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It’s exciting to know that with an internship at Scripps Network, you can touch the lives of nearly every American by creating meaningful content for news and entertainment. Every year, Scripps Network employs young people who have a passion for the glittering world of the screen industry. If you are looking forward to having a career in broadcasting, an internship with Scripps Network will give you the experience you need and the opportunity to nurture your career. In this article, we will examine the benefits of a Scripps Network internship and the qualities of an intern at Scripps.

About Scripps Network Internship

Scripps Network accepts internship applications for the fall and summer seasons from students in various academic pursuit levels and recent graduates. Internships span a period of three to six months, according to students’ educational programs.

Internships are available in areas like Sales and Marketing, Corporate Communications, Public Relations, News Development, Content Creation and Editing, Digital and New Media, etc.

About Scripps Network

Scripps Networks – better known as Scripps Network Interactive Incorporated – is a media firm carved out from the E.W. Scripps Company, established in 1878 as a newspaper company. The network is famous for its Home and Garden Television (HGTV) station, which launched on December 30, 1994. Other popular channels from Scripps Network are Travel Channel, Food Network, Cooking Channel, Great American Country, and lots more. Scripps has its headquarters in Knoxville, Tennessee, and other locations in various parts of the United States, Brazil, the United Kingdom, and Singapore.

The company offers one of the best internship experiences to college students and fresh graduates, with competitive stipends and other benefits.

Benefits of a Scripps Network Internship

1. Paid internship

A Scripps Network internship attracts a reasonable amount as a stipend. The company pays an hourly compensation of about $15.50, which is impressive when you compare it with similar companies.

2. Exposure to the broadcasting industry

As a Scripps Network intern, you will roll up your sleeves and work where the excitement is. Every day at Scripps is an opportunity to learn more about broadcast media.

3. Acquisition of skills

Picking up strong communication skills is necessary to advance in any career. Also, as a Scripps Network intern, you have direct contact with people whose stories you will cover. As a result, you will learn to manage people and decide what parts of their stories are worth telling.

Job Positions for Scripps Network Internships

Here are some of the job positions available for an internship at Scripps Network

  • News (Digital) Intern
  • News (Sports) Intern
  • Intern (Creative Services)
  • Sales and Marketing Intern
  • Intern (Digital)
  • Intern – Producer
  • Science Reporting Intern

Who is a Scripps Network Intern?

A Scripps Network Intern embodies some or all of the following qualities:

1. Is registered as an undergraduate in an accredited university or college

2. Fresh graduate (not more than six months) from an accredited learning institution

3. Has excellent grades

4. Has proficiency in Microsoft Word, Excel, PowerPoint, and web-based applications

5. Is proficient in using social media networks and ad platforms like Instagram, TikTok, Pinterest, WordPress, etc.

6. Has experience with marketing software tools, i.e., Hootsuite, Google Analytics, etc., is a bonus.

7. Experience with creative software tools, i.e., Photoshop, Final Cut, Premiere, etc., is a bonus.

8. Good research skills

9. Ability to work with a team

10. Can follow directions

11. Sociable, with good communication skills

12. Ability to communicate precisely and concisely

13. Excellent writing skills

14. Resourceful and passionate

15. Good dress sense – knows when to choose between business casual and professional dressing.

Duties of a Scripps Network Intern

Because of its many portfolios and acquisitions (one of which is digital media), Scripps Network requires interns who can perform the following functions:

1. Create captivating and high-quality social media content (publications, stories & TikToks)

2. Convert customers’ visions into engaging captions.

3. Create a schedule for posts on all social media accounts (Facebook, Instagram, TikTok, etc.).

4. Assist in creating and implementing monthly content

5. Participate in implementing paid social media advertisements

6. Select and organize engaging online content to share with Scripps Network communities

7. Grow and maintain online communities by engaging target audiences

8. Regularly post content by using scheduling software tools

9. Constantly track social media results by creating monthly analytics reports

10. Studying and understanding the target audience of Scripps Network and how to reach them with the use of social media.

How to apply for a Scripps Network Internship

Firstly, think about the internship position you want. Explicitly, each Scripps Network internship position has a job role identification number. For example, the role of Creative Services Intern has a job role number JR031288. Next, visit the careers page of Scripps Network and choose the part-time category. Then, scroll through, and click the ‘Apply’ button when you find a position you desire. Additionally, you can request more information. Just visit:

Scripps Center

312 Walnut St.

Suite 2800

Cincinnati, OH 45202

(513) 977-3000

Frequently Asked Questions about Scripps Network Internship

Are Scripps Network Internships paid or unpaid?

Scripps Network pays one of the highest stipends in comparison with similar organizations. For example, interns receive a stipend of about $15.5 and other benefits.

Are international students eligible for a Scripps Network Internship?

International students who have permission to work can intern with the organization. However, Scripps Network does not assist students with visas or work permits.

Is an internship with Scripps Network worth it?

Scripps Network provides a worthwhile training ground for students or recent graduates interested in broadcasting and digital media. Furthermore, interns who excel at their roles eventually transition to full-time employment at Scripps. Therefore, an internship with the organization is worth it because it will help you to grow your network and gain needed experience.

Can I add a Scripps Network Internship to my resume?

By all means, do. Internships are a resume-booster, especially if you know how to include your work experience on your resume. Afterward, as you acquire more and better positions during your career, your internship experience will eventually take the bottom place on the ladder of accomplishments. But the skills you will receive during this period will shape your decision about your future career path.

Does Scripps Network employ interns at the end of their work experience?

Although Scripps Network does not promise every intern employment, it provides an opportunity to learn and grow. Additionally, if you excel at your internship, you can be sure that the organization will want you to work for them when you graduate.


A Scripps Network Internship lasts from the first week of June to the last week of August. During this period, you have the opportunity to become the ideal intern. Therefore, strive to excel at your internship, not just because you desire full-time employment at the organization but because you want to gain skills and experiences for life. Subsequently, at the end of your internship, wow your employers with a well-crafted end-of-internship letter