benefit Scholarship: Range from 800,000 JPY to 1,050,000 JPY per academic year
  • Scholarships for educational institutions affiliated with the Jodo sect: Up to 100,000 JPY per year
  • Overseas Training Benefit Scholarship: Varies by faculty
  • Loan Scholarship: Range from 400,000 JPYN to 525,000 JPY per academic session
  • Sponsorship Loan Scholarship: Varies depending on the student’s faculty
  • GPA incentive: 50,000 JPY for students with improved grades and 100,000 JPY for students with high grades

How Many Students Receive Shukutoku University Scholarships?

The availability of Shukutoku University scholarships each academic year is limited, allowing only a few students to benefit from them. Besides, the total number of students awarded merit-based and need-based scholarships at the institution is unspecified.

Are Shukutoku University Scholarships Fully or Partially Funded Scholarships?

The scholarships disbursed yearly to eligible students at Shukutoku University only include partial scholarships worth up to 1,050,000 JPY per academic year.

Duration of Shukutoku University Scholarships

Students can receive scholarships for more than one academic year at Shukutoku University. In addition, they can benefit from an institutional scholarship for up to four academic years.

Applicable Courses

The partial scholarships awarded to Shukutoku University students of different nationalities do not restrict recipients’ enrollment to particular fields of study. These scholarships are, therefore, open to students whose program is under one of the following faculties.

  • Faculty of Nursing and Nutrition
  • Faculty of Humanities
  • Faculty of Community Policy
  • Faculty of Regional Development
  • Faculty of Education
  • Faculty of Integrated Welfare
  • Faculty of Business Administration

Can Undergraduate Students Apply for Shukutoku University Scholarships?

Yes, undergraduate students who are citizens of Japan and from other world regions are eligible as recipients of several scholarships at Shukutoku University based on their school results, financial situation, and personality.

Eligibility Criteria

Shukutoku University scholarships have several judging criteria used to determine students eligible for each scholarship. Such measures include students’ grades, financial situation, and personality.

To qualify for a scholarship at Shukutoku University, you must satisfy the following criteria.

  • Must possess excellent grades
  • Must be in a good state of health
  • Must possess good character
  • Must have an unstable financial situation, i.e., you must be experiencing difficulties in sourcing funds for your tuition fee payments (applicable to specific scholarships only)
  • Must be a foreign trainee of Shukutoku University (required depending on the scholarship)

It is essential to prioritize meeting the eligibility criteria of your preferred scholarship at Shukutoku University. Failure to do so does not guarantee any scholarship.

Fees & Funding

Does Shukutoku University offer scholarships for international students?

Yes, Shukutoku University’s International Student Benefit Scholarship is a partially funded scholarship available to non-Japanese students from around the globe. The scholarship considers international students’ results and covers 30% of their first-year tuition fee and 50% of their admission fee.

Are full scholarships available at Shukutoku University?

Yes, Shukutoku University does not offer full scholarships, as it exclusively awards partially funded scholarships.

Do students need to refund scholarship money at Shukutoku University?

Yes, but depending on the scholarship. Some scholarships available at Shukutoku University obligate each recipient to return the scholarship amount after some years, while others do not require a refund.

Are Shukutoku University scholarships renewable?

Yes, the institutional scholarships of Shukutoku University are renewable, making it possible for each recipient to benefit from them for subsequent years after the initial year of receipt.

Can you get denied a scholarship at Shukutoku University scholarships?

Yes, Shukutoku University can only accept your scholarship application if you meet all requirements.

Application Procedure

To discover how to get a scholarship at Shukutoku University or to know the scholarship best for you, do not hesitate to contact any of Shukutoku University’s staff.

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